1. mi neva tink mi woulda seh dis ….nuh pickney nuffi grow widout two parents…………..BUT IT LOOK LIKE A DI BEST TING WEN DAH BWOY YAH GO A PRISON ..BECAUSE IT LOOK LIKE SHORTY A TRY AR BEST

  2. I don’t know HOW or where you all came up with this theory.
    F**KERY THIS: BIG UP SHORTY …. Who probably did NOT have a chance of getting a GOOD EDUCATION but using her MAN’s MONEY to SECURE her children’s future and ENSURING that they get theirs.
    They are also a product of VYbzy Kartel who UNLIKE a many entertainers and people in the business, is highly educated and WELL READ… Didn’t you expect his kids to be well read and spoke also?
    – Kartel has always been as GOOD Father to his boys with Shorty. Whey unno did expect to hear dem sound gaza and grabba grabba ghetto yutes?
    – have you all NOT heard Kartel SPEAK on interviews? Well spoken. Articulate. Detailed and educated. A great debater and focused speaker.
    Kartel is brilliant. He set him yutes destiny from the start to be MUCH BRIGHTER than his.
    Yes. Kartel made mistakes and is paying the price.
    Let us NOT be idiots and put d PICKNEY dem in judgement to SUFFER the sins of their father or parents.
    – accept they are their OWN lights, creating their destiny with the money and opportunity that both of their parents didn’t have growing up.

    1. Kartel hardly know these children ….facts be known Shorty moved less than a year to where she is now on hacienda when kartel got locked up ….he was not living there he just went there like a visitor …..for weeks sometimes he never saw these children …also kartel lived with another female and he has five other children…while we are at it we can also say that bounty killa has an intelligent child, so does shaggy the list goes on and on so kartel did not do anything different …obviously this is shorty’s doing as u heard that child is eleven five years no father plus there the previous years…..I am sure bad mind a kill nuff ppl but it neva sen nobody go prison fi 35 years….also the teachers should be commended cause dem realize seh di life no right ….shorty stop go deh wid bruise and black and blue eye now because di man nuh de bou t

  3. ” Dem Nuh sound like shawty at all.”
    WTF …. Are HER pickni this. SHE is raising RIGHT. Yet she gets belittled.
    How many mothers who can’t read or write or speak so well around the world produce doctors, lawyer and scientists through their children? MILLIONS
    New title : BIG UP Shawty on a parenting job WELL DONE !!!!

    1. You fixate and situate yourself on my titles and commentaries I suggest you find someone more important to obsess over because Im not important at all

  4. They are handsome boys, very respectable…dem daddy was a horrible role model and influence inna dem life…shorty, move forward and sekkle wid ah good man who can and will pick up the pieces ad help you to raise these 2 young boys into upstanding young men and law abiding citizens….

  5. what was said that got this person so angry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,an if kartel was a dunce bat a end up this way I would c with it ,,,,,,,,,,but to b an educated fool is another thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shorty keep holding on an continue to do ur best yah ,,,,,,,,,,,,,educated fools bout kartel brite if aso ppl bright den tek mi out a it

    1. !!!!!!! what a piece a insult to intellect and knowledge hee? the problem is me…everytime mi chat…he or she get upset..as if I gve a damn…mi nuh want a soul obsess over mi or stalk whey mi write because a dat he or she do pan a daily basis

  6. Is it the law in Jamaica that kids can’t see their patents until certain age?. I’m asking because they said they haven’t seen him. Such a sad case of that’s the case because is like him dead if them can’t see him . Jesus Christ .

  7. Kartel throw away him life man have so much talent let go to waste God go with these children n don’t let the sins of them parents fall on them

  8. yea but fi me mi no mind mi no tink dem stumuck ready fi digest dehso yet ,,mek dem hol on likkle,,,,,,,,,,,,,,met kiss u teeth yah some a dem love idol worshiping to much ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    1. But look at who mi badmine though :ngakak ..Maybe me set up different or mi get too Americanized but I cannot and could never praise a sick murderer noh soh..If him did so educated and articulate why di hell him never go get help because he was mentally handicapped …or was he too educated fi that? Idongiveafuq if mi did say Kartel a di boss and suh a same suh di person wudda up n arms, its focus is always me. Nuh ooman tuh mi ting and mi nuh want nuh gyal obsess ova mi suh she fi gwey now

      1. This is the same person whey act like they are for women, and look what Kartel has done as a man to more than one woman…with exposing them sucking on his penis..Two of those women are now mentally ill..So believe me is not Kartel SoftSpot want to really defend a me har focus deh pan like mi go ina har yard ketch har white fowl and nyam it

      2. Met u jealous a shawty …true u nah get drag by di weave andkick and tump and live through infidelity and then have somebody seh a u a kip man wid dem ……u are badmind

  9. when kartel go ova deh a measure di browning and a count di rice grain dem ……no word of a lie all di oil weh splash shi haffi ketch back …………….u r badmine

    1. _________________________________________________________________
      real i think a di bakkle dem beside him bed mek mi badmine …….doze bokkles worth millions :hammer

      1. him surround him self wid bakkle cause if and wen shawty come offa di bed shi mus bounce one ..so him a go know if shi lef di bed when him go back inna di early manin

          1. S ova deh a listen .yu gud gud bring life ……a buss champagne ..and a pray seh di appeal nuh work out…..shi get fat yah now di man a come and step ova di bakkle dem

          2. Wha partyy she kip and eat hef she did drop she wudda mash ..while di sister an mother did a point blame all she did a talk bout a God dis and dat..notice fi har line a reasoning all di while …not really defending di tng

        1. Real yuh us dead mi …but to how shawty did set up and light like bruce lee…Real she did master di art of scaling ova dem bakkle deh so das why di row dem look like dem did a get wider and wider ..every row she dd a jump ova guh back pan d bed

          1. __________________________________ di way him sing bout she mi did tink she wudda a roll a grung a bawl daily …not even di hint of a tear

  10. lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a cyan manij,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ok met so u got u ting pattt den ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol,,,,,,,,,,met pls no badmine nobody plsssssssssssssssssssssss,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol

  11. To the person who ask if its a law preventing them from seeing him until they are a certain age, the answer is yes and no. Im not in Jamaica currently but when I am there, I go to the prison regularly (not to visit kartel Lol)… Kids can only go there on “family days”, and they have 2 or 3 per year. Aside from that, I wouldn’t even want my child to visit me if I was in that position. Every time I go there, I cry like it’s my first time. It’s not a good feeling.

  12. Nice little boys. That song about mamma is gonna be great for radio play on Mother’s Day. Just one thing.. Work on unuh stage presence. But keep up the good work mother and child/ren


  14. This was painful to watch. No stage presence….no nothing. They seem like they’re being forced to do this. They don’t look like they like and enjoy it smh
    Cute kids tho….

  15. Shorty deserve better than Kartel. To me it seems as if him manipulate and control her to an extent. She may not be the most educated but thumbs up to her for trying…her effort is evident in her kids behavior. Although they seem shy, I can tell they have been taught manners and respect. At first I really didn’t support their music because I fear that they may go astray like “World Boss” but I’m really happy to see that “Short Boss” is giving them love and attention. Big up yaself taneisha

  16. I am not sure that the kids really enjoy doing this Met, it was a little painful to watch in terms of their shy responses etc which can be attributed to some children at their respective ages especially when doing interviews. If it is the case tho where they want to pursue music, they will grow. Otherwise, they sound educated and it’s a good look, Shorty doing a good job, Met u nuh see se soft spot nuh righted, he/she is every artiste groupie she smacks of a little bipolar u lucky u a look

  17. @ met. I have read all the ” comments” u have written about me saying I am obsessed with u personally and Mentally ill because of my comments about kartel’s children and how I was supposedly pro women but defending a murderer.
    As a person who owns a site u should be less judgmental and less mean over person who writes passionately.
    For the record. I did not comment on your page in over a week plus. Prior to this I just started commenting a month ago or so.
    I do not believe any of my comments I have ever made has warranted PERSONALS ATTACKS against me or my character as u DONT kno me. I am a CARIBBEAN person as well as a writer.
    Many times my comments have lead to dialogue on here.
    Othe people HAVE commented against titles etc, and have not been ridiculed to this extent.
    – since I am such a bother and disturbance to your website and can’t agree to everything u say or write, I will save you the trouble and remove myself permanently from ever commenting on your site.
    – as a website owner taking personal attacks on comments or reading deeper into it and calling people who comment obsessed that DONT even know you, says a LOT about your EGOS and bitterness. Every one in the world DONT have the same opinions, PLEASE DONT PUNISH PEOPLE FOR THAT.
    My comments were focused on THE SINS OF THE FATHER NOT FALLING ON THE CHILDREN. And the comment prior of it is the best thing that the kids can’t see their father by the anonymous commentator.
    I am disappointed that a woman like yourself would be so bitter over a comment.
    Have a great day.

    1. I dont have an ego but you have an obsession with what I say which makes you sick in my eyes. So dont dress up anything trying to wrap it up as f you are really about commenting , its not your first second or third time attacking me , I do not care what you decide to do it doesn’t bother me. Do not make me your focus because I dont do women

      1. And mi nah go tell u agen seh mi nuh do women. You could have made a general statement but you chose to comment addressing me under whatever disguise you tried to pull off….I dont have to punish anyone because you do that all on your own to yourself. f I had an ego you wouldnt be allowed to comment but the site is open because we are all here to share and whatever your grouse is with will unravel and frizz in time. All the powers will see to that.

  18. Soft Spot nuh badi nah tell yuh seh fi cut or nuh comment nuh more…..weh me get from weh de Admin write unda the video is how shawty is not an educated person however she made it her bizniz seh har kids dem very much educated, mannerable and can express themselves intelligently. Suh she a congrat her on the up bringing cuz nuff gal a butu and dem mek de yutes be jus dat tuh.
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

    1. Simply dont waste your time. A di same tactics she use all the time u can check her comments for yourself, a nuh likkle time she move to me, sometimes I ignore and sometimes I dont. When she comment without her name I do ignore because I know the tactics too well. She has a personal grouse and the comment has nothing to do with the post ..Mi nuh ina no wrappings wid no woman

      1. From the rape chead wid apple vs Marcia mi kinda did a pree how de smaddy guh hard more while fi ntn but hey ntn new a nuff cum chue nd behave de same r wuss
        (Simplicity soon sign in)

  19. Dis reminds me of wen Marco-Dean was on there however I think Shawty parenting skills is above and beyond what I expected. .she is doing an awesome job wid the kids dem..Tom drunk but him nuh fool
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  20. I don’t know if the boys are allowed to speak to their father on the phone, but since they do not get to see him i would hope that they do communicate some how.

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