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Two men were killed allegedly by their cronies on benbow street in Jungle on Tues night.The interesting thing abt the killings is the details leading up to them and makes you wonder about Karma. Two best frenz, one from town name Damion and the other one hot up country and come a town so mi nuh know his name.

Monday the Damion him run dung the garbage truck men them with gun to the point in a bid to make their escape they crashed the truck in a lightpost but got away.Damion was overheard vowing he must kill two of the garbage men but by Tues night he was the one dead.Met can u think of any possible reasons someone would want to hurt garbage truck men kmt? This is the same Damion who killed the Christian yute on his knees in broad daylight Met! The yute on his knees and a beg and pray and plead with Damion that God love him and to join him in prayer! Him blow out the yute’s marrow.

I’ve never heard of someone being killed while praying,closest was Shakespeare fiction with Hamlet go to kill his stepfather the wicked king but he was praying so him abort the mission.Apparently them say if u get killed while praying your soul and sins will be forgiven.‎The next thing is when since man hot up country and run come a town which worser?I always thought it was man do things a town and run go cool out a country like how Bulbie did deh a Tankay a Clarendon.Country yute come a town why not easy urself,see it deh unno reap what unno sow,pure rifle shots smh.Karma anyone?

6 thoughts on “KARMA KILLINGS

  1. Me well read internet bredren! God bless pickney me sey! You always deliver :maafaganwati

    Karma of course…no doubt. She mek a speedy delivery.

    Btw, when dem have fi left country you know say dem walkout dem last luck and is a machete and rope send dem packing….karma followed along :beer:

    1. Me a hire yuh becuz yuh good pon the weeping and gnashing of teeth when them kill the poor innocent yutes.good yutes Always just happen to be in the wrong company at the wrong time eeh Phantom Phoenix?

  2. Damn lie. My cousin neva was no bad man. Him born and grow a country. Neva no badness where we come from. Just bad company has go inna.

  3. I don’t know bout the Damion guy but the country yute you talking bout is my likkle cousin. And your information bout him is nothing bout lies. Him wasn’t no badman just wrong company him go associate himself with. Heven was no badman and he didn’t run from country. He go town because no money couldn’t make a country and him go town a sell clothes and thing so please don’t chat f**ry if you don’t know shit.

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