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  2. A suh Karuthra look stress out…mi nuh loike dah wah she got on remind me ofa folded napkin back in di day wah nuh mek it. Girl has a nice body, and is a cellibritty-modglah suh shouldah wear singting else.

  3. Kae looks nice. But I wonder what promoter is behind her club appearance because I don’t see we islanders making a big fus about her enough to say yeah we ah guh go.. To me she’s not that much of a big deal. And TV appearance? Really what questions can they be asking her. She has no real career, I guess everything will be about ri and Chris..

  4. why are yall so mad at karrueche
    celebrities, a-listers and d-listers host parties at clubs all the time . and all they do is stand there smile, pop some bottles and take pics
    squeeze knows bringing karrueche to his party / club will get press , blogs and social media buzzing then why not – no one cares she has no talent – we just care that shes f**king chris brown lets just be clear
    plus karrueches booking fee is probably very affordable :ngakak
    i look forward to the pictures
    MET can you post a clip of the smile jamaica interview

      1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
        yuh right cause a di fus smaddy short like squeeze
        cause him love the giraffe models
        but i dont think karrueche a go give none

        1. what kind of model is she at her height? She will neva mek it on a runway. I guess all print (hip hop magazines).

  5. met you know when you usually young like 5 or 10 and you madda travel go small island she usually bring back the little flowers shorts set dem fi mi and bubbles up me hair.. pan sunday? That short set remind me of those days those shorts sets are for children weh go middle school A inna the kids junior department she get deh outfit deh

  6. Met dats why when mi go pan her instramg she a put up jamaican food.. now mi know say a smaddy from the,island she know.. but jeezus a squeeze the short looking ugly Man? She couldnt do better? She really na no shame fi true.. look how chris brown do her up shame her and she gone right back.. not even a gift she no make him buy her before she go back.. a doe know rasta

  7. Met Kaka nuh look chree bad, I actually like the look, guess this is Squeeze’s way of bringing bk some life into fiction, I fo sure aint going to no club to see her but trust wen I tell you in deh ago full lata

    1. a true trey songs pass through whey day and dem bar shell dung why dem a tek up di idea but mi waa know how much owner fiction have or how much owner dem waa have

  8. Come on @ anonymous 11:08.. Kae aren’t our fav but don’t imply that they might be banging because he booked her. I’m just saying.. What do u mean she couldn’t do Betta? Hey why accept a club appearance based on if d man ugly lol

  9. plz walk wid unno hd cameras well charged and extra batteries if needed,be sure to set the flash to auto zoom in if unno awf tuh…tonx in advance for the pictures

  10. Simpli mi cyah bother wid you enuh lol, Met I heard from a good source that is just strategy, pay the bucks to get in some a-listers and celebs and bring some new hype, it appears is missa short man maybe the face of it still *wink, cause wi know him nuh really gots it like that suppliers must involved, give you joke u know is just d oda day mi fren a tell me seh wen him and her a talk wen him neva did a get him way him start tell her who him is and how much him own and wen mi fren seh but I still don’t care hear the frigga nuh bout nuh oman neva tun him dung yet mi seh I died wid him short seh, but duh yuh ting squeeze guh chu wid yuh teifin self

  11. Is one ting fi shi hab har club appearance, dat a common assault, but fi di life a me mi caan understand how shi ketch pon morning show.

    1. YUP! Promotion. Think anout it, get her on, she likes it, she link with Chris brown. That’s big tings deh so. She friends with christina millian, dat a lil wayne (LOL) She know draya – everybady wear mint – swim.

  12. @11:21am u see from she wear dat shorts suit out a her house? ,outadoor and the multiple disrespect weh she tek from chris.. I cannot put nothing pass her.. her mind is telling r no but her body is saying yesss.. u can stay deh

  13. Met promotion? Fi di club are Kak√°? Cause as tomorrow morning come no body memba she.. a muss fi make the ppl dem go a the club wether its for the club or kaka dem no relevant.. cause jamaican ppl na go a no club weh dem haffie pay go in.. it must be free and buy out the bar.. hard working ppl na get up every friday or saturday night go pay go in no club no

    1. dem wi dweet man just for the sake of fassing ….almost everything pan radio and tv a jamaica is bout promotion eno

    2. Di scammer dem wiguh spend di people dem ssi and disability money weh dem send guh a JA as fee fi collect dem lottory winnings….lol

    3. Girl bye! I see you ain’t about the Kingston party life bout hard working Jamaican people or maybe you’re just the street dance type. *Shrugs*

  14. I am no Kae fan but I read years ago that her dad is Jamaican. I was at the time curious because she was always posting Jamaican food and that’s how I found out.

    1. Yu heard about this girl years ago? wow well she must be a celebrity fi true. Ifirst hear about her about a month ago….lol

  15. met squeeze a try hard fi tun up back fiction bcuz a lil birdy tell me se him wa be the top promoter and lick dream entertainment outta picture…so him and kle team up fi try them luck but met matalon is really broke now…and him a look investors like crazy to bring tracks overseas…so a use fi use bcuz squeeze need him n him need squeeze but they hate them one another

    1. So i hearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr u a talk di choot …but Sellshan mek a good money when trey songs was there last week so squeeze waa keep it so

  16. kae is actually mixed with chiney and jamaican she has always said that from the beginning. thats why she always a big up jamaican things (food,music,movies) on her instagram. shes jamaican that could be the reason why the promoter wanted her to come to jamaica.

      1. Yes a di step father a Jamaican but any likkle association people can use fi hold on to wi likkle place dem grabbiyup

  17. squeeze move like him nuh use to nothing compare to how matalon dem operate. di anon weh post up a top really nuh know bout kgn uptown party life. the working class do come out and pay dem admission also.

  18. I’m just seeing this. I only knew about her because that’s when it became known that Chris had a new girl. There were pics of them on the beach, with I think their dog(s), it was at least 4-5 years ago. It had said they were dating a good while before those pics. Thanks Met, I had read dad but now I know it’s step-dad. I couldn’t find where I saw it but I found this instead before I read your post. https://mobile.twitter.com/NickeyStayFit/status/378621618597400576
    She really is trying to claim our country hard. Mi really nuh like har. I feel her innocent ways is an act. I see right through har. Too much I can say but won’t. Also I always wondered why she had her mom’s Vietnamese surname yet always talked about her dad. I know people(some)who aren’t married do that but I was hearing otherwise but now I know it’s step-dad the reference was about. Well Kae is getting it for the Blue Ivy remark. Now all of a sudden she is a B fan, yet before all the Chris, Ri drama she was a Ri fan. People are saying she claims to love Blue but yet is always posting North pics. who is mixed.

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