Adijah ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer declared his innocence in his statement today before the court . In his statement the entertainer said ”My hands are clean of Clive Williams blood if indeed he’s deceased,Kartel ‘ I bleach my skin and I am heavily tattoed but that is merely superficial. That is part of persona of Vybz not Adidja Palmer. The entertainer’s sister was said to have given a statement on his behalf. Security Minister , Peter Bunting was accused of prejudicing the case – stay choon

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Entertainer Vybz Kartel in his murder trial on Wednesday at the Home Circuit court in Kingston, addressed the judge and jury in an unsworn statement, declaring his innocence.

“My Lord, my hands are clean of Mr Clive Williams’ blood,” Kartel, whose real name is Adijah Palmer told the court, adding that the Police had conspired against him.

“If Mr Williams is dead, I sent no one to kill Clive Williams nor did I do it myself,” he said.

Kartel also claimed that [National Security Minister] Peter Bunting’s taking his music to the USA and declaring it to be promoting scamming, and also declaring him as one of the four things that are mashing up Jamaica, was prejudicial to his case.

Kartel is on trial for the murder of Williams believed to be committed on August 16, 2011 at the entertainer’s Havendale home in St Andrew.


  1. why dem go call petagaye bunting name????/ it look like di lawyer yah nah stop till dem gi kartel life………………………..peta bunting is the security minister under the current pnp government ………………..y would that name be brought up ?

      1. No Met. What is this ? What is really the motive here? Who is the lawyer representing? I wonder if he gave this any thought ? Also the statement that Mr. Palmer wrote. Why did he just accept to have two personalities confirming that he is indeed capable of doing things outside of the norm. No man they should have hired me. I would have written a note ………………………..two negatives in the first sentence alone.

  2. This is the moment that I waited on for the past 31 months, FIVE MEN will try to tell what happened on that faithful day…….. let the games begin!!

    1. they aren’t taking the stand to answer questions, they are just giving a statement proclaiming their innocence before the jury goes to deliberate, no so?

      good day miss met

      good day all the faithful jmg hypocrite bloggers

  3. Peter Bunting?

    Met u know I built a ring of fire to dance around but I’m afraid to light it because everyday its something new. I’m afraid the Jamaican justice system will fail me. Mi waah light mi fire bad bad!

  4. What’s interesting about the letter is that kartel States that he never did it nor did he send anyone to do it. Why didn’t he say he never summoned anyone at his house to be killed.

    1. I’m not understanding the difference you are highlighting between what was said and what you state should have been said.

  5. di fuss line floor mih :hammer suh wat yuh mean skartel di blood of clive neva ketch yuh suh yuh clean of it? a chue ting caw membah seh yuh did seh “SWING IT DAH WAY DEH NUH MEK IT KETCH MI” usaaaaaaaaaaaa wikkidddddddddddd

    1. di bwoy neva accept him wrong now him seh a peter bunting seh him a di fourth ting weh a mash up Jamaica– Big up Peter Bunting he told no lies……..anyway mi wah know if yu head inna Lion mouth u a rush fi pull it out …………what a man fool fool

  6. NNN Mid day News just reported Kart-hell’s statement, he said My Lord about 20 times in his statement, never kno him can subdue to anybody. Mi did think he was di Almighty n Lord, Master, Judge n Executioner. Sey Lizard was neva at him Swallowfield Avenue house. Him sister give statement whe mek him get emotional n look like tears in him eye, him faava dawg shit a wonda a whe him want bawl about

    1. di oman couldnt help him but shi did wah di MONEY………..di root of all evil ….yu can a kill God creation over gun a destruction ………..??????????

  7. “My hands are clean of Clive William’s blood” wth! Him and him lawyer no sahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this alone is incriminating and will prejudice him, why even implicitly imply that the man dead! in defense of himself he should have merely stated he took no part in any murder suggested wat a rass fool

    1. Quite so, why imply Lizard’s blood was shed? If is him lawyer write d statement gi him, him prbly tired a di drawn out Soap Opera like di res a wi n want a quick end to di case. If a laff tedeh

      1. Yes Obs a wanda if miss digicel nuh si Lizard nuh weh recently fi come testify :ngakak she wuda mek Kartel free lika bird yah nung she neededddd

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