Incarcerated dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel has been transferred from the Horizon Adult Remand Centre to the maximum security Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre.
We understands that the controversial entertainer, whose real name is Adijah Palmer, was removed from the Spanish Town Road, Kingston-based Horizon facility and transferred to the Tower Street Correctional Facility in downtown Kingston under heavy police guard on Tuesday.
Details as to why he was moved are still unclear.
There has been speculation that he was removed because of a suspected breach committed at Horizon Adult Remand Centre.
Vybz Kartel and associates Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell; Kahira Jones; and Andre St John were sentenced to life imprisonment for the August 2011 murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.
Despite his incarceration, Vybz Kartel still dominates the airwaves in Jamaica with new releases said to be recorded before he was locked up.


  1. 1. Kartel a drop song from him go prison

    2. Some picture with him you can tell seh dem well recent

    3. Man basically drop a whole album from behind bars

    4. Him song dem deh inna heavy rotation from him go jail

    5. Di only ting lef a fi ER fi go deh go do exclusive interview….

    And a nuh till di man release song a counteract another song dem tek notice! So dem never know wah gwaan dis whole time? A who dem a try fool?

  2. bouy addi, mi know you must sorry you kill the lizard ,
    base pon your ability you coulda buy nuff more shoes but because of the hype you kill the lizard, jah know star,this should be a indication to the general public that you nah come a road no time soon,,it’s alleged that lizard was not the first man you killed /ordered to be killed. as human , we tend to continue our bad deeds because we think we are safe ,until ,,,BAAAMMMM,, time catch up with us,,sorry Addi but you have a burden to carry , I JUST HOPE YOUR TALENT COULD BE UTALISED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF JAMAICA TO BRING ABOUT A POSITIVE MOVEMENT.INSTEAD OF HAVING YOU BEHIND BARS LOCKED AWAY.

  3. Does this have anything to do with Flexx’s interview on ER Friday night ? Anyways a good, why Vybz Kartel must get special treatment ?

  4. He still gonnna make songs yawnnnnnnnnnnn how much time they gonna move him???? lmao Kartel will still be producing like 20 songs a day same way !!!! I bet d warden dem cant wait fi mek da new food deh dwfl who can tek anything i n jamaican news seriously doe


  6. Everyone have their own mind. If you that easily influenced by others that mean you weak. He didn’t convince no one to do something they didn’t want to do.

  7. Americabwoy go away with you homo thug self unno like to be rape by men GTFOH keep you American nastiness to your self.

  8. And this has to do with the interview with Badmind Flexx and the interviewer, batty man Anthony Miller who can’t find talented artiste to interview so him get every rif raf and ask them bout Kartel. Anyway, Flex ‘songs’ still won’t get play, Jamaica hard and everybody have them price so new warders soon start get money fi music come a road.

    Every man have a right to decide his own destiny, a the life that Lizard choose mek him disappear. A fren kill fren 90% a di time so it go. Some a unnu man a go dead because unnu a look man fi mind unnun, a man weh a mind you a go naturally program you!

  9. I hope his privileges are relinquished at this prison. If memory serves me well wasnt he sentenced to do hard labour? Road nuh need fixing…garbage nuh need fi pick up? Why Jamaican news outlets are so darn sketchy…like do your research and figure out what the breach was and then report it…more transparency is needed.

  10. @ Anonymous 2:53, mi agree wid yu wid de Flexx talk. To de way how tings run a yaad, him (Flexx) affe go watch fe him back ya now, because a bet you say, somebody a go blame him fe Kartel’s move. But seriously though, Kartel mus a do him music behind bars fe so much a fe him song dem drop a road.


    1. Due to how money a run everybody weh used to call Shorty ugly a run eeen pan r on IG licky licky gyal dem! Shorty cockaty now! Shorty betta tank the day IG come bout!

  12. mi just glad him behind that steel gate and him young protege a enjoy his music career …..popcorn just bought himself a nice new range rover …..knowing the clown kartel is that hit him hard because the music money was his for the taking and him gave it up ……#badmanclown

  13. Government and news media alike are so damn corrupt.Theif never love to see theif with long bag.The government went all to digg up all Kartel voice note from digicel.So how nobody can’t investigate and subpoena visitors log or watch what activities Kartel do in Horizon and find out the real source of these music keeps dropping.Kmt I’m convince same corrupt system that put him away benefits from him.Not to diminish that lives were lost but look the government rather benefit and the families of said victims gets zero.He himself should look into that,Babylon jail you and yet you continue to feed them in order to get your music to come road..just saying..

  14. Marie like yuh did a f**k world boss or a you kill lizard like you know Summin!! send in yuh story dog shit.. yes garbage Deh Deh fi pickup out yuh mouth first!! F**g old nuttin and the batty man why yuh nuh guh f**k yuh self bout rape…unnuh sound bitter bad… Listen free the boss that’s all mi affi seh…

  15. The judge did order a certain percentage of what he make off a song is to be given to Clive family. So he gotta make music to pay up.

  16. Even if Kartel a record behind bars, you as a fellow artiste shouldn’t a worry bout dat and a loud up dat. U is a battyman Flexx. Everyone knew Kartel was recording behind prison but no one made mention of it. A the authorities fi come investigate and talk bout dat, not a likkle fly by night badmind batty bway artiste.

  17. That’s why Jamaica society cannot improve…because people cannot voice their opinion freely whether the mass agree or oppose and it is taken as such. But no man…ppl fe fraid fe chat caws if dem seh sumin weh somebody no like death wish start sen out…smh.

    I agree 100% with Flexx’s statement…freedom of speech is a MUST. But yu have some likkle ‘narrow-minded’ ppl weh dem brain cyaa carry dem further than dem doorstep want ppl fe fraid fe chat!

    Ah bet yu if it was your family member or friend Fartel tek out u woulda sing a different sanky.

    1. Flexx just sounds bitter. U can hear the hate in him voice. He’s petty. He’s blaming Kartel for his song not playing when him dev’n a voice nuh song. Me can’t tell what projects him a work pon. Why consume yuhself with what Kartel doing and complain when u not even a do road or campaign fi compete with artiste wha nuh deh a prison. If Kartel nuh do another song as long as him live flexx still nah go no whey cause him deh way down the pecking order where dancehall is concerned.

    2. These so called Gazanation dunces can never censor me. Most can recite every word from Kartel’s music but cannot construct a poroper sentence to save their lives.

      1. It’s quite the contrary, cause I know of many doctors, professors and even lawyers who respect Kartel’s wit and see him as an intellect. Yes, he has many fans from the ghetto, but he’s like any business aiming to appeal to different demographics. A ghetto person might rate a simple Kartel song and sing it and him please dem, but on the other hand, he has other songs(some aren’t even popular) where his play on words can’t be matched, which leaves even the brightest scholars with raised eyebrows of appreciation. Love him or hate him, his music speaks for itself. Me nuh rate him as a person, but me nuh need fi do dat, a jus the music mi a pree. Di man have a line wha say “mi cry already, now me jus cryogenic”. Dunce ppl can’t understand dat. People who don’t appreciate his creativity are people who lack education and him lines a fly over dem head.

        1. Raised eyebrows of appreciation!!!!!!!!!! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Im not sure what you do for a living but mi a tell you should pursue stand up comedy. Thanks for the laugh this morning though.

          1. lol that’s all u can resort to cause you can’t hold a decent debate. U never heard that phrase being used? lol woooow, u a pass judgement on Kartel enthusiasts when u nuh seem too bright u self. Kartel was invited to speak at UWI because scholars are impressed with his level of knowledge. Love him or hate him, u affi admit him smart and witty. There isn’t another artist in the business on his level.

        2. Dwrcl…pro would your time not be better spent deciphering Kartel’s play on words with your doctor, lawyer and professional friends? Why would you want a debate with me a person who isnt too bright? Carolyn Cooper extended that invitation and much like yourself when Kartel realized he was no match for some of the students he decided to insult them. Keep advocating for that serial killer dumb dumb. Baa baa black sheep much?

          1. Me nah advocate fi no man actions, me a advocate fi him music. If u ago pass him off as a serial killer, wha u woulda pass off Seaga and the many other politicians as? The difference between Kartel and dem is dat Kartel a small fry so di system get tired a him n dash him whey.

          2. Kartel is a serial killer. And say what you want about any politician none of them eva chop up anyone as bad as things may be. Im not sure why Kartel is being compared to politicians..Seaga has a Phd there is no comparison education wise. Kartel may be intelligent to you but intelligence is relative to those who are around you and who you have been exposed to

          3. Bob Marley was a natural intellect and Kartel cant even grounds near the shadow of his shoes. He is a gutter slime who rose to fame because you people like to be bullied cause uno nuh know no better way. He is not talented and has mooched off the talent of those who came around him that were stupid enough to believe he was great.

  18. Americabwoy kartel neva beg u a f**j yet suh jus back d f**k up..u need fi get rape inna ur throat ole suckhole

    Suck u mada..

  19. Thank u…di marie she haaaaate kartel wid a passion ….no man sumn boe da hate de marie get rid a it..cause it still nah mek him du nth weh u seh u waa him fi du..u newd fi guh du dem hey me hate bbc ppl like unu eno..wen bloodclaat jahcure rape d bldclt likkle gal n gah jail wull a unu pussyhole want d pedophile fi cum a rd.. unu deven knw if lizard dead unu nah nuh proof..suh stfu smh..bwoy inna life esi star

    All da battyman TOK shithouse deh..kartel nahv time fi even look at him muchless kill so unu stop chat rubbish..him jus ago always do Listen Mi News weh as it cum on after d indian show me old aunty jus seh “look her lock off d tv now nuh” dwfl n she. 82

    1. I tried my very best to make it to your third sentence and the struggle was very real. Your writing tells me all that I need to know about exactly who you are. It’s not too late where there is life there is hope. God mi say!!!!!

    2. I tried my very best to make it to your third sentence and the struggle was very real. Your writing tells me all that I need to know about exactly who you are. It’s not too late where there is life there is hope. God mi say!!!!!

  20. Thats was the reason why he said that it was is last song, when he was clashing with movado, cause he new that this would happen

  21. ppl need to get educated on prison system kartel is not doing hard labour he is in appeal hence he is on remand until his appeal is tried

  22. @met Was trying to reply to the thread but the reply button is absent, anyways…

    I’ll not prolong this debate with you as it is obvious that you have some kind of personal vendetta against Kartel. Me a scholar, I have a degree, however, I, and many others rate the man. Kartel isn’t only revered by the ghetto. If a man like Mick Jagger can state that Kartel is one of his favourite artistes, who are you to say Kartel has no talent. Me not even ago mention how much Drake and many others the world over, respect him. If u nuh rate him fi some personal reason, whether you had a run in with him or whatever, a your business that, however, for you to deny that he has any musical talent is stretching it. Me nuh rate him as a person non-tall! but his music is top notch. Nuh bring up Bob Marley, cause I wasn’t comparing him to Bob. How bob drop in? He’s a dancehall legend and is the ruler of dancehall right now for the past 10 years(at least). Whether u rate him or hate him, that’s the fact. If Rolling Stones see him worth enough fi writing more than one article about him, it’s unfair to state he’s not talented. Gwan hold u grudge still….

  23. @@PRO.. u have u degree an u dah amongs d uneducated if dats wah u wah highlight ………..u degree nah dou u no justice u sound like a 5 yr old u fool like big boy mi hate wen uno wah cum fight d truth wid uno degree sum of the most ignorant ppl a teach others inna class room soh stop push u degree and goh sell sum weed shit

    1. Unnuh nave nuh degree and unnuh a act high and mighty so jus imagine if unnuh fi ever get one. Dem couldn’t talk to unnuh. N me nuh sell weed, mi buy it n smoke it. Mi degree nuh make me abandon mi roots. The reason why ppl who have degrees respect him, is because he puts things in his songs wha we study a school. U affi well-read fi appreciate him music. N me nuh listen di skin out pussy n push cocky inna gyal throat Kartel dem. He has many uplifting songs wha unnuh can seek out.

  24. @Met mi sorry fi this wall when appeal reach inna court house…mi can only imagine how the scholars and professionals will be baa baa baaing pon yah. :ngakak :ngakak

  25. Wi nuh waa seek out no demon song cause we nuh idolize demon. Him think di judge did a go gi him 25, him shock him get 30 :ngakak . Him ina lodge and di judge a grandmaster a bay

    1. Think a how him did mek him fren dem go bomb up police place and try dismantle di people dem wire so dat dem wudden get di information. If him did innocent why all dem tings dere? Him shudda deh in a double cell

    2. U nah fi a bay me cause him being in jail nuh affect my everyday life and/or well-being. Me nuh business bout nuh man personal life and if he did it him fi rot inna jail. A him music me a talk bout. Me sure not once in my posts u see where I say that he should be free if he did indeed commit the crime. Anyone who takes another person’s life should be in jail. A lot of other artistes have done the same as, or even worse than Kartel and dem free but u nah bun dem out. Ninja nuffy deh jail too?

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