1. My girl ur bleaching sick it fit yu bad..I fcuk a bleacher once n she never smell 2 right su I said i will never do it again but for u I will make n exception.. hahaha

        1. Me?? Look what Max really write __________________________________He seems excited that he met a ” brand new” person …It’s like resurrection I guess :hammer

          1. Di black she still ina di tomb and di white she is risen :maho ..Max u fi do betta

  2. Sender just mek Junglist suck yu pussy n call it even. Cuz him good wid him tongue da water mouth bwoy knw how fi wet up di gal them hole wid him mouth weh cyan shut

  3. Met no joke the girl I’m talking I meet her 2009 n have a thing with her for like 5 months then I didn’t see her until 2014 but she send me some pic on whatsapp n I ask why she bleach n she said she need a change of look…meet up with that same year n man she was a whole different person..I guess u don’t know the effects until u experience the person b4 n after..

  4. Why would you take your tax money 10,000 at that to buy weed from someone you don’t know. I would have took the money too. Tracy don’t look back. Lmbao

    1. Be careful who uno a play wid..Not knowing someone means you really dont have a contact for them and the person does so since people have been killed for less, please encourage your friend to return the 10k and dont get stupid with someone’s cash

  5. Dave Junglist bruck him a try hard fi be like slim Sharp n cyan reach all now first him affi go learn how fi bathe n drink nuff slim fast plus come out a him madda couch. Junglist mouth raw bad

  6. Sender if it’s the weed game please leave it alone I have been there done that n trust mi nothing good will come of it.. so call it a loss n move on I have seen best friends kill each other over this shit for less than $10,000

    1. See a street dealer kill a man in Miami for a $80.00 (that is less than $100.00!!) weed debt. How much did Pmoney and friends kill the 19 year old Jamaican yute in New York for…wasn’t it for $800 weed that they rob the yute for?

  7. Both od the suck pussy lick batty them match each other but they fu**d with the wrong wrong,when them babies cum up missing I bet they get the point.Shit mouth junglist u broke n hungry like dog how u batty feeling nigga lol

  8. Max my brother says he will never get involved with a bleacher again cause they all smell like dead, rotting flesh.

  9. I am a wee bit confused… she said Junglist is TREATING her so where this threat ting come een??

    1. When you cannot spell threatening, you end up with treating. You really have some foo-fool people sending in these stories.

  10. If a so bleaching mek ppl look dye mi rass as black as yu can .
    Seriously u pretty but bleaching wi kill yu.

  11. Sender Dave is on probation him cyan do yu one thing. Just call him probation officer n tell them bout the threat. R go a him mother yard inna orange Nj wid police

    1. Simple as that he on probation
      him mother and granny live a orange nj them better prepare fi ban them belly

  12. I hate f***g thief Dutty Dave give the girl her money u keep big show pay up Yu dead… Now I see y u no have no frens

  13. Lowe di man an unuh stop comparing him to slim Dave big up yaself dawg!!! July 1st nuh good again PEARL ALL WHITE

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