Charge Alkaline or release him, judge tells police

A judge, this morning, ruled that dancehall deejay Alkaline is to be released by 6:00 pm if the police do not charge him.

Attorney-at-law Peter Champagnie, who is representing the entertainer, today filed a habeas corpus for his release.

A habeas corpus is a writ requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court, especially to secure the person’s release, unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention.

Alkaline, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, has been in custody since Thursday when he reported to the Area Four Headquarters at Harman Barracks in Vineyard Town, accompanied by his lawyer. The deejay was wanted for questioning in relation to the murder of Rohan Morris in Maverley on January 13.

After an extensive interview with detectives, he was removed to the Criminal Investigation Branch office at the National Commercial Bank Towers on Old Hope Road for a second session.

By afternoon, he was detained at the Hunts Bay lock-up.

He has been in police custody since then.


  1. Which is right! P*ssyhole JCF. Find another way fi look like unnu a fight crime. Wonda if dem memba bout Duppy Film and the man dem pon di most wanted list.

    Im not fan but this is foolishness.

  2. why the judge dem a give police time fi try come up wid some stupid charges?

    ppl fi stop badmine d youth and hope seh him do better in life. We lose a talented artiste nameka rtel already cause him a try act like badman.

    Alkaline is very talented and should stay away from trouble. Ppl stop wish bad things pon unno own cause nuff a d girl dem a seh him slack and d man dem wha seh him sing too much gun song a listen karetl who sing worst.

    It obvious dem nuh have no evidence.

    Unno forget d x6 murderer? neva see some a unno a wish bad pon him like how unno a wish it pon alkaline.

  3. I agree with the judge. Charge or release. Dem need fi pick one today. Nobody deserves this kind of treatment, fame or no fame. This is not right. Let’s see what happens at the end of the day

  4. u know wha d worst thing? d x6 killer neva turn in his gun and dem neva lock him up back fi dat but mek a u or me.

    Police dem have 4 days fi find a charge and d judge really guh give dem 8 more hours. u see how d system setup?

  5. Jamaican police too damn corrupt and hungry!!! Di dutty police dem mek melon buy dem out & young cat!!! Waldy fren dem! A dem kill di youth & tell the police them seh a alkaline frenz do it!. The youth who died is frenz with alkaline frenz from maverly! Top mavelry and bottom maverly a war & top maverly man dem kill di youth but true a dem have the power with the police dem send police fi alkaline and a tell police seh a him a buy guns for his frenz. Me want know why di police dont hold on pon young cat & melon and question them!

  6. What is melon real name? anonymous 3:19pm you are 100% right on every word you said. They need to lock up malon and those corrupted cops on his payrolls.

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