1. Sender that is a lie drugs run every prison a merica..drugs is the biggest business in the world so come talk bout kartel a smoke weed a prison…what u want him smoke cigarette fi mek mr rich man richer?

    1. kartel u live pan jmg eh? All. When u deh prison, you nuh have no book fi read.. Like the 48 laws of powa.. Like what you said you read a dat u say inna one a u interview dem. Go read it again u have too much time pan u hands

  2. So unnuh never realise seh him a get fat from the trial!?

    All di drinking smoking and fast life did get cut, so him start put on the weight!

    Prison suit him mi nuh business! And Shorty look well refreshed cause him nuh deh road a stress har!

  3. These warders mekking a killing off smuggling all kind of stuff in Jamaica’s prison.Would u be surprised that yuh have warder living a Cherry gardens n Beverly Hills? System so corrupt u can get virtually anything even a woman or man in Jail from yuh have ur money.

    Kartel u don’t Deserve as much as a spliff tail not even bush weed for how uve mashed up n corrupted Jamaica’s youth. It is highly n routinely reported that Kartel is the Don for Klansman gang,in fact he himself said so in his hit song n I quote…

    Him a killer,me a killer
    If a nuh me a Tesha Miller.

  4. not one of his fans but leave the man let him serve his time! if he’s guilty then let justice take its course! don’t know if he’s innocent or guilty(only he and the almighty knows) and if he is into wrong doings I would never condone it but kartel is no more nafarious and malignant than the ones in suit and tie holding public titles and honourly decorations, some who if you were to leave it up to them they would kill and murder off a whole parish but gets away with it because of the white looking and brown skin with pretty hair!

    1. I was once an avid listener of his music, the man has musical talent and intellect, to add. Stop justifying wrong. Kartel, if he didn’t do the crime, it was affiliated, hence his incarceration. Stop support violence whether it’s coming from those in uniform or those dressed like regular civilians.

  5. @Anonymous 9:19 and people above please read my comment very carefully, in no way condoning or supporting violence, I’m just saying it the way I see it.

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