Daily mail so thirsty they didnt see that Usain has a different hair cut and this pic is so old. Shame
Daily mail so thirsty they didnt see that Usain has a different hair cut and this pic is so old. Shame

Usain Bolt crossed the line to claim his eighth Olympic gold last night in Rio to roars of the crowd – but his biggest fan was cheering him on from home.
Kasi Bennett, who is believed to be Bolt’s girlfriend, has celebrated every one of his sensational victories with almost tangible excitement.
But her social media pages make it clear there was no doubt in her mind that Bolt’s Olympics would be anything less than historic.
Winner: Sprinter Usain Bolt decimated the competition to claim his eighth gold medal, in last night’s 200m final, before diving into the crowd to snap some selfies with his adoring fans

Loved up: Usain Bolt revealed in January that he has been in a steady relationship with a Jamaican woman for two years. Pictured, the sprinter and the woman believed to be his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett

‘My babbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyy!!!’ she cheered after he won his third 100m gold medal on Sunday night, adding ‘Wha dem a guh do yah now?’
She followed it with a series of cheering hands, Jamaican flags and love hearts with the hashtag ‘Living Legend’.
Last night, when the Olympian added a third 200m gold to his collection, she added: ‘This level of pride is unfathomable.’
Bolt easily swept his competition and stormed home to clinch the 200m gold in a time of 19.78s.
When he crossed the line, however, Bolt looked bitterly disappointed about his victory – after he failed to beat his own world record of 19.19s.
‘The sadness for me would be that it is actually a slower time. I really wanted to run faster but I came out here to win,’ he said.
Cheering: When the Olympian claimed a third 200m gold, Miss Bennett pronounced : ‘This level of pride is unfathomable’

Champion: ‘Number one!’ Bolt yelled into the cameras in Rio, after kneeling on the track and hitting his chest in delight

Champion: ‘Number one!’ Bolt yelled into the cameras in Rio, after kneeling on the track and hitting his chest in delight

‘I wasn’t happy with the time when I crossed the line, but I’m excited I got the medal, that’s the key thing. The fact that I came here and I executed what I wanted is a brilliant feeling.’
He quickly wiped the frown of his face and became the victorious showman that his fans know and love.
‘Number one!’ Bolt yelled into the cameras, after kneeling on the track and hitting his chest in delight.
One Love by another of Jamaica’s famous sons Bob Marley played as Bolt grabbed a Jamaican flag and did his lap of honour, singing along to the lyrics as he jigged and blew kisses to the adoring crowd.
He cupped his ear laughing as they sang ‘Usain Bolt, Usain Bolt’ and then posed for selfies with thrilled members of the crowd.
Toying with the crowd, he at first refused to pull out his trademark ‘Lightening Bolt’ celebration. But after completing his victory lap, he returned to the finishing line, sank to his knees, crossed himself and rose to his feet unveiling his famous sign.
Stunning: Before his race last night she said: ‘Watch babe kill this!’, adding ‘phone lost but that nah stop these tweets!’

Stunning: Before his race last night she said: ‘Watch babe kill this!’, adding ‘phone lost but that nah stop these tweets!’
Glamorous: ‘My babbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyy!!!’ she cheered after Bolt won his third 100m gold medal on Sunday night

Glamorous: ‘My babbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyy!!!’ she cheered after Bolt won his third 100m gold medal on Sunday night
The Jamaican is now hours away from attempting the ‘triple triple’ – winning gold for the 100m, 200m and 4x100m races three years in the row – which will be decided with the relay final tonight in Rio – 2.35am GMT.
And his number one fan Miss Bennett will no doubt be watching the man she lovingly calls her ‘boss’.
‘Excitement today; history tomorrow!’ she tweeted earlier in the Games.
Before his race last night she said: ‘Watch babe kill this!’, adding ‘phone lost but that nah stop these tweets!’
The sprinter told The Jamaica Star in January this year that he was off the market, and was in a steady relationship with a Jamaican woman.

He described the 26-year-old as being a ‘special person’ in his life, and said they had been dating for over two years.
But he confessed that maintaining a low-key relationship is a priority for him.
Meanwhile, Bolt’s mother Jennifer has made it clear that once his Olympics career is over she wants him to focus on finding a wife and giving her some grandchildren.
‘I would hope he’ll settle down, get married and start his family,’ she told CNN this week.
‘I know he’ll settle down because he has said it. He told me many times that he’s going to start his family.’
Despite the glory of last night’s success, Bolt, who turns 30 on Sunday, has confirmed that this will be his last Olympics.
‘I keep telling these young ones, I will never let you guys beat me, never, it is not going to happen,’ he said.
‘I am getting older and I am slowing down so I need to get out of the sport.’
Selfie: Sprinter Usain Bolt delighted fans after his victory when he ran up to them to snap a few selfies in celebration

Selfie: Sprinter Usain Bolt delighted fans after his victory when he ran up to them to snap a few selfies in celebration
Crowd-pleaser: Bolt performs his trademark lightning bolt celebration after taking the gold medal on Thursday night in Rio

Pride: One Love by Bob Marley played as Bolt grabbed a Jamaican flag and did his lap of honour around the packed stadium

Pride: One Love by Bob Marley played as Bolt grabbed a Jamaican flag and did his lap of honour around the packed stadium
The king! Bolt will go down in the pantheon of Olympic greats, but will hope to cap it by achieving the ‘triple triple’ tonight

Battle: Bolt won the event in 19.78 seconds, a season best, ahead of Andre de Grasse and France’s Christophe LeMaitre

Round the stretch: Bolt had already opened up a sizable lead ahead of his rivals halfway through the race in Rio last night

Canada’s Andrew De Grasse, Bolt’s friendly rival in the 200m semifinal, took silver with a time of 20.02 and Frenchman Christopher Lematre won the bronze.
Britain’s Adam Gemili crossed the finish line at the exact same recorded time as Lematre, at 20.12 seconds, but was denied a medal by three thousandths of a second.
He said: ‘To come fourth place in an Olympic final with the same time as bronze is heartbreaking,’ Gemili said. ‘I’m just gutted. There’s more to come from me. I’m looking forward to the worlds next year.’
Bolt added: ‘There are no words to explain. Eight time Olympic Champion. The 200m means a lot more to me and I have been enjoying it.
‘But the key thing is that you guys know I won and the only thing that matters is the gold medal.
‘There is nothing else I can do. I have proven to the world that I’m the greatest. That’s what I came here for and that’s what I’ve been doing. That is why it’s my last Olympics. I can’t prove anything else.’
Supporters: The world renowned competitor takes a selfie with the crowds in the Joao Havelange stadium on Thursday

Supporters: The world renowned competitor takes a selfie with the crowds in the Joao Havelange stadium on Thursday
Showman: Bolt’s signature smile soon spread across his face as the crowd roared as he performed his lap of honour
Showman: Bolt’s signature smile soon spread across his face as the crowd roared as he performed his lap of honour
No 1: Bolt bows before the crowd fter yet another victory, even though he was initially disappointed to not break the record

He will, however, be running next year at the World Athletics Championships in London.
‘I am definitely going to run the 100m and 4x100m in London. I know my coach will try to convince me to run the 200. We will see what happens.
‘The younger kids have definitely stepped up. I have made the sport exciting, I have made people want to see the sport. I have put the sport on a different level.
‘When I went to Athens in 2004 I just went there and I didn’t go through from the first round. All I wanted to do was run the 200m and win an Olympic gold medal once. So to be the eight-time Olympic gold medalist is a big deal and I’ve worked hard to be the best.’


  1. Met she has so many people fooled! Her IG comments and twitter mentions nuh normal. People just love hype and excitement and desperately want a response from her to be in the mix. I’m convinced that’s it because people cya so fool. HA HA

    1. Mi soon drop di mate man all whey she a gwaan wid right now is lef di man going to lef har. desperate and attention starved

      1. Aunty frm 3:40 mi deh yah inuh waaaiting! As per this post i have nothing to say
        Kmttt! Me wuda like to kno if they cant see that the picture quality says its an outdated capture?! Kmt im of the impression Kasi and Bolt are no longer an item, and she cant yet come to term with the truthful reality. Closed curtain

      2. Met,

        After reading the wall with bolt and his many women, I don’t think he is even serious about the matie you will be posting later, he is just having fun. To me all of them are all foolish from lawyer to stay at home girlfriend . It’s even so more embarrassing for Kasi, bowing my head in shame.

          1. U know say me see it clear now yes I get the money part me talk bad about the legend but no secured grounded mature woman could put up with this foolishness I get why him target a certain type … Why she so desperate for attention all of a sudden .this ole picture just a circulate so worse how the man hair no stay good inna it she acting like is a magazine photoshops dem book them for

  2. Met, I was shocked when I saw the article. I think they are mash up and she is doing this as a final act of farewell. Or maybe someone in her camp contacted the papers. So she can seh she also achieve what Lubica achieve – international news. WOW!

      1. Met she seeking attention for real her bday was July 7 now last night on Facebook she apologizing to people who wished her happy bday and sorry for not replying to their comments like bitch look how long your bday gone why u never say that from when ….. No sah she a get to me now lol

  3. I saw someone from a Canadian lifestyle blog contact her on twitter asking to do a feature for a website so people are legit reaching out to her. I don’t think she sent this is in. I think people are genuinely fooled by her tweets and posts and not reading between the lines nor asking the relevant questions. People love the excitement of pinning someone to Bolt.

    1. Yes they are reaching out because she a do di background send in to the small media sites and with that excitement di bigger media houses a go reach out.

      1. I saw one huffington post I believe that bolt is dating one of Jamaicas most beautiful fashionista me a say bitch where … Yes bolt forced her to stop nyam and live on the tredmill and get her body exactly like Kirstin but kasi no beautiful to me ….2 yes she wear two nice Likkle garments but fashionista where ? …..

          1. He does me no know why she get so tiny … But she still have a fat persons face and as u can see the ears couldnt lose weight to ..

          2. That fat face isn’t going anywhere. Her mother has the same one. Genetics, she need to learn to contour

        1. No man she is beautiful not drop dead gorgeous but i’ll give her beautiful over Kristen any day everyday! Love her thick yellow skin as well.

          1. Lawd man high end clothes not necessaey to mention most things she wears looks good on her very classy unu nuhbadda guh di clothes part and looks part cuz di gyal looks good cheap clothes or not. Drag her for the liar and goodas she is but leave out her face and dressing man.be nicepeople

  4. Mi nuh Wah nuh Leo man and Fi seal Di f**y him mumma go name him St Leo …. Him hopeless ….. Wedding song #wefoundlove in a hopeless place

  5. if his mom states she hopes he settle down it means Kasi never met his mom she has no knowledge of this relationship. Botl said she was a special person in his life ..aka. she gives me daily weekly threesomes and pare freakiness weh mi like so mi cant lef r out .. dwlllll that statement doesn’t state anything set in stone .. yea they been vibin over 2 years poor Kasi ! She putting up a lot hopeshe get the ring she seeking lmaoooo cuz d minute bolt money done Olympics done retirement start no more fame kasi na go wa bolt again.. not to mention how r pikny nah go look like it born uptown cuz kasi might have a tupps a pretty hair but she anuh indian .. just light skinned.

    1. Two years since she get position but a long before that she was messing its bolt bolt never start own her up until she lost weight that’s why me say the gal obedient bad

        1. Yow I rem Kai’s no come out for bout two years just her yard to work to fit farm gym .. I guess she watch too much basketball wives while she was in the house and she got delusional somewhere along the line .. Me say bolt is like Simon says and she been wining the Simon says game with him as him say jump good gyal jump if th man say turn off your phone and no post ntn good gyal disappear …. Watch she soon disappear when him tell her to low out social media

        2. Met I know a few other girls that he is messing with been messing with but them keep them ass quiet … U rem the girl he posted when he said keeks how u so awesome inthe pool …. Well she and him been messing around for how long she did her boobs the other day .. The other girls just smarter than Kasi

  6. Not even a flattering picture. Her skin is beautiful but she looks stuffed like a chicken ready for the oven.

  7. @checkoutjamaica on IG no easy. LOL They’re in Kasi comments talking about “Big up Kasi anywhere she is. Ignore the haters!” I swear these people are secretly laughing at this girl. That comment was so unnecessary and lowkey drawing attention to the fact that she’s not at Rio. Think dem slick ha ha

    1. she is in rio dear not sure if its Rio, Brazil or Rio Cobre in St. Catherine since I haven’t seen her with bolt any at all :cool

  8. Met Mitzy was there when he 1st made history big up yourself ‘Day One’, and miss wife without the ring, fame and hype seeker was not there when him a close it out because didn’t he say this maybe his last olympics. Is Kasi a self promote she or one of her friends send that in, Kasi how you no snap how him run come hug you up after the race eeh? cuz everything yuh snap how no snaps of the Rio experience madam.

  9. Wow I follow both of them on Snap and he sure as hell looks like he want har and she look like she frighten over him so what’s the big deal @ pretty like money a how much bolt value again??

    1. Bolt snap all of the Marie maybe because me know them I can identify them ..but him play it off well or when him sober up him get up and delete them lol

      1. YUP! By early morning all the snaps are deleted. You have to ketch dem in the night. Bolt is something else Ha Ha

    2. I think he wants her… for the time being. This relationship isn’t heading towards marriage or family. He is having fun and he likes the convenience of having regular freaky sex, home cooked meals, and someone to perform all the wifey duties. Plus she allows him to do what he wants and have fun. I’m sure he likes her company as well and has a good time with her. She’s just not the one, and he’s not going to put her on the platform for the world to see her. She should def take this Olympics as a huge SIGN and stop make attention and comments draw her out to make a fool of herself.

        1. Clearly she’s not. If Kasi couldn’t fly to Rio she couldn’t fly to Panama. Just couple days ago she was busting her ass in the gym. She’s not pregnant

  10. How the hell me and my mother fly go rio to support my man and he don’t make sure I’m front and center with him family. Bolt have enough money coulda buy out an entire section to accommodate friend and family. So why wife nuh doffing with mother in law and father in law. She and har mother shoulda shame. Mi nah tell no dis fi money fame or fortune. A me say up front or nuttin. All if it sell out him better bloodclaat find space if a even inna helicopter over the fuvking stadium. Pretty with no self respect. I hope a really pregnancy and she fraud cuz no f***ng other excuse for this.

    1. First thing I read “He flew her out to the Olympics last week” All hype, no facts. People just love excitement.

          1. LOL Met you didn’t read the line about “Kasi was in Rio but could not cheer her man on at the 200m finals because she had to fly back to Jamaica for work”

            No man, Kasi you TOO GOOD!

  11. Hi Kasi, look! All th attention you wanted you finally get….for all the wrong reasons….no matter what you do we still going to laugh at you. I hope you realise is karma for how you dis the guy you were with before Usain who did a tek care of you and put you onto a certain lifestyle that finally coming back on you…t time you tek a post bout you baby, you go look into your life and pray seh yuh can save face cause pinkwall nah stop done you! If Usain go back deh him a idiot. A gal like dat will poison him and then bawl when him sick!

  12. Lol Mediatakeout said she couldn’t be in Rio for the 200M because she have to go back to work.Kasi is that you feeding MTO with lies.Met take a look at MTO ooh no sah

  13. Could not stay in RIO? Work? LMAO SHE DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!When since Panama turn Brazil hehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yo this is history .what a gyal. I never thought …kmt u can’t…no..speachless

  14. a Kasi send Mediatakeout da story de, pix the not even de pan her IG but de pan the website. where mediatakeout a get unseen pictures of Kasi Jenee Bennett from??? ey gyal u fi stop run dung fame. what a fall from grace when bolt decide se him wan sow him royal oats till him a 35. u ago siding and wait 5 years pan this man fi act right? u better hv a good exit strategy

  15. If I didn’t know just how bad Kasi was before, I know now! What a likkle girl manipulative! If not she, her damn friends. This is crazy!

    1. Mek mi copy weh d person say. see below
      on August 18, 2016 at 11:41 pm – Reply

      lololololol she is a trick a she put up usain with her plots why kirstin had to leave him I never hear kirstin mention her once and every minute kasi go to bolt and tell bolt things bout the poor girl a message her n attack her till kirstin had to call it quits with bolt then old sAdamite liar kasi went to her friends telling them how bolt called it quits with kirstin to be with her lol wen bolt was boasting to me say kirstin have a hotter body and hes confused on who to choose and he was complaining that stank pussy kasi eats alot and him have to pressure her to go gym she want the girl look small…. she wicked u f**k…. a kirstin tell bolt say too much man a look her so she don’t wah waste time-smart girl… kasi and her mother definitely a look something… a just cas me nuh wah write certain things up here but ugo better be careful of her she is very manipulative….

    1. nobody goes on media take out anymore. She nuh offical until she reach Shaderoom. And she would be a fool to go on that because I will buss every secret on there . Awhoa

          1. It sure did! It looked bad that she wasn’t in Rio, but thats not her fault. The man didn’t bring her, simple! But to create this lie, get on a plane and travel to another country to intentionally try to trick people, no man, she went wrong right there. I personally liked her and was rooting for her to make the most of her opportunity. But all of this just exposed that she’s doing things for attention and to make her relationship seem more than what it is. She’s NOT humble and has a bag ah tricks up her sleeve. Kasi, we slowly ah find you out.

          2. Di mix up a rinse and di day nuh done yet! Lord hold me cause a now it ago start dash out good! Kasi like how you and Lexi look like 2 idiot who a run backa a se a man weh nuh rate unnuh, di 2 a unnuh can guh tun BFF cause unnuh deh pan di same boat and it a sink quick!

  16. Hell no you’re not official until you’re in people magazine , Essence, on NBC, BBC, CBS TMZ ,CNN etc on the arms of Bolt then you’re official …until then u can teck several seats To di back.

    1. Thank you! Instagram shoutouts mean something and they mean NOTHING! She will get more followers and hypocrites to comment on her pictures but no real respect. She should have been right front and center at Rio and should have gotten the photo-op that Tahirah got. Damn shame

  17. Kasi a tweet out rass bout Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton email scandal. Kasi, leave Americans and their political drama alone and focus on yours. Why you telling the people lies say you were in Rio? We need answers…..

  18. my take on things

    i wouldnt assume is kasi send any media her story

    usain bolt is arguably one of the most famous men right now. so in the celebrity driven world we live in of course people want to know more about his personal life

    so the next obvious question would be who he is dating – and it takes about 2 seconds to type question on google and boom , Kasi name would come up

    I dont know her but i like her for him

    why ya’ll going so harddddd on the girl fah

    unu want usain for unu self

    if usain did want mitzy he would have her

    so clearly its HIS CHOICE to be with Kasi

    why unu cant accept that ? instead of trying to find and speculate a bunch of reasons to bring her down ?

    as usain said in an interview he wants to keep relationship on the low because she is not ready for all of the media attention

    and i agree with him – cause look at how unu a dog unu own jamaican girl

    is better he got a white bitch from LA – sounds like ya’ll would be happier then

    if she post unu say she looking attention – when she dont post unu say nuttin nah gwan fi har ! lol

    and of course usain f***g other girls – duh ! hes rich and famous – and kasi knows that

    regular man gfive bun so she cant expect or demand anything else of him

    at least he owning her up

    unu go easy and wish them well

    1. People going hard because she lied that she was on her way to Rio, before that, majority of the people were rooting for her. Were Usain owning her up she would have been in the front row with his parents and she may not have sent in anything directly but she wanted to be in because she claimed she was headed to Rio.

      1. ok well she played herself if she said she going rio and really went to panama

        but what if she did go rio for the day or 2

        we dont know the ins and outs of the people dem life

        and dem nah go come explain every little detail for john public

        maybe usain work out some business deal for her that caused her to go panama/jamaica for work

        we dont know and we nah go ever know

        i hope shes preggers for real – child support woulda set up real nice !


          1. :hammer Diff deh yah from 19 o long she just glad bolt a date a jamaican so har mind nah hold too steady

    2. I second this. I wouldn’t go so hard on her without reason. Don’t think it’s smart for her to be posting about him on sm when there’s a big ? Why she not featured in Rio.
      Is that enough to bash her though?
      If they are still together…uhm the legend wronged her and she should save face and bolt ASAP:). Still, lawks leave the girl alone nuh ! Till ya’ll can give a good reason why she deserves this.
      She is beautiful and she’s Jamaican. I don’t know anything about her character but until now I thought they, as a couple was a good look. Big up u self Kasi but save face girl..fast 🙂

  19. The first pic in the red dress not on her ig. I just checked. Kasi look the type a gyal who will tell any lie fi keep man. She insecure bad. A gwan like she a goodas. Scott leff her fi ar friend and she gwan like she did heartbroken but yet she same one turn round and recruit gyal fi 3sum so she can keep her “baby” happy. Maybe if she did a gi Scott 3sum, him woulda never leff and prolly give her ring by now. Atleast him never mind when she did fat like cow LOL

    1. well i’m sure mediatakeout reached out to her and probably wanted more info and pictures

      and wouldnt you send flattering pictures of yourself too

      the media will get any info or pictures they want of you so its best to put the “story” you want out there yourself rather then have them concoct one for you

      its called PR

      maybe she need a manager lol

      hey kasi link MET and i’ll gladly spin this whole opportunity for you

      you got the spotlight girl now run with it $$$$$

        1. LOL Dis serious! If she never so lie and manipulative I would be encouraging her to make use of the little fame and make some money from it. But she a move like a damn idiot. The Panama foolishness was a major turn off. And then to say she had to return back for work. Tsk people fi fool

        2. real diff lol

          i feel bad for her

          she cannot tame usain

          he gonna give her plenty bun, std’s and no ring

          so my advice is run with this little international attention

          make herself a brand and open a ig boutique and get her own money

          shes pretty enough for some other baller to scoop her up

          i get the feeling they broke up cause her not being in rio and these snaps are not adding up

          kasi chin up , get your hu$tle on

          1. smaddy seh she get di STD already but as mi seh Bobiesha did collect har 1/2 mil and cut and go through so she should know what time she deh pan

    2. Oh God Man, she wasn`t that fat. She had baby fat after highschool but even before bolt she was working out etc. I will give her that. Had a slip one time while with him but him stop mek her eat and she trim back down

  20. It really look a way, Mitsy deh Rio with the parents (as usual). One of the mate deh front row a watch race…and me quite sure more a dem did deh deh front and centre a watch di race!

    Kasi just come off social media, we find you out and you can’t hide…..you finally got all the attention you want! So you nah hype up pon we now!?

    1. ping PONG :hammer mi nuh know how she a go live out dis one but when she find out she bolt send she n di mate di same picho………… well she mus know by now…Kasi u cyah manage PinkWall oo :kiss

      1. Him hav dem pon di same broadcast list…suh di same good morning she get, di other 2 dozen+ get, along wid di same picture dem, same *free* Puma gears and di same trip to di Miami apartment weh everybody love pose up inna…a weak!

    2. so mitsy is in rio ? with the parents ?

      and matey deh deh too

      me like kasi i wouldnt wanna be there amoungst my sister wives neither lol

      wonder if she was on her way to rio , she and usain had argument over her mateys being there, so she just stop off a panama fi cool out , vex and go back a her yard

      who work for airline – is it the same route ? lol

      kasi please stop playing yourself, organize your pics, places, texts, screenshots and milk this shit


    3. Weh yu se ? Mizzican de a Rio …Lego mi head… Well di problem solve ….a Mitzy man …… Di Oman dede wid ar in law …. A joke dis

  21. All of this could have been avoided if she just weathered the little teasing that she wasn’t in Rio. Yea everyone expected you to be there, Kasi, but a so it go. You done know di man never go marry you and put you out there internationally. So ride it out and easy same way.

    But you see that little thing name Pride and that other little thing name Social Media…. mi fi tell you. She made her followers get to her head to feel like she had something to prove. If she google her name right now, bare slander come up.

    SMH at her :hoax2 :hoax

  22. Kasi Jenee Bennett Usain Bolt girlfriend scandal

    Do not mind me. Just upping the SEO (Search engine optimization)

  23. Now I’m here questioning if that “phone lost” drama was even real. Sounds to me she was trying to buy time to explain why she was “In Rio” and couldn’t post nuttin. She complain about the phone for a couple hours and by race start she back in Jamaica. Kasi, mi a pree you deep. Too lie man!

  24. Put joke a side everyone Usain win him change Oman …Leo’s are so neatly controlling and some strange tings turn dem off … Shi should a gwaan hide tilll dem married …

  25. Hmmmm, BET is on my news feed on fb and they put up big story bout Usain with this Girl picture and hashtag #PutARingOnit and the topic was Usain Bolt’s Girlfriend couldn’t contain Herself cheering on her bae. So who send that story into BET? What a mix up.

    1. dem a run wid dailymail ting but di way dailymail spread itself thin dem will run follow up after follow up :hammer

    2. Everyone is running with the story. It’s news right now. What an embarrassment when he drops her for someone else. I wouldn’t want all this media attention without a ring. Nothing good will come of this.

  26. Cassidy is the same thing me say, not a phone no lost 1st day you arrive phone just vanish so, and bout yuh caah get into instagram blah blah and wish yuh could a snap blah blah but braps a put up dark screen last night after mi a bleach pon yuh snaps a yuh a yuh ‘babbbbbyyyy’ liar gal that man, she just a convenient hole to relax inna when him have a mind until him find what him looking for, she no humble no matter how hard she tries to portray that she is and now pinkwall shall make her a base. a wonder if puma a pay har fi advertising cuz every step a it she inna Kasi i hope yuh getting pay differently from the few pairs a shoes, fi all the social media adverts yuh doing.

    1. I knew she was full of shit because she wasn’t there alone. She coulda borrow mummy phone and log onto snapchat and IG if so be the case. She fly back to Jamaica and buy new phone so fast right? Just in time to post a black screen, no video no pic? She’s still trying to be coy about her location. Bare lie shi a tell and its disturbing. Pathetic!

  27. Good Day Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Kasi might feel as if everybody is against her being with Ugo which is far from the truth,is your behaviour which includes lying they can’t stand.

    Now like I said before I wouldn’t go out my way to prove anything it would have to be the man who proves the world who knows him and not me,that is me and want and what it is we really have.Kasi tries outsmart ppl and ended up playing herself,she didn’t use FaceBook,Instagram or Twitter because she knows they stamp your location so because snap chat new and after your video goes up for a certain time it gets deleted she didn’t check to see that social pages with so many popularities and constant competition they all stamp your location just in case something happens police knows your location. When the story went up about her and her mom instead of private the page I would have put a pic saying “Welcome to Panama .” cause either way ppl ago talk but mek dem talk truth.

    Even the background of the pic is clearly not Brazil Stadium seat color,nor is his haircut the same and the whole stadium is full everyday no empty seats is there like that.

      1. mi suh iggy fi har mi all double write, overwrite and under write ..excuse the errors but yuh can tell seh she really dont care as long as hse is the Karruche inna Ugo life she good

  28. The girl weh name keeks is not Bolt do her breast. She been dating one a rosie ex that guy from St. Thomas name Kayon. HE freaks her out really bad, they go to parties and look for other couples to leave with and you know what! Every party he has her kissing on and grinding on other girls and videoing it! These girls are so lost! She drive a red benz, have a whole bunch a sisters and all a dem look worthless and whorish! Don’t know if keeks still inna tings with bolt but I know for sure is the Kayon guy she a role with! Bolt would also never choose keeks over Kasi. Keeks look horrible, face rough and she scrawny!

    1. Immaculate first, no one liked her she was a big bish then glenmuir. she don’t have ONE friend from highschool, not even ONE. that is very telling

  29. few a the TMZ comments,them a guh hard over there still

    Jasmine Pickett- She know dang well if he wasn’t who he was she would not be with him Isaiah Leonard

    Mike Nyamucherera -that applies to above 90% of all man who dated someone when they were already monied.

    Isatta Hadiyah -Please I’ve dated uglier and broker.

    Ryann Fennelly -Right…she is the perfect example of what money and fame can buy you.

    Amberr Lynea Maynard -Hey we aren’t snowflakes we are snow bunnies or Becky’s with the good hair, lol

    Ralphie Llamas- C’mon dude weres your class.. are you an Olympic athlete?? Act like it.

    Freddy Miguel Antonio -She look like she can take a Jamaican D lmao but real honestly if he wasn’t who he was the fastest man on the planet he wouldn’t be dating someone like that lmao

  30. No matter how many goal medal he wins, he still has poor taste in women. Looks aren’t everything and clearly he thinks light skin, small waist and a big butt on a woman is all that matters. Kasi is desperate, and not only that, she has become Jamaica’s biggest laughing stock. Which woman in her right mind would pretend to be somewhere with a man knowing she’s nowhere near the man? That in itself is a major turnoff, and I can bet you any money that Bolt is turned off from her.

  31. Unuh annoying bad!!!!! Bolt finally settle down with a jamaican girl and unuh mek it seem like a bad thing! My gosh gi har likkle breathing space man.and y’all asking why dem a mek she seem important??? Clearly she important cause since di Olympic start everyday is a new story bout kasi.

  32. No man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gal yah real man clown what a ediot. Gal yah affi go deh pan a few end a year topic met. Ediot gal fi di year.. A year’s now Mi deh pan di wall an a di fuss Mi see dis yah breed a ediotry never! I’ve neva see it An Mi see some things ova yah but dah ediot Gal yah tek di winnings. EDIOT GAL FI DI YEAR.

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