0 thoughts on “JUS COMING HOME

      1. Lundie mawning hon but u see da likkle gold ting deh whey drap dung a him front hmmm mi nah get a good reading from it Lundie no smh nopes Vegas mi waa know is who teck this pic is a Man U pose so fa???

  1. Vegas Vegas u need to move to Rome , u too clownish fe man also u were baptize & preach the gospel couple years ago . I am bless u turn big time & more deep in sin enough of ur nonsense & head back in the church please !!!!!!

  2. Vagas a batty bowy and him a take him time to expose himself to the world. Now people will see why him wife was is and will be giving away the hole

  3. A Wha do dis squid or sea urchin?
    everyday dis batty sniffer yah a pose up some f**king gay like pics and a chat bout entertainment and yuh mus be happy….yuh hppy so till yuh gay! unoo falla suh till unoo end up deep in battyhole! Nuh wonder yuh ooman mek di hungry bellay docta f**k out har hole…..cuse pure suck out him use to suck out har hole

  4. Vegas a pose semi nude pan facebook and met
    look like is a man a oil him dung mek him look oily and wet
    mi nuh see yuh a pose wid nuh new gal look like yuh start jook yuh pet
    through yuh gal go f**k di doctor yuh want tun vet

    boo hoo hoo, yuh gal f**k pan yuh and yuh a bawl like a sissy
    one gal gone we have a next gal a buss pan di titty
    how yuh a gallis and yuh nah move witty
    yuh tek up a loosas and when yuh tun lose as yuh deh pan station and facebook a use yuh daughter beg pitty

    see yuh a perform pan cvm sunrise and dress like miss pearl
    now di world a wonder if a yuh give di seed or a yuh conceive yuh baby girl
    everyday yuh whatsapp, facebook and twitter like merl


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