KINGSTON, Jamaica — Evidence before the court in the Vybz Kartel murder trial has shown that the SD card from the phone with a message about chopping up ‘Lizard’ was modified on September 30, hours after it was seized in the murder investigation.

However Police Detective Patrick Linton said that he never modified any information on the SD card.

He denied adding a section to the tape about chopping up Lizard “fine, fine”.

Linton previously testified that persons not authorised by him had used a phone seized in the Vybz Kartel murder case.

He said that he didn’t authorise anyone to use the phone on October 6 and 9th 2011. But under further cross examination Tuesday by attorney-at-law Pierre Rogers, who asked if unauthorised persons used the phone, Linton said that he couldn’t speak to unauthorised persons using the phone.

Kartel, and four co-accused are on trial for the August 2011 murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.


  1. I see everybody a get dem palm grease da police boy better Mek sure the law abiding citizen of jamaica get a verdict pon hell boy

  2. My gut feeling says kartel is guilty. But if I was a juror I wouldn’t convict because they tampered with the evidence.

    1. I don’t think it is evident that the police fabricate evidence but to say they mishandled the entire investigation is an understatement. Mi never si a murder case with so much incriminating evidence and yet still them still have a hard time a prove di case. Mi a wonder people get pay off fi dash weh di case.

  3. all who ah pray fi him release ah better oonuh pray fi him tan in deh, mek wi watch an see….the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life!!!

  4. If this bwoy yah get free…I think this case is gonna make a lot of criminals appeal their cases jus because 99% a Jamaican police force licky licky lawless country shmdh

  5. Are you kidding MEEEEEEEEEE??? The Jamaican police force can stand some retraining, officers sabotaged this case by using the phone after it was confiscated, where they do that at…….apparently in Jamaica! Are phones that hard to come by that someone (police officer) would use one associated with a murder case?

    1. Ceerusly Quena wat u know bout Jcan police n the type of work dem do any of ur BLOOD relative ever get mistreated r anything by Jcan police U R A SPANIARD THO?????
      Pls sit out this line of the blog thank you

      1. I know plenty about the type of work they do…..one does not have to be JAMAICAN to know what type of work they do!
        I have been following along the case as to what Metty has been filing us in……not closely but following along and from what I gathered if the defendants get off the mishandling of evidence will have much to do with it.
        NO none of my family members has ever been mistreated by J’can police and thanks to God we have never had any reason to engage in any activity with them!
        @Chuetty as you’ve asked politely I will try to sit out and continue to read along…….for the moment.

      2. YOU said it best, Is the FIRST Me ever see a SPANIARD so blatant and know bout every single Dancehall people and Jamaican culture and all a give advise. I DON’T BELIEVE IT IS A SPANIARD, It is a Jamaican who use google translator…..lmao. I can’t.

  6. If Kartel wins the case I think the Commissioner should have Linton investigated and relieved from duties. Something is very fishy. This man too hype and feisty and gwaan like him know it all to have made so many mistakes.

    1. Linton spoke to when the phones came to him. Apparently the phone was accessed by persons before it was given to Linton for forensic examination. He is the forensic examiner. I think Bigga Ford is the arresting officer.

        1. I’m still trying to figure out, how a man so meticulous as Linton left the key for the evidence locker on top of it. Shouldn’t that have been put up for safe keeping. I’m not for Kartel, I hated him from day one, but for a case like this they should not even let breeze be able to pass through. #airtight!!!!

        2. Mi know nuh change nuh mek, but a lot of room has been left for interpretation. They defence is trying to win the case of of reasonable doubt, the jury might just buy it especially with the stigma attached to Jamaican Police.

  7. so they used the evidence (phones) to make personal phone calls? wa mek? dem police ya serious brah brah. Nuh wonder dem juss kill crimminal when them catch dem. Dis bwot clearly guilty and the police dem a mek a ass of the case

          1. Your correct, however if I am reading correctly they confiscated more than one phone, and seems to me the majority of the incriminating evidence was extracted off of “A” particular phone….why, you know what forget that why question. Perhaps the prosecution will address this on rebutal……Linton needs to make that clear to the Jury, that the calls were placed to gather further intelligence for the investigation…..SAYING THAT HE DID not authorize anyone to use the phone, makes it look like it was used for other than police work. be back shortly…..what an interesting twist of things!

          2. They will but remember he has to answer only what he was asked..the prosecution will have to wrap up their end

  8. The news media a Jamaica a sey evidence show the sd card was modify .Ok di defence need fi show mi what was insert and what call was made and to who.The Jamaica media law dem a protect criminals .u can call names when reporting.Example big Jamaica athlete brother got shot at night club.Now this person don’t have a name and the club don’t have a name.either the reporter deh pon the club and athlete payroll or him need fi go back a media school.thank god fi MET cause we get raw and unbias.

  9. So the phone company dont have a motherboard that they can actually retrieve the messages instead of the SD card? I dont understand this, Go get the messages from the phone company nuh?? and then you would know if it was tamper with. Jeezzee.

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