“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore is completely fed up with Porsha Williams’ violent BS — at least that’s how she sounded on the 911 call she placed … moments after Porsha allegedly attacked her.

You can practically feel Kenya rolling her eyes as she grudgingly answers the emergency dispatcher’s questions on the phone, deadpanning, “I’ve just been assaulted.” She also goes into more detail about the attack on the call.

As we reported, Porsha and Kenya exploded on each other last Thursday during the taping of the “RHOA” reunion special.

The tone of Kenya’s voice tells the entire story.

0 thoughts on “KENYA CALLED 911

  1. Metty good morn! Bitch porsha, should a knock har teeth them out. Kenya u r a bitch u tormented that girl y u no go get u miss Lawrence fi come defend u bitch silent river runs deep u thought porshsa was a push over bet u r ur colleagues don’t f**k with her ever again.

  2. Mawning Metsy metters
    Mi say Porsha did a half way job she should have punched that BETCH inna har mouth meck she couldn’t even tawk fi call 911
    Di one Kenya gwaan like she bad when Phaedra tell her she was gonna fuxx her up she bawl out “oh no u won’t be doing that” cause she know Phaedra have har law practice n business fi protect so see don’t have r give a fuxx Porsha mash har up deh I wishhhhhhhhh I was there cause all now mi woulda deh a grung a laugh my ass off

  3. Mi seh mi neva happy soh yet fi somebody get dem ass kick, i can’t stan a bone inna kenya, she always a mek trouble wid ppl bet she calm har ass dung now

  4. I’m not understanding why Kenya is the bitch a she a carry the show, Porsha admitted on television she married a man who has been rumored to be gay and set out o change his reputation. She then get upset that Kenya tell her back exactly what she admitted to, mi nah tek up fi no gal who thinks the underground railroad involved an actual train, who run go rent out how much bedroom house while going though divorce proceedings and seems to possess a streak of laziness and entitlement.

  5. same so @anon….sounds like Kenya set it up fi get rid of her. Kenya is a shit starter…but fi some reason mi like her. As for porsha, watching is like frying my brain cells, time for her to disappear…bye bitch!!!!

  6. I was shocked to hear the 911 operator ask if the person who hit her black or hispanic.. so someone white could not hit her?

  7. And yes Kenya deserved it. She love push people buttons and when the tables turns shea victim.. I pray they don’t fire Porsha.

  8. suh white ppl nuh lick ppl to operator?????? eeee???? but i dont think anything came out of it becah the day after porsha did deh a kandi bachelorette party sooo i dunoo…

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