Kelly Upsetter stop bad up urself me done say wah me a say already d dress nuh tan good pan u cause d belly n d side a push out. U and u low life friend dahlia stay very bad. D 2 a unno look d worst a d party … How unno say unno hot and a upset ppl and unno a wear one another Bridget slippers? See dahlia deh Inna d same Bridget weh u just get fi u birthday. Girl stop hype and come defend it. Cause u a talk a bagga things on ur page. Me anuh fb bad gyal



  1. None a di upsetters never look good. Me wonder a which church dem was going. Dahlia stay bad and sour kerry stay bad. Kelly i love your dress but it really never set good pon u

  2. Kelly still a BBC win unu too badmind man leave people make them strive Kelly slay this look some a unu weh a talk can’t afford nothing on har dats y Jamaica can’t better me did want Matthew come u see cz some gal house top a get tek BBC way and a chat ppl me hate unu unu too badmine Kelly mad them you money talk let some dirty girl kiss u azz god bless you slay this..

    1. Go suck yu fadda! Jamaica can’t better cause you alive. Die bitch! Die!

      Yu fat friend dress nice don’t mean she should a wear it and that next bitch a pressure de cut away like machine press!

      “…keep us free from evil powers…” People a talk bout a frock and it turn into “why Jamaica can’t better” and a chat bout hurricane should a destroy!!!!go hang yu BBC self demon!!!!!

      One less evil power! Tek yu mouth off a Jamaica! Foreign ago see god face fuss remember dat BBC! Which part you see Jamaica enslave nobody, manufacturer weapons and start war?! Go kill you BBC self!

      Ova BBC clothes you a wish destruction pon me BBC birth land and home…?! Unnu a get from bad to worst.

      Like clothes and a plane ride mek unu think unnu more than….try again demon whores :hoax2

      Good day to who gives a phuck :kiss

  3. I can never understand why when persons express their opinion they are badmind. Irrespective of whether Kelly has money or not the fact of the matter is that certain outfits does not compliment her body type.

  4. It is badmind smh just read what the sender wrote sound of badmind yes everyone has their own view and opinion but this is just badmind I think she slayed this.

  5. All a the upsetter them look good in there way the gyal them a mek progress weh uno a do kill chinell upsetter dead she look good she shape like dolphin stay bad no rass wid old clothes store it have all right fi lock she stay bad no rasss how uno no send in she weh f**k all dog dwrl

  6. Sender nothing dont wrong with the dress its the hair that spoil the look.had she worn a curly hair and a nicer pair of earrings it would a shot the real way.i dont like what the frnd wore she coulda mek something look better.

  7. Kelly never look good she too fat and cnt dress her hair no look good she need a makeover how u say u got and no tan good

  8. The friends of her doesn’t look good they all should have wore something better but nothing isn’t wrong with kelly sender stop hating on the girl and chinell never look good fi true.. Smh so it go when unu hate people

  9. Anybody who don’t know who Kelly is wouldn’t recognize her as the bday lady,she never stand out,the hair was a messs real mess,them a talk bout money,no matter how expensive it wah be wear something that suit u shape,she a act like she av coco cola bottle shape.since u rich then,u should make a statement is u bday good god Mon.all them hiprocrits that a full up u head bout u look nice is something them a look.cause that dress especially the hair nuh do nothing fi u big whale body…

    1. she shape like a pan a crisco oil!

      From the top of the head to the blue column and brick floor no tan good.

  10. Kelly a win and innna easter she trust the girl hair and could not pay for it oh please rich where????. Kelly fi stop tek Mr. Ken’s money and mine Bajan cah God ago beat har fi it. Yuh know yuh only with the man through she a milk him fi use the venue fi get a change and fi keep round robins. Kelly yuh si stop it.
    I give yuh a medal though cah how you lie down with that Walrus looking man Mr. Ken is beyond me. Yuh constitution very strong.

  11. yh this dont look good, Kelly always a wear so me dress weh a highlight har big gut. Stick to baby doll dresses. She really looks sweaty, probably this was at the end of the party

  12. Done say what me have to say already Mr/Mrs phantom who nu like it BBC drop a BC sleep or find me and tump me INA me mouth comment na go no where Kelly a you still a BC win.. A bayyy me comment bun some a unu doe del me na comment again unu want me address and number fi meet me and beat me let me know..

    1. With that hood rat name me sure you no hard fi find base on the company you defending; trust and believe me can handle all tings war like :travel you nu worth my wrath beyond this site…

    1. It’s HER bitch, run go fix dat! Mathew a blow and since you de a foreign run out mek it blow whey you evil existence!

      I gives a billion f**ks about you hoes, therefore me born bbc “fix” and eva bloodcla##t ready fi when unu come my way.

      You bitches reach a foreign and think unnu superior to whence unnu cometh…nah bitch cause all when unnu rotten dung to grung science ago say a Jamaica unuu hail from!

      But, there are thousands like me ready fi defend and honor it to de death. Go suck big gal and choke pon har dress since a it you a defend. Walk good bitch and know yu destination :army:

  13. Kelly always wear nice clothes but never look good in them. Sorry but its the truth, some people just cant look good no matter how hard they try

  14. Ntn nuh wrong wid the dress or how she look in it. Uno can’t see another woman progress and nuh chat. Gyal dress expensive hair expensive too and in the same breath she still try keep it simple. Unuh fi gweh man uno a some dutty germs a germs alone see good things and try infect it. Leggo duty bungle

  15. Dwrcl upsetter’s uno still winning cause uno a still hot topic no sah MI loike it if uno no hot them nah go talk bout uno keep killing them I love u girl uno a deal with progress nd a it a kill the f**a them a bayyyyyý

  16. I think kelly looked fabulous…. she’s a trying girl.. and I admire her ambition. Very humbled and friendly she nuh gwan like she better than nobody like some a dem dutty dancehall gal deh weh don’t even have a job. Big up uself kelly! Ano everybody a go like u mumma.

  17. Im sorry but kimari jolly you shouldn’t wear dress nor heels mama cause u look like a man and shape like a man…if i looked like you I’d have died from self esteem issues. I always admired Kelly, saw her in person at bagwhite cookout January and she seem pretty humble and cool when compared to the other bread crumbs that was in attendance.
    Shes clearly comfortable in her own skin and im sure she can afford lipo and bbl. Suh you battyman looking kimari jolly please, drink some bleach, pray and gwaan go sleep foreva.

  18. Fi real Shamiele did wore it better I never like how di strap make it look cheap and it just never compliment her body I’m sorry but it’s the truth and wrong hair do for that fifty grand dolla dress hell no, but she gave Ken a little spot light living her double standard life well honestly I could count the real look good fashion at that party but she need fi do better with having two man and not even trying to hide it get some class and respect nobody nah hate pon har is the truth

  19. Banja y u no mek yuh lowlife gyal dem come off a kelly back look how di gyal look good in her dress unu f**g badmind rass di gyal thick and look good weh unu waan she do look suck out like shamielle not a ting dont do her dress kelly ayuh apple batty di bitch dem hate yuh fah. Tell dem fi tek di boy cause u no want him. Him a crosses day in day out him gyal dem tek a set pon u ano u mek him love u. She caan help it. Yuh dress affi 60000 natz seh yuh hair affi 74000 134000 dat aready kell mind dem kill u me a pray fi yuh girl dats y mi leggo dancehall. Dem no like wen u a prosper not a ting no do yuh u shape so good and u shape real yuh skin flawless no donkey bite no deh pon u f**k those bitches.a better u did stick to yuh overseas designer anyting local a crosses yuh use to yuh 150000 dress dem

  20. Nothing is wrong with being nice but you all hypocrite not telling di gal fi stop f**k pon Ken Uno stay really bad but karma is a bitch but Uno wait pon it god nah like ugly she a use di man fi tec care of the crosses as your hypocrite fren Dem claim all who claim ppl a hate Uno fi stop it becuz she Don’t have nothing that nobody cyaan have

  21. But kimari weh a top suthermite weh a look a f**k off a kelly yuh black and ugly yuh dont look good di whole a waterford know seh yuh mouth stink and yuh pussy stink. And her frens and others weh a comment weh affi hide behind di pinkwall caaaaaan walk in a kelly shoes no time. Di gyal stay real bloodcloth good and her life well sort out. And unu no look good nor have shit in a unu battyole unu f**g fool. Upset dem kelly dont stop u a kill dem

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