13 thoughts on “KASI COME GET DADDY

  1. USAin not mature period … it’s an open relationship… Mi a wait on a man if wihine out Kasi waste line … and we see how soon he close her chapter

  2. Suh hol on deh, nuh local party dis? How come Kasi wasn’t there with him? Wonder if Bolt put har inna timeout? Bolt was out with Khaled and not one pic? Kasi a tie Bolt tie yuh? All weh a gwan mi hope she build something for herself cause when Bolt give her walking papers, the breast alone na guh cut it. Kasi how yuh company doing? Nobody know bout it, come gi wi an update please and thanks

    1. Mi always wonder dat to enuh, Bolt have met so many celebrities and yuh never si him introduce Kasi to nun a dem yet and this was Daybreak and she wasn’t there. Maybe she’s pregnant, in that case she’s wouldn’t be worried, she will be at home thinking of the rich life she will finally be leading, Bolt will have to put her in a huge hous with his child or have her move in with him, maybe she finally secured the bag because it would look a way that the most expensive thing you leave with is a pair of fake boobs.

  3. Why should Bolt care? He knows that she’s not leaving the money and the title of being his “girlfriend”. Bolt has no intention of settling down, he’s young and rich and there are plenty of new p&$$y out there for him to sample. People need to stop saying that they have a open relationship, because if that is the case then this arrangement is one sided because as Real said up top if it was a man grinding on Kasi she would have gotten her walking papers long ago. What Kasi needs to do is grow a backbone and demand better treatment. He’s at all the hot local parties since he got back from Australia and Kasi is nowhere to be seen, maybe she will be at Cabana Reserve tonight or maybe she finally ketch a belly and is laying low to do a shock announcement.

  4. I remember when it was Rich Rush who was kissing Kasi’s ass, now Kasi has turned a groupie for Rush. She’s under her pics leaving heart emojis and shit, one person commented that she should go on a trip and surprise us instead of being a groupie for Rush. I hope she’s really pregnant and s cured the bag because it would be a shame to sell your soul for money and leave without any of it.

  5. you all are behaving like it isn’t normal Jamaican fashion fi any man dance pon any woman..nuff a unoo haffi hol unoo corna wid man who a bun unoo, kill unoo wid bere lick an nuh have no income but a come give unoo ten dolla worth of nonsense. I am quite sure majority of u who comment on these people picture are nowhere near dem circle and have no substantial evidence of anybody giving bun through dancing. Y’all are so invested in them and cyaan pay not one bill inna unoo house. Invest this energy in yourself for a change nuh. Try to have a prosperous 2019

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