8 thoughts on “KARMA REACH DI ROOT

  1. And this is how you put his down fall out there? aren’t you guys still together?
    In regards to not having much sperm, he just needs to take care of his body, they are a lot of natural ways to boost that.

    I swear this generation that we are living in, have serious issues. I don’t see why stuff like these should be public.

  2. Joke’s on you sender cause normally when when a man cum likkle bit a cause too much fuckin a gwan. a dat my babymadda did use and bust mi. Cum start get thin and she do di maths. your man probably a let out all the juice pon a next catty.

  3. Sounds like yuh obeah him cackie….yuh still wid him n a rejoice sey him cum thin and him caan tan long pon him. Untie di bwoy cackie

  4. Sender I understand what you are saying, what happen to you may reach other females. Those who comment are so limited and dumb. Nothing is wrong in sharing an experience, sender I realise when Jamaican men have faults they try to blame their partner for the most part. I think jamaican men are the most disgusting John crow n shit house 70 percent a them. The ghetto ones 99 percent a Dem a dawg shit. Sender a good fi him rawse now ur ears get a break.

  5. If mi reach a point where mi have to talk about my man like this mi ago leff him. How can you discuss your partner like this? You obviously don’t like him.

    1. Shut the fuck up. Ur man class u behind ur back so what. The lady only sharing, a Suh Uno dunce people behave Damm uneducated fool

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