Two homosexual men, one of whom was sporting long braids, drew the wrath of the magistrate on Friday when they strolled inside the St Andrew Resident Magistrate’s Court.
“Don’t come in here with your diva attitude,” Magistrate Maxine Ellis shouted at the two alleged robbers. “I am not entertaining the diva attitude today.
“If you want attention, there is plenty down in the holding area and I will send you down there until there is nobody here to see you,” she told the men before instructing the police officer to return them to the holding area.
“Whatever,” said one of the men while shaking his head as they were being taken away to the holding area.
However, they were later brought back towards the end of the court proceedings before another magistrate, Simone Wolfe-Reece.
The accused men, Samuel Brown, otherwise called “Sereni” of Ensom City in St Catherine and Akeem Barnett, also called “Shennelle,” of Payne Land in Kingston were arrested and charged with robbery with aggravation.
The men, who are both aged 20, along with another, reportedly held up the male complainant and robbed him of $9,000 and his $6,000 costume gold chain and Blu cellular phone valued at $24,000.
The incident occurred on February 10, around 11:00 pm at the intersection of Ruthven Road and Trafalgar Road in New Kingston.
According to the complainant in his statement, he was walking along the road when he saw the men whom he believed were women, as they were dressed in female attire.
However, he said that when he got close to them they approached and formed a circle around him. It was then he realised that they were men dressed as women.
The complainant said that one of them then said to him: “Big man yuh a do business, you want sex and blow job.”
The complainant said he told the man that he was not interested and the accused said to him: “Yu caa gi me a money, beg yuh a money.”
Following that he said the man then grabbed onto his phone and they started to struggle but he released the phone after he saw the man with a knife.
The complainant said the other men then took $9,000 from his pocket and left.
However, he said that when he was walking away he heard one of them saying: “Hi come here,” and when he looked back he saw the man with his phone.
But the complainant said the man said to him: “Si me mek yuh get back yuh phone gi me a tip.” The complainant said he told the man that he had no money.
But the complainant said the man insisted and told him repeatedly: “Yuh haffi gi me a tip.”
Following that, the complainant said he reached for his phone and they both started struggling for the device and the man held onto his gold-looking chain and grabbed it from around his neck and left.
The complainant said he saw a police team shortly after and told the lawmen what had happened. He pointed out two of the accused men after the cops went in search of them.
The men pleaded ‘not guilty with explanation’ on Friday, but were told by the magistrate to save their explanations for the trial.
They were then remanded in custody and made their exit from the court in supermodel-like fashion.


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