31 thoughts on “KASI DIS RECENT TUH

  1. That girl look like she waited her whole life that one dance!On a serious note why unnu leave the bloodclaat Gal alone.Her pussy still a win,cause him own her!Kaci dont worry your head!

    1. Yuh get nuh medal a Rio ?… Yuh reach fasss jah know. Mi positive yuh Is a runna no man! Mi luv dis pussy has lost.. Mi coulda neva have my man an gal a dance up pan him a Rio fi him birthday no no luv looooooooooo….

  2. If that a choosing then mi nuh want it. This is so disrespectful for a man to be doing this and he has a girlfriend. Batta ears kasi over twitter a gwine like it naah kill her when me sure say it give har diarrhoea the first time she see it

  3. met a why u hate kasi so?????? every single post about usain and woman you call kasi name…. you taking it too personal!! i feel how u angry when you comment on all the post about kasi . all of the other women you say he as why you dont call their name??? we now see that kasi is your problem

  4. Aunty mi late but u aguh hard mi almost press sumtn to voicenote :hammer mo fingaz cyaa keep up :mewek2 Kasi weh u aguh du yah now?

  5. A who do yute behind him? Usain a dance to him crush … Usain tek yu hand outta Di gyal hair … Whine yu Fi whine ..Weh affection a go ??


  6. Uno leave usain bolt alone him young , rich ,famous and God bless. Meck usain enjoy him life. I believe he does love Kasi, and he also does love to go out and enjoy himself. Him just Meck history a rio plus it’s his birthday. Usain wine up yuh good strong body mi boss. Uno sey Kasi bi sexual so this nuh suppose to bother her. She likes girls he likes girls they both young and attractive and sexy and got lots of money so let them live how they want to. Jamaican a the biggest set of hypocrite when since Jamaican man start f…k 1 gal ??? When since Jamaican gal them all start teck 1 man when them into them 20s, and early 30s.?? When since Jamaican start get married in their 20ths?? When since Jamaican man have 1 baby mother ?? Jamaican man dem a gallist, from creation Suh mi nuh know why uno come on pink wall a crucify usain like him a duh Strange things and like Kasi a idiot. No Kasi is just acting like most Jamaican woman yard or abroad Wey know Sey them man f..k nuff gal. Uno leave the poor girl alone. She find a rich man the boss usain let her live this is bad mind who so ever keep on sending in stories about usain and Kasi. A work met a work so her job is to post stuff so we can’t be mad at met. A the low life bad mind sender them a the problem. Kasi maybe a yuh friend bad mind yuh good life and sorry sey a nuh she bolt a wine up pon a she sad sey a nuh fi her p…y bolt a f..k fi about 3yrs, now so she a try fi Meck yuh life miserable. Kasi nuh pay them nuh miND yuh catch a big Boss Mr usain bolt. Kasi you go girl. Keep yuh good up man usain and I hope he marry to you and you give him some pretty children. Usain a good boy him not restless with him life or else him would and been breed at least 5 gal already and him can afford it but he choose not to .90percent Jamaican man usain age have more than 1 Pinckney so usain u doing great and Kasi nuh follow them and start nag usain and stress him out and Meck him mind turn from you .let him be Kasi. Let usain enjoy him life ,him fame and him money alone side you. Kasi I wish I was you. I wish I had bolt as my man. Suh Kasi hang on to usain bolt tight a nuff gal wish them was you and a nuff gal a wait in line to teck yuh good up position Wey usain give to you. So let them keep on talking . Kasi tell the bitch Wey keep sending you in to pink wall and a watch bolt every move and a post it and talk how much gal bolt have sey bolt f..k them but him love Kasi. Ride and die with yuh man bolt kasi. Much love to you Mr usain bolt. Thanks for all you have done for our country Jamaica.
    I’m a proud jamaican and I love you usain bolt. Good job at rio. God guide and keep you safe. All haters leave Mr usain bolt alone and let him live him life as happy as he choose with the girl he choose kasi.

    1. I’ve been reading but not commenting from the start. I don’t agree with none of this so mi tek myself to other posts.

      This sounds very personal,someone seriously hates Kasi

  7. Poor Kasi, can’t catch a break over here.

    Why are we blaming her for his actions?

    She hasn’t been treated fairly on here at all. Give to Cesar what is due.

    1. You must be new to this website. Try put in her name in the search engine on this blog. SHE IS NO ANGEL :maho

  8. someone over here dont like her? My girl this is a MIX UP site detailing GROUPIE activity. Bolt inna nuff groupie behaviour. Ergo it is here and being reported. Smh after Met a nuh dem relationship counsellor.Gallang go tackle Bolt who acting like he has 0 facks to give.

    Come like man bout phone and social media mash up life. No nigga ur dirty doggin mash up you life, SM just put u on blast. See the story plaster international – them nuh like her neither? Scroll gwaan yah

  9. This site is called Jamaica Matie and groupie… wah di Hell unuh think a guh happen ova yah…Unuh pic up Unuh holier than thou ass an go find a church yawww ..

  10. Poor Kasi? Kasi is not innocent she did dey wid Usain Bredda Sadda just to get to Bolt. She use to talk bout how Bolt black and ugly and him front teet dem a rotten out. Whatever she get she fi get. Y would met have a personal vendetta against this Thot? She’s light skin uptown sketel nothing new fi Bolt him love the light skin gyal dem who nuh have no class inna di bedroom. Poor Kasi mi baxside please stop the bullsh*t.

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