KareemBigdreams and Aneka war AGAIN

Met met met… Morning.
But met, Aneka have har birthday dinner mussi Tuesday gone.. She invite only ppl she close to apparently. Now Kareem and him Sabrina (who ppl nuh stop seh deh) mussi go and I doh know wah happen but when Aneka come a the dinner me hear seh she was upset bout Sumin and start cuss..
Kareem mussi go over fi calm har down, but apparently whatever she a cuss bout a did Sumin him do. MET!! Pon har big big birthday dem war.. Kareem him cut same time…
Leaving SabrinaRoses deh deh by herself.
And as usual, when Aneka and somebody inna tings she delete dem pics and unfollow dem SED TIME and start throw shade. She nuh stop thank the ppl dem who came out (not even a mention of Kareem) den she start talk bout who’s been there and all that.
A must cuz him bring Sabrina cuz me Nvr see Sabrina and Aneka a tlk like that fi seh yea dem a friend and Sabrina wudda be invited.
But the bigger question is = where is James the phone man (Sabrina man) in all of this? 😂😂😂 woiiiiiiii dem sad


  1. Anenka too hype shi a behave like shi a celebrity shi is just a high class whore smh d china man a help her get the shoes dem from china dats y she a dou d shoes thing

  2. More importantly…it nu awkward fi Sabrina a par up wid Aneka when aneka a profess her love for Kerry (Sabrina lesbian lover). Kerry used to stress out Sabrina till she did get mawga down. James cocky fatten up the gyal…nutrient cocky James a walk roun wid LOL

    Back to the point, I could never be comfortable roun a girl who used to f**k my ex and style me as a bad mother all those years but maybe miss Wong a keep her enemies close, lord see and know she nu got much friends

  3. God if yuh nuh busy stop over pon dah post yah. Aneka yuh is a sad dutty mongrel dawg. I don’t know why yuh suh nuff and extra wid it. The shoes weh yah try sell cheap like Shamiele front. The whole lot of unu is a disgrace. If anything yuh should put yourself in hiding.The streets tiredddddd of you and your crew. Bye bitch

  4. Story could be true but I think they made up cause I saw Kareem on Angela’s snap last night and they looked happy.

  5. This story is not accurate. Met James the phone man was at the birthday dinner!!a him and him woman go together lol…

  6. These bitches don’t know when to stop… Aneka nuffie hype cause the whole a Kingston 5 group f**k her…. Shameila nuh live nuh weh… Kareem of f**k both of them… Aneka still a sell pussy,don’t why she nuh just ask bk for a job a taboo…. Every man shameila f**k some crosses tek them…
    These girls need to go and baptized and wash off the demon spirits off them…

  7. Well aneka and shamelia a fu*k!! She shemelia careless nuh live nowhere ! Kmft all the free hair and free clothes free make you and aneka get Fi Promto the ppl business page y’all hype ? with??? kmt aneka can’t never stop sell har pus.y cause she like to live high and the other bitches that par with her she f**k them all she love pussy more than dick it because the suck pussy don’t pay that y she f**k nigga

  8. But met aneka need to take more responsible as a mother she is careless more little boy if a no fi Kerry the little boy wouldn’t grow up so good she a put up Kerry bout Kerry is the best thing every happen n Kerry a walk a f**k like dog but come to think off it mi no hear say a girl name Rushelle n Wendy bust big war over kerry but all Wendy she fi go sid dung she no stop f**k butch mi know fi sure fi her hole must tired

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