1. Hairdresser shop still a laugh? @whenagalpuuscstink you feel hypothetical? :ngakak :ngakak silly hoes trix are for hoes.

    Met dem nah nu mugshot? The stink mouth one you usually run would do well because it mek me kin ova all de time :hammer

  2. Me too can’t believe her age. How in the world do you pronounce her last name? Kerry you are old looking yo!

  3. Yes for the blogger who did run come blog bout she in hairdresser shop on Nasty white plains road and everyone in there laughing at Met website cause the donkey teeth gal was not in Jail or she never did get lock up where are you? What a people them good? :ngakak

  4. Farquharson???? Dat sound middle eastern….coulda sworn her last name was Sewell….kerry who yuh marry fi papers????

  5. Farquharson Georgia????? Name ugly just like her mouth. Lmfaooo. If this donkey was born in 1984 shes only 32. And look so tuff. But then again it doesn’t surprise me. All her crosses and sin dem telling on her. Thats why she look like that

  6. Theft at LF: The manager of the LF Store on Boniface Circle called police when a witness told her that she saw a customer stuffing black leather shorts into her jacket. The suspect then left the store with her two companions without paying for the shorts. Police arrived and found the woman crouched next to her white Audi that was parked in front of Weber Art on Boniface Circle. She was emptying the merchandise from her coat and putting it into the front seat of her car. She then walked around the car and put another piece of merchandise next to the tire of a Toyota Suburban that was parked to the left of the Audi. When the three women noticed the police they broke into a run toward Spencer Place. Additional police units were summoned and the women were stopped on Harwood Court at Spencer Place.

    The suspect was identified as Georgia Farquharson and she was placed under arrest and taken to the police station. The stolen items were recovered and included two pair of black leather shorts, valued at $312 each and a black leather vest with a price tag of $348.00. The two companions were released and the defendant was arraigned before Judge Galloway who set a court date for 1/20 and let her go

  7. :ngakak :malu :ngakak : :ngakak :ngakak her age ???? Me think the gal about 60 har name ugly just like har big mouth :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :malu :ngakak

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