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  1. As always Saran. I guess she think she’s being “simple/ not fussy” but she looks boring bad. Kasi doesn’t know how to dress or accessorize.

    I’m glad she fired Trish on the makeup because now it looks like she actually has something on her face. The dress and shoes were very underwhelming.

  2. Shi don’t look too bad here, the filter worked overtime on her face though, they filtered one side better than the other. This look far better than the dress that she wore on the red carpet. What I noticed is that all the pics that she takes out and about is only at Cabana City or Fiction. Now post a picture of you having Christmas dinner with him and his family, then I will be impressed.

  3. What I noticed on Skkan and all those Jamaica Insta pages, everybody has the same color and same looking makeup, you’re telling me that they can’t find some other filter? Everybody look the same.

  4. Kasi is the perfect example of a desperate woman who has surrendered all of her self respect in return for a few moments on snap chat.

  5. It look boring.. if she did a go show up and show off…I would recommended a designer for the dress.. something that is show stopping….

    @Kasi you don’t work so you have time on your hands, kindly use that time to go over with a stylist things that can work for you and how to accessorise etc! You trying to be “posh” and “out there” but it not working for you!

    1. It takes money to hire a stylist and buy designer clothes and accessories and as you said she has no job.
      Looking at her wardrobe Usain is not giving her much and that’s why she’s posting old pictures.

        1. He needs to inform her to go get a job so she can buy what she wants. The dress she’s wearing don’t look bad but, I can tell by the material and the way it fits that it’s cheap.

          1. She had a nice job and lef it to be stay at home girlfriend….and she can more than make him help her star a business…..she doesn’t want to do anything and he clearly doesn’t mind….so he should be the one forking out the money to keep her looking good!
            The Instagram clothes she keep wearing really does look bad! You never really see her with “pieces that would make someone ls mother sell them” as she stated. She can do better! We floor a lot of designers in Jamaica and a lot of persons who have style who can help her out! She need to step it up!

  6. So many more beautiful and better dressed women at that party, I don’t see the hype.

    To the person who asked about Christmas pics she said on periscope that she will be spending Christmas in Trelawny so you can look for the photo with mommy and daddy Bolt.

  7. Nah lie Shamiele and Aneka’s designers dem badddd pon d scene.

    Mi nuh know but Aneka and Shamiele a crush road despite dem questionable character.

    Kasi tek a page outta dem book. Dem can dress kinda raunchy but I know Kayture and Nish can tone it down for ya for sure.

    The dress is nice though, it’s perfect for Cabana because that party is half glam- not full out. Likkle bling down the vline cudda tek it up a notch.

  8. A red lip and some nice jewelry would have set the dress off nicely. She had the right idea with the body jewelry but it was cheap and didn’t add anything to the look. Swarovski crystals would have done the trick.

    The shoes, although a BADDD shoes they really didn’t get any shine. the dress was long and she doesn’t have long legs where the dress and shoes can both stand out, respectively. Kasi, when you’re short, you can’t really wear midi length dresses. They stunt your already short legs and the shoes made you appear even shorter. The dress should have been shorter to complement that shoe.

    I don’t know why she doesn’t like earrings but that’s minor compared to the rest of the look that fell short.

    Met, any more photos from the event?

  9. @Spoon She can’t make him do anything with his money. Why should he care if she stays at home? He has money so he’s not depending on her for anything, he can buy whatever he wants. She’s the one living from hand to mouth.

    1. She stopped working to accommodate his lifestyle, suh she say….but it’s obvious she stopped working because her prefers her to be in the house at his beck and call…the only place she goes with ought him is the gym, supermarket, car wash, and to get her nails/hair done it seems…so for all those reasons, yes him should be mining her and damn good at that!

      1. She stopped working because she didn’t want to work. What does she do to accommodate his lifestyle when he leaves her behind anytime he goes out of town and much of the time when he does something locally like go to the club or opens a new restaurant.
        She was already at his beck and call not that he calls much because he seems to prefer the company of other people.
        Most of Saturday night he was with his friends Tahairi and Rene and, last night he was at another event without Kasi and someone said he didn’t pay much attention to her at the premier even though she was hanging all over him when she could. I don’t believe he asked her to quit her job or to be at his beck and call, she chose to do it because she’s not secure in her position and she assumed if the stopped working she would be the one traveling with him but, it hasn’t worked out that way. She’s still fighting for position as much as she was 2 yrs ago maybe even more now because Saturday night was not acting like she’s secure. She was acting like another groupie struggling for attention.

        1. I kno he didn’t ask her to quit…she quite on her own and used him as the excuse and has done nothing but stay home, but he doesn’t seem to mind! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation like this…and half the time he doesn’t pay her any mind…even more so when they are out, she’s always the one pushing in to get pics and in the videos….we’ve been saying for the longest while she needs to do something with her self…she said she was starting a company for however many months now and it still can’t seem to happen! She has the time on her hands to do something and just wants to do ntn! I’ve seen girls end up with money man and never work a day in their life, but at least they try and secure something for their self and they try and do a little suptn! She’s so unambitious!

  10. She never said she was going to Trelawny but I can get where the inference comes from.

    Somebody asked her if she was going to be in Old Habour for Christmas and she said she will be going to Country but somewhere on the other side of the Island. Deeep country. So people started to say Trelawny.

    :ngakak Unno mind she trick we again like how she trick wi when she go Panama and not Brazil. looooooooool :ngakak

    1. Same way she trick we and said she not going to Cabana and “will be flying out for the weekend to get away from Jamaican people.” She claimed that Jamaicans upset her because they found out where her mother works and threatened her because of Usain. But yet where was she?

      Kasi lie so much! Can’t believe a word she says.

      1. Why Kasi suh lie AN WICKED, why would anyone want to hurt her mother because of Usain, after a nuh har mother and Usain deh, bout flying out for weekend, you can go nowhere if your slave master doesn’t approve it and you can’t miss the chance to go to Cabana because that is one of the few times you get to be seen with Usain and to get a new pic. Careful how yuh diss Jamaicans, because yuh “uptown” yuh think that yuh not Jamaican. Yuh not even hot, a because yuh deh wid Usain mek people a hype yuh up. Wait till Usain lef yuh, you say you are opening a marketing company, who’s product and services are you planning to market? That’s right, we same Jamaicans that you say you have to get away from. Yuh hype and nuh have nutten more than nubaddy else. Talk to wi when Usain buy yuh house, land, business and good clothes and jewellery, as someone said up top, you’re a basic brown gal.

        1. Met this really needs more people. Please do a new post. I heard her say it on periscope but can anyone actually confirm that someone went to her mother’s job an threaten the lady because of Bolt? Who could so wicked?

          1. Met please put this at the top of the page, because I have things to say about this, shi too wicked and lie.

      2. She was asked if she would be going to Cabana city. She said no because she is not into Jamaicans right now and she don’t care to be around or see us. She said she don’t care if she is seen at another event, to how she vex. People kept asking what Jamaicans do her and she said someone found out where her mother works, went to her job and threatened her. “All because of the person I’m dating” she said. She said her mother was very upset and crying and she is fed up with Jamaicans so she’s flying out. Someone asked if she told Usain about the incident and she said no.

        1. A when since Jamaicans tun psychos? Dat neva ina it tell har dont tell no lie pan di people dem because if someone went up to har madda job till har madda all a bawl y di mother neve call police? Try again Kasi dat neva enter ina it

          1. Sounds like she was setting up an excuse in case Usain went to Cabana City without her this year.

      1. Nope. She was saying she was going to plan a meet and greet with her “fans” in Mobay after Christmas because she’ll be close by. She didn’t say Trelawny but it was clear by her speech. Kasi think she slick. She know why she went on periscope talking all this shit. It’s to get people talking. I used to feel bad when she gets dragged on here but no more. She lies and seeks the attention.

        1. Auntie Met, I would really like to see who is going to show up to meet the infamous Kasi Bennett aka First Lady. She favor poop!

        2. If someone really went to her mother’s job to threaten her mother over Usain why is Kasi still on social media broadcasting her every move when it comes to Usain? I wanna know if Usain still believes her or if he’s caught on?

          I saw her on Usain’s snap talking about how everyone wanna see her and how she’s the
          “first lady” and the best as if Usain didn’t post some other girls on his snap the night before.

  11. Kmt when I’m dressed up, face is beat and hair is done…I look better than Kasi.

    Her look was whack, she needs to give Giuseppe their shoes back, bodychain looked cheap AF and skaan posted a pic of her fixing his tie but his entire suit was loose fitting and big on him so she shuda fix that too since she “didn’t come to play with u hoes”

    Bitch u been playing. Bye

  12. Mi say. She did deh allllll over him snap a throw words bout I know y’all wanna see me. And HAR ugly mop head friend deh in a di background bout First Lady and these things n a hug n a kiss n I’m like you extra dum because bolt a Mek sure him gi u dah timr yah cause come next weekend a it dat!! She in a di cyar a hype seh she get the Likkle buddy weh everybody a get! N he left some money like weh him do every Gyal!
    She look slow and sound slow!!

    Kasi is the typical 1 cute chick outta di group weh in a silent competition wid HAR friend dem. Cause HAR bestie hair did stay bad n not to mention di dress n di boot! Mi put on my friend dem Suh we can mash up road together.

  13. Kasi need to hire richrush to help her I’m the fashion department , it will be a win win for both since rush want to be in that “crowd” and kasi need the help on choosing the right pieces,she too boring and predictable.I saw how she was behaving on bolts snap that night and was dying because she was mad excited to finally leave the house lmao she just sad and her hypocritical friend a hype her up foh stop hype for the common dick babe ain’t nothing exclusive!

  14. There’s no meet and greet. She just wanted a reason to broadcast she may be in Trelawny, same way asked where to buy a formal dress to broadcast she was going to the premier, and the vacation she advertised for months.

  15. kasi and yendi know each other ?

    this remind of when yendi was exalting herself with chino and end up embarrassed

    but she has since put forth a better image and we have forgotten

    kasi – hire yendi for PR and rich rush for STYLING and shamilee for F**NG usain night time when you tired

  16. She Nuh look 4bad yasso still…. But all when yuh dress look white a bloodclaat black Fi me….. Mi Nuh like yuh nor (di ppl man usain) him coulda win 100 gold Fi Jamaica mi spirit Nuh Tek yuh dutty pic deml

  17. Any body see Gabby cause mi run chooo an mi Nuh see a comment…. Damn an I came here just to hear what you were going to say….Cho bloodclaat Gabby weh yuh deh????

  18. This girl is so overhyped. She goes all out to look s basic anyway. She only snaps when she’s with usain or if she is in his vehicle, its sad and pathetic if you ask me

  19. If that really happened to her mother, why didn’t her mom call the cops and why was she happy and giddy on his snap throwing words and happy to be going to the place where she said she doesn’t feel like going? She’s a pathological liar and she lies all the time to get sympathy from people and Usain. Why didn’t she tell Usain about it? She’s taking tips from her idols the Kardashians on how to extend their 15 minutes, by lying all the time. But I blame Usain for unleashing this Jezebel on us, I can’t believe a top man like Bolt could really try wife a gal dat f@@k him bredda.

    1. If it really happened she made sure Usain found out about it, believe that. She wouldn’t miss an opportunity to guilt trip him into giving her attention.

  20. I believe what the person say above that she made up that story as an excuse for not going to Cabana City in case Bolt said he wasn’t going with her. She got her clearance so all is well lol Mommy alrite now


  22. The shoes she’s wearing are knock off Giuseppe’s. Kasi got those at Aliexpress probably for less than $50 USD.

  23. I actually liked her dress and its not cheap, well to me it’s not. Someone tagged the designer and I looked it up the dress is bout $500 USD which might be cheap if you dating a millionaire lol. But my only critique is that it should have been hemmed a bit because of her height. Also those bright blue cruel summer Giuseppe, which by the way is tacky to me now, should not have been her pick. It took away from the dress and the color made it look worse.

  24. She is definitely reading JMG because she just dadh up pictures of the outfit all of a sudden. Dress is too long and as one comment said the blue shoes was random af lmao Not just because it’s Giuseppe means it fi wear wid everything

  25. The cruel summers was a hot ass mess especially the blue ones
    If you were going for elegant what about the gold
    Or even the black or the black & gold or even the
    500 us & still look tacky
    Usain mouth & arm did look well FROWSY in the
    Snaps what a bwoy annoying man!!!
    Classy event n this man was sweating profusely!!!!!
    Disgusted to the MAXXXX
    I don’t kno what Kasi running down

  26. But in all honesty its like the dress was wearing her and she have di nerve to write caption bout class in session lmaooo yeah okay I think I’ll skip this one

  27. Exactly class in session fi who? When there were so many better dressed females there. The shoes were a no no for me

  28. This girl need to chill. Meet and greet who? Kasi the only reason you have so much followers is because people waan fass inna you business .

    She so fool, if bolt never a f&$$k these girls and give dem hype nobody couldn’t step to you. Open relationship or not , tell you man to put some respect on your name

  29. :bingung :bingung :bingung :bingung :bingung Class in session where???? Bitch where??? :bingung :bingung :ngakak :ngakak bitch you tried it and you failed. Hire Alldolledup(shawna) next time.

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