0 thoughts on “KAREN SE CHEESE FI GO RIP

  1. Heh haaayyyy! me Sketel love dah one yah, yes young gal, body fava young gal, all when mi was 37 a suh mi did slim and body clean, Cheese, no completion u loose tha one yere big time, tek weh u self neatly and crawl back ina u grave, the neat body girl with clean skin have 5 kids seh u must RIP

    1. no mi doe tink karen win lol …she shudda have tings fi talk up den rip..she have nuttin pan cheese bam

      1. So me sey to Met. Bam 1:10 seconds a fowl scatterings…Cheese grill, melt and spread whey pon de whole a dem…lol

        Remember Cheese sey she have ‘baby’ body..lol but other than that the inside is rotten…karen nu look right a tall dress wise, teeth, and face wise eida. Cheese look betta inna today video.

  2. Met u know seh some a wi gifted to trace, but mi a guh wid the look wid this one, cuz Cheese say Karen loose triplet, and that nuh mek it, Cheese fava dem ole tuff boney whore, or one man a dress up ina woman clothes.

    1. Cheese say Karen have hepatitis C,…she shot a 16 yr old wid di std……….. U know hep C is deadly

      1. Ina tracing we cyah penny looks a di tings whey a talk up whey a facts n whey a lie…Karen put up har man pic pan facebook blaze blah…but she shudda come talk up di tings jus like cheese..she a sing memories …if u get done up u fi do up back

  3. Dem nuh understand bout a good tracer, nuff time u affi mek all kine a lie, and mek it sound terrible, when shot a fire u affi come out wid a bigga or louda gun fi kill em all and done, is better she neva ansa, cuz if she have the right words wid the look, bite up bite up stale Cheese cudden win. Karen u cyan mek even lie u nuh , a suh tracing guh

    1. _______________________________ :ngakak
      as smaddy say di video dem a dun london hawd so dem feel it bad..Karen shudden go ina di argument unless she a try break it up

  4. dis ah nuh tracin cum back again my girl u lose inna dis roun how she Neva defend di hepatitis c weh she carry give da ppl dem boy picney suh I guess ah true thing cheese ah talk truth muss hurt dats y she cum ansa n flop

  5. Karen boring, how yuh fi RIP, when yuh nuh perform no autopsy?no man.Cheese sort dem out properly,Karen inna ar one sista blouse. Kmt!

  6. Cottage cheese have dem secret tho cause even tho Karen look ok har body a shot wid disease she nuh defend nothing wah she say if a lie are true

  7. mi seh wen cheese a tlk an shi seh Karen a jungle mi mine flash pon r ………….my girl sen fi u son weh lef a Jamaica from him born an no look bck pon him bout u a com pon video……….wukliss

  8. Dah girl yah only easier pon di eyes….but it really nuh easy fi outdo Cheese cah ef yuh look up Cadaver inna di dictionary ah Cheese pitcho next tuh it.

  9. Yes it is r yere, what a lib an pampa aye! classing time, school has just began, Karen weh u buy out the people them argument fa? and yuh done know seh u are the lady that lived in the shoe, wwooooiiiii

      1. But yet still ah moggle ana pose off wid ar baby body inna the Clarks boots when ar son should ah den pan di back ah di milk carton…missin since…bwoy, mi ah tell yuh :cd

    1. Lib an pampa…Bammy, you are old school as a ma ff%&ker!!! Mi nuh hear dem den slang deh since back inna the 70’s>>bow bow bow>>> :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp

  10. You girl BOOOOOOO BOOOOO BOOOOO BOOOO come offa deh stage BOOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOOO BOOOOO BOOOOO *fling bokkle* DAT DOH mEK it!!!!!!

  11. Karen have time to put up video. KAREN go have a seat you forgot the whole a Jungle” and “Craig town” know ur mumma (Daney) have H.I.V (yes A.I.D.S) wah she get from Richie and give to her man (Kylee)!!!!! Tell every body how ur sister Nicole is a beating stick and mon mascote for “Bennie” who a batty bwoy…(Patrick personal batty that)… Karen tell them u pussy a shot left and right….. Ah dat u fi talk

  12. You Girl. Me guh back guh watch Cheese video. *picks up bakkle* So everything she say bout yuh true den! cuz yuh doh ansa up and dash mud wata pon r. *fling bakkle* Doh come back pon stage til yuh get likkle arsenal. *picks up bakkle* a waiting.

      1. Not bambam alone tek seat musso tek fi har one too, She nah come wid no defence either and she was cited in the first video . Calling musso, calling musso lol

  13. Mornin Met, none of the gal them in England no win even Carleen Blingas end up in da war and make video and dat no mek it neither no gacts in dea video aswell.

  14. Good Afternoobn Met,

    All of dem who mek video only Cheese ah buss secret none of dem dont seem to have nth on Cheese as yet, all dem doing is tracing har cos she mek video bout dem. From what I hearing Cheese seh, cos dem see har in movie or summin like dat dem start pon har so she a ansa bak and all dem can trace har bout is har being deported, having no clothes and so forth. The whole of dem have time on dem hands, Carleen Blingas mek video and har likkle baby a cry in da background before she go look pon di child she rather mek video all of dem just wotless and fool like.

    1. afternoon…what apiece a headache cheese a gi dem…carlene say she pretty she nuh mek nobody tell har so..dem confident sah :travel

      1. Met thats why me love you enno (no homo lol) me live in London and the same ting wha Cheese a seh a tru, yes Cheese no better than nobody but she not trying to be, they start pon Cheese so Cheese a finish it, where Karen and Blingas spring from why they jump in war and can’t tek de heat, me hate gal wha tek on war den can’t manage me ignorant fi dem, its only cos Blingas and Cheese did a inna argument wen Cheese was in England why she tek it pon har head.

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