0 thoughts on “MS LOU DO ONE MORE VIDEO

  1. Yes met ….It look like the rest nuh know how Fi trace !!!! Every time dem a beef a Miss Lou cuss Fi dem ..Lol

  2. If that was my city, they been call the cops and said a mad lady outside. You would see how fast ambulance and police come scrape har off the road :ngakak Mi cuss too if me pissed off but fi go outside go behave so in front the neighbors, me nah do. Dem gal yah a mad patients

  3. Crab inna barrel. Look how these grown ass women with daughters behaving on a public street and posting it on social media! A so unnu really ago live unnu life till unno dead a merica? Food stamp, welfare, theifing clothes and credit card fi showoff pon oda careless dancehall ppl? What about getting a JOB?!!

  4. Them gal ya a toilet paper from swell Kerry to lean leather face thieving Apple hippo Lou whole fu$$k a dem need fi flush tired a these leaches no good wukleess crosses gal dem. you swell Kerry u going get a assing u never c it coming until it connected you. Met big up! Yawdy big up! Cita big up!! :batabig :batabig

  5. Birds of a feather flock together . You can’t expect any better from miss Lou. The all a them so hype and a swipe EBT card. Miss Lou u mouth a spring water like pop chow if a so it spell. U shaking you head like u have parkinson pls mind you drop down.

  6. Why every time a she affi a cuss fi them she don’t have no class,miss Lou go an sit u big mouth ass down shape bad like but I guess u have to be doing it because a you getKerry an apple wear an left red bottoms so u of to be doing this all the time for them damn germs

    1. ohhhhh I dont know dese people oo…mi neva know dat ooo
      den she really a talk bout har mother who a 64 n have woman? noh soh dese people :top

  7. Me can’t bother a Rass dwl . I had to listen more than once to really hear if a that the gyal say

  8. Sad bloodclatt.Case Inna America all dem careless gal need fi go get a job to be tired at night go to sleep to go work tomorrow n stop live affi mi rass tax money.

  9. Whea shi say wi follow dem and buy di clothes and return dem back,so how some people say dem nuh wear pup in a and sweat in a is a good thing I’m nuh buy expensive clothes cause me da wear Apple and Kerry dem pup in a

  10. Me tink dat any ooman, or man, dat trace look fool fool. The only one who can trace and mek me laff is Mumma Blacks and Battyman. What a real class act.

  11. Something jus flash cross mi head..She say har mother a 64 so likkle Miss mother is 64?? How old is Likkle Miss?

  12. same suh they don’t work they are waste of time they are here how long same shit different days and when dem see you a hard working citizen dem a look pon you dirty and Tru you not wearing DEm brand dem a seh you not hot gal r you nuh hot and all the brand dem so call a wear dem still don’t look we have bills to pay we don’t wait for that date to check ebt card r mail and unnuh a hot gal lol don’t unnuh see only dance hall man a lone f**k unnuh you think a decent 9to5 man a look pon unnuh kmt unnuh a tek up space go see a where some a unnuh live and an come from a ja unuh cah do no better kids come live what they learn and see sad.

  13. Omg! Mi just ask sumady fi miss Lou, long time Mi nuh see or here nutten since she run left Palm Beach gone back a New York

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