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  2. Keep yuh friends close but keep yuh enemies closer. Wid fren like you who needs enemies. Remember unu were friends smfh nuh loyalty inna dis life time. Girl bye

      1. Same ting mi deh yah a seh Yeppie, tek it right outah mi mouth..di girl all seh di girl have comidia? (Chlamydia a believe she want to say) and a touch of HIV?..a which Doc a seh u have a touch a HIV?..u eidah have it or u don’t. But dear lawd when dese grown women have dem nasty story why dem don’t keep dem and odah people kids out of it, and dese are the mothers of the new generation,..wat a dutty way fi live, dear lawd. But Lisa if u sleeping wid u stepson u fi stop it..and seek help caz dat nuh healthy..dat same bwoi might turn round sleep wid u gal pickney..God have mercy pan unu if a tru.

        1. Tinan, dis gal is one ah dem deh weh yuh nuh have roun yuh nuh time at all ca all she wi duh is siddung ah chat yuh business and den smile up inna yuh face…bytch, when yeen ketch the gal ah sawka sawka off ar stepson, what did you do at that very moment?..did you bawl out rape, did you pull ar one side and scold her or did you turn right around and huh back downstairs huh finish nyaaming and drinking off the girl food weh she use ar foodstamps buy???…you wasn’t gonna say nothing but now you are??????? suh is scheme the two ah unu did scheme fe keep the child rape incident ah secret but since unu vex wid unu one anedda, secret buss and story come to bump wid yuh twis twis up mout now eeh??..gunshot fe you and yuh child rapist friend

        2. DISGUSTING!!!…bout she did tink di gal dead when it look like rigormortis ah seteen pan fe ar face; just the mout alone ah move…the rest ah the face stiff just like the dead and fava di dead..

          1. lol..it deh set een u seh Yeppie..if a laff yah laff a dead.
            Tru u a talk bout di stepson and di fren..dem fi lock up di two a dem caz she a aid and abet..smdh

  3. Morning Met and Metters
    Can someone help me please, help me to anderstant what is a lickle HIV? How does one catch only a lickle HIV? What do you take when you only have a lickle HIV?
    Disclaimer: People with nuff HIV please do not read this as this does not apply to you.

    1. Morninggggggggggggggggggg
      The disclaimer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer up mi meds u see y mi no like woman company
      Met a who name Lisa

  4. Kandi please put on your eyelash and come back
    You said Lisa sey yuh nuh look good and a tru yuh nuh have on yuh eyelash so put dem on a comeback mek wi see di difference please and thanks

  5. Happy MONDAY to one and All. Mi na run in until mi hear wat Lisa said about kandi on LAVA show. A weh mi no understand, if u having a little get together a ur house weh people in and out u place u ago tell mi u couldn’t wait fi screw u step son if it go so. A why nothing cannot stay bury wen di friendship tun sour. U c mi anything mi a do mi myself and the father above who c everythings cause nothing no stay bury again. If mi front scratch mi mi gone a doctor alone cause mi no want mi front end up on JMG lol!! Yawdy good morn to and ur entire families a Mek sure keep u front scratching to u self if u going to end up here can’t say mi Neva di a want u. LOL!’

  6. Pause a rasss minute yah. What the hell is a “lickle HIV” :siul mi neva hear bout dat yet. Kandi,if yah guh talk up di tings dem, talk str888 dah statement deh mek yuh sound so dunce. Yu cyaan pronounce words but yah mek video. STFU bout a lickle HIV, mi hate unu gyal weh love chat people business when yuh an dem a no longer friends. Unu fi gwey man.

  7. U know wa Mek mi correct mi self before u w I grad dem run een . Yawdy I meant warn not want mi know u a others understand but not the ova educated one dem.

  8. :hammer :hammer :hammer @Keep yuh front scratching tuh yuhself :ngakak..Genuine, yuh notice how men doe come on ere and rat out dem one anedda bout dem balls scratching?..these hoes just ain’t loyal at all..Kadesha ( if ah suh yuh name), trust and believe, yuh tan very bad!!! eyelash or no eye lash, yuh does not look good…

  9. Yep mi child u keep it to u self no loyalty friend no deh again, but u c mi anything mi tell a friend mi know it ago aired one day a weh mi no want to aired mi keep it to mi self. Fren mi no want none di only fren mi have a mi no scratch front a mi money a JESUS! If mi a tek a money cocky mi keep it to mi self cause broke cocky no inna my DNA.

    1. Yuh cannot even fawt in peace anymore; yuh haffe deh look roun fe mek sure the coast and the air is clear; nuh likkle loyalty nuh left inna dem

  10. When I was growing up in Jamaica I can truly say that there are a lot of genuine Jamaicans! but a lot of them are wolf in sheep’s clothing dem like to know di mos intimate details about yuh life den act like dem there for you but in reality dem cann wait fi tek it tell all mi haffi sey is badmine get di best of mostly all ah dem!!!!

  11. People is big pussy lisa run go call my name on the radio station on saturday I dont talk to this dirty girl in one year the time she take ah call out my name she needs to go buy some funiture and a good matset and get the f**k of the air bed and stop f**k her step son lisa you with your smell bad pussy you cant talk to me. Nobody in my f**king house is eligal and so what if uncle sam is helping me I feel no way because you and your baby father is getting it to. And the government is paying your rent and all you pay from your pocket is $50 dollers you is 26 and ypl99kvlike your 40 add dirty bitch

    1. but she call yuh name and done den since satideh and you on an on..dun now nuh..before yuh mout put yuh inna trubble a court..mi nuh noe unnu but yuh can dun now caw all yah chat a still tings wen unnu fren yah noe bout suh she hav tings pon yuh to…di public is tiherddddddddddddddddddddd a unnu now suh done jeessssas

      1. Servy, suh tyaad ah dem til yuh haffe tretch di word; that is past tirerrrd; that is frustration..naah man the word stretching have mi weak :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

        1. yeppieeeeeeee :peluk
          she disgusting man an fi gwey from bout yah wid di lies n trute..wi nuh wah ere it caw wen dem a rap up nobaddie nae noe smh

          1. Hey mummy boo :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk …the visuals of you saying tirerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddd have mi flat ah grung DWL!!…s like dem nuh know when enough is enough and people ah grow weary of them…when the foodstamps eena run and everybody belly did full it was all good, but since the girl cut off the foodstamps the party dun…she nuffe duh nuhmore videos/close up shots cause fe ar face very hard fe look pan

    2. But miss, ok…for argument sake den fuhck she; let;s focus on the kids dem now…if you are such a loving and caring mother and saw, actually witnessed her raping off her stepson *or incesting/ however you wanna pretty it up*…what actions did you take to stop or prevent it from continuing at that very moment????????????????? You said in the video pupa top deh seh yuh wasn’t gonna say nothing, so what makes you any better than lisa to keep such a god awful secret committed against a stepchild?..were you that drunk to not bring it to someone’s attention right then and there?..look ya lady, please doe try and justify fe yuh dutty stinkin ways, cause two wrongs don’t make this tight…galang guh fine sit ten constructive fe duh wid yuh time ya cause from yuh start talk it seh yuh witness di lady ah sawda ar stepson and it was hush hush secret between you and she, mi stop watch di video…just gweh from yasso!!

  12. Rat pussy Lisa the time u take fi call me name on the radio station go and buy some furniture stop f**k off you’re step son dirty dirty bitch I don’t talk to you over one year n you remember me . people is lisa goodaz first start it lisa me don’t feel no way about getting uncle sam help because u and your baby father shawn getting it too.big pussy gal go n think about what you can buy to make your home look like a home bitch u said me baby father was looking your friend so what a man him name.lisa thank God is not u……people me don’t f**k with people only if them start making problem with me but Lisa go and suck some dick

    1. Well me feel some typed a way seh yuh getting Uncle Sam money seeing as its my tax money yuh getting, and yuh seem hearty to me. How about getting a job first and cuss Lisa second?

  13. Met n everyone big up…,this is why i don’t keep woman company,smh,i was watching the video but when it reach to the part about a little HIV,i had to rewind it 2times lool, my girl stop tell lie pon the girl cause the girl dun you, if you gonna talk,talk up the truth n stop mek up stories as you go,

  14. Nobody neva did need fi tell me seh unclesam ah mine yuh cuz u fit di description to da max now come offa di internet n guh look a work n stop tek up space inna unclesam country wutless

  15. Shi seh shi shi nuh even have on ar eyelash and shi still look betta dan Lisa dwrcl! Do continue madam lol

  16. Yuh know sey mi go pon lava page and bwoy kandy hype yes thats her fb name you and lisa goodas wah put in a one barrel and roll down a damn hill and you mrs kandy hype why you have your son a comment under your madness children live what they learn

  17. Lisa goodaz your step son a take up space in uncle sam country because him don’t have no green card our visa in America big pussy Lisa me just have baby and still look better than u rat pussy gal immigration not looking for anyone in my apartment and yes I am NOT working at this time but guess what bitch u still can not live like me dirty bitch go and put some furniture in your home your son come and talk in my home at the dinner table and said kandy lisa never give me one fish for myself but you give it to me kandy I am coming to you everyweekend because your house have so much food lisa u mad are nah dirty suck dick lisa bitch when you buy something to make your home look like my than u can chat me lisa what the f**k you know about pinsoll and DEODORANT AND mop & Glo and crest complete Dove beauty cream bar lisa you stink like die dogs lisa your baby father shawn talk to you like say u a dog bitch remember is my house u come and a cry like crazy to me.2 word for u go take care of yourself and your house dirty Lisa start it bitch is the wrong f**king gal name u call big down out hole gal me want toshit your face

    1. do yourself a favor and shut tha f**kk up cause u are starting to sound as retarded as you really do look. the girl a ignore u and making u look even more stupid. gal go steam out u tuff face and come offa dis!

  18. Kandy I have a challenge for you. and you have 24 hours to make a video readingThe Cat in the Hat book,and you can pick any Title.

  19. Why this duncebat, wutliss welfare abuser, bleach out face ugly gal don’t go get some class and leave Met wall alone. All bitch like you if me a shit and see yuh a come me siddung inna it. To all of this ratbat friends weh she and unno good now, unno watch unno back cause fi unno time soon come fi she reveal unno secret. Har mouth have diarrhea and it just fava any ole mash mouth smaddy when she a talk. Video nuh mek fi yuh mi dear dont mek nuh more!!

  20. Lisa tomorrow tell me where to meet you big pussy bitch what you step son f**k out like dog lisa when you make lava the radio station radio stationman comes to your house i will make my video because nothing wrong with me on my house kmft u can’t read is me have to help you to spell your name . how many times me at your rat house and see u run your big son just because he wants help with is home work a me have to help out the little boy lisa u getting uncle sam food stamps and your house still no have no food dirty gal your face look like me pussy Lisa u never in life work and u files tax die pussy gal your baby father chat u like dog with me last year and nobody in my f**king house is legal and immigration looking for anyone in my house bitch go check your step son that don’t have any purpose in to America lisa me don’t have no f**king times to waist on you hungry a kill you and your family comes get some good food at my amazing home bitch just make lava the radio station man comes to your house and u have buy 10 o’clock a morning than me do whatever you want big nasty gal lol lisa how many times u came to me and a cry bitch your man family do not like u for nothing so take the candle them out of your house bitch free up the woman boy child bitch a over my house u come to get ready in u remember what the voodoo lady tell you your life not going to be better and tell u free up shawn and he not going to stop beats u gal..I am done with u now bitch me have better things to do with myself more than to waist my times and u nasty gal bye bye bye go die

  21. Lisa me going to get a new bedset so u can come take my because I feel so sorry for u H.I.V DIRTY GAL REMEMBER ME KNOW SO MUCH THINGS ABOUT U AND YOUR FAMILY LISA REMEMBER WHAT THE Doctor tell you at King County hospital lisa I am so sorry to say you have hiv gal me going to upgrade your house and u family lisa u have 9 o’clock a morning to make a video with food in your fridge and in your covered nasty gal and remember 10 o’clock make lava the radio station man comes to your house and video it so everyone can see and than he comes to my lisa go die and make your family happy because u a dog shit gal stop f**k off your step son .lisa me happy bad and I love my f**king life no regrats about it bitch me untouchable untouchable me never liked you from day one day one kiss my ass bitch.u what makes me stop because I have better things to do with myself to go back to back

  22. Lisa u a 26 and you look like 50 gal when me was at your house and u mother said to Lisa u a little girl your birthday is 2/11/1988 me say what the gal age is young but ur body is old gal u look like 50 go kill your self gal

  23. Bitch me done talk now so say what the f**k y’all want about me because I don’t care I am happy with my beautiful family in my home

  24. Lisa how you say you hot and don’t have a cell phone bitch stop f**k your step son and things will be better for you gal .u know what makes me stop just because of my family telling me to leave you alone and my daughter grandfather tell me to stop it so I have no time for you dirty pussy gal

  25. But wat a way u head a hot u ova di gal fi har likkle bit a HIV een Kandi…caz morning,noon, night and b4 day u deh cuzz someone name Lisa wah not even a pay u dawg mine..U only a “waist” u toime as u seh, suh fall back chile and tek u nastiness someweh else..cho

  26. But Kandii…. you werent her friend from day one n by di looks a you yuh is a big rawse woman yuh fi gwan bettahh it doe look good the time yuh tek a mek video and a air ppl dutty laundry yuh should nd use that time go dentist go fi up yuh mash mouth

  27. Men out there please please please I’m begging you use your boots if one of these females that look an speak like this ever offer you a HAND JOB!!…..anything further that was receive your already a dead f**king man …… Such disgust

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