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  1. real poor people food that low the gal. If yuh neva eat dumplin and butter yuh really nuh know bout ghetta life… Big up every ghetto person who guh thru and dont forget way them come from

    1. Oh shut ur shit up we all have nyam dumpling n butta it’s not wat she a eat is the 1/2lbs of butter pon di 2 ova night dumpling dem when around sekkle pon har chest give har heart attack a dat we a tawk bout n fi she eat 2 dumpling that big bredda deh har man goodas all eat 8 kmdt, that’s not healthy she fi do betta man

      1. :ngakak
        HI met! CHUET!!! truth is so elusive now a days, lol
        Some people really make ghetto life unbearable in speech, lol damn well and know in ghetto life that is a WEEK worth a rass butta pon dem ugly ass, bad color dumplings that may feed up to 6 kids, lololol

          1. I don’t mess with those things like that, but gi me some curry gravy and me good 🙂
            Me remember one time me and me best friend hungry and a curry we use mek gravy fi eat wid some tight flour dumpling…

        1. PP honey mi nah try to b elusive honey just really busy a try get some things in place fora big change so all mi honey Yeppie mi see hail me n it was too late when mi answer man but mad love still I’m here but haffi move fast lol

          1. I didn’t hail you so you must have me confused with someone else sweetie….you throwing shade boo boo? :nerd…but since you make it ah point tuh try an call me out…hi!!! 🙂 🙂 …*keep this in mind for future references…dont eva send of me lessen I call of ya sweetie* :beer: :beer:

          2. Yuh an yuh likkle clique BETTA try miss me wid unu shade ah fake bullshit, cause as mi dun seh, mi nuh want it fe cause nuh problems pan di lady site suh yuh gwaan one side miss ma’am :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer ..*no tea, no shade…just keeping MY shit very real all day every day* :bola, :travel

          3. Nuh di Blogger TAWKCHUET ah try throw shade my way, and she and I both know EXACTLY why she doing it too :hammer :hammer :hammer ..ah try play like she bloodclaat slick ana come fimi ah try single mi out ana call up mi name bout mi hail ar and she missed it cause she busy…BITCH TAWKCHUET, look how long now mi nuh hail yuh fe avoid drama HIM ah try cause and yuh like ah dummy, bit tha bait and fell right into his trap :ngakak :ngakak…TAWKCHUET, don’t try mi gal cause he already had his Mexican babymadda come dimi and I had tuh class that ass up reeeaaaal good and he been ah call up your name fe sexual intentions and what him ah plan fe yuh, suh nuh come dimi cause mi run dat long time an mi ah run you too cause yuh seem like one ah dem eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeediat bloodclaat gal weh love man drama…and I am NOT tha one….run along likkle gal ah guh fine smaddy yuh size ah age fe ramp wid…FOOL!! :bola, :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

          4. yawdy, fe future purposes, mi politely asking TAWKCHUET fe miss mi wid ar fakeness and bypass mi like she nuh si mi, cause any shot she fire, mi ah fire right back, ah mi naah miss needa…mi ah try keep di peace pan di lady nice nice site suh dat’s why mi nuh parlay wid certain bloggers cause dem sneakin BAAAD!! *and love chat baad bout Metty site, but yet, siddung roun ya ah laugh up inna di lady face when dem dun tell mi seh dem doe like ar *one ah TAWKCHUET fren dun tell mi dat*…mi LOVE Metty an ar site suh mi nuh hab nuh reason fe two face di lady, suh TAWKCHUET an ar bad mine ferns dem onya B.E.T.T.A M.I.S.S.M.E.W.I.D.D.A.B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T!!!!!!!! :ngakak

          5. But Ive said to you many times that what people say don’t bother me . In fact people are entitled to their own opinions. This with Chuet is uncalled for you are going overboard

          6. No Metty, I am NOT going overboard…like I said and i’ll say it again…she betta miss me wid ar bullshit cause I have not addressed her on ANYTHING and she is trying her best tuh throw digs…@Chuetty, girl gone now *inna mi best AT-alien voice* :ngakak

          7. Den chuet nuh comment one time and gone from morning, you responded once she nuh say nothing because she isn’t on and u keep going on and on all for what?

          8. Okay Yeppy mi see weh yuh ah come from. Anyway, as Metty seh mek we get back tuh di business of :ngakak all day long. Unno nuh badda duh nut’n fi shet dung di site cah mi woulda miss JMG like how Dovey woulda miss di pound ah butta pon di two stiff ill-shaped bad-color dumpling dem :ngakak :ngakak

          9. Flour cheap suh Dovey can mek plenty more wheel barrow dumplin :ngakak..mi deh pan good behavior from now on, Scouts’ honor :ngakak

    mi naylee choke pan mi wata crackas…. noo sah ..wid dat mawnin plate u will have high blood pressure & diabetes to worry about too.

  3. Gross, juss a plate a carbs, not even likkle callaloo. What’s up wid dese ppl and di paper plate ting, dem nuh hab china?

  4. Dovey is a big dutty hypocrite gyal bout dumpling and butter .KMFT a who she a try fool with you having man and the amount a dick weh you suck and ppl weh you beg money and show weh u do fi free and Party weh you HOST you have little money to buy food > food that look presentable and would have some nourishment to your big fat sour body. Some callaloo or something , a long time ppl stop eat dumplin and butter. That will clog your arteries.

    1. Dovey is an attention seeking MORON!!!…yes Dovey, you are a moron…dis ah di same person weh claims she ah housewife living comfortably, she ah get paid fe duh ex amount ah stage shows yawd and abroad, bitch get foodstamps and sell them *yes Dovey, yuh big friend dem weh yuh guh duh yuh hair ah dem shop talk it from dem owna mout seh yuh always ah try pay fe yuh hair do’s dem wid foodstamps*, yuh buy hoo much expensive present fe yuh son ah Christmas time, ALWAYS ah walk ah beg people free food, HAVE MAN…yet still yuh wa try pop style like yuh deh ah suffa ah nyaam dumplin ah butta when yuh ah pose like yuh ah rich bitch house wife living comfortably????….guuuuuurrrrrlllllll bye, cause one thing I cant stand is ah fake ass sometime-ish two faced bitch, and Dovey, you are one of them…if you go keep shit real, keep it real all tha time…nuh di odds day yuh een have chest compression or some shit like dat an dem haffe rush yuh gaha hospital??…suh now docta dutty cause him ah try save yuh life???…gwaan nyaam yuhself tuh death den…

      1. :hammer…she duh one jump up n’ split di odds day inna club…mi seh di whole rawse place echo ah tremble same time…

        1. No YAwdy lol..she get ah likkle forward from some people and others laughed dey asses off..worse ah board stage suh dat mutha echoed reeeeeaaaaaalllll loud :ngakak

  5. people don’t pay dovey no mine. dis bitchh is one bipolar attention seeking beggy beggy crevin bang belly gal that will say and do anything for attention. she sick dog tumuck ole vomit. dovey know she suppose to lose weight but yet still she get up everyday and nyaam like dere is no end in sight. dovey go gym and workout and turn round same time and eat one bag a shit and then complain. dovey we all know is attention you looking so get a fuqqing life already and stop waste people time. follow doctors orders or shut the fuqq up whiney little bitch.

  6. dovey yuh cuda tip likkle vinegar inna de pot wata fi kip de food dem color as is from yuh c dis dumplin yuh knw de banana dem if any well black tuh..yuh hand heavy bad man

  7. Oh Please KMFT unnu a gwan like say unnu nuh nyam worse dan that. Like unnu live pon salad without dressing.. People nuh nyam that everyday. I bet if a eclair or some bullshit that come from some high end bakery with 500000 calorie you same hypocrites a talk bout unnu go there too. Sick stomach

    1. Oh please, ano dat some ah wi ah try fe seh…mi personally know Dovey and she flip flop worse dan fish inna sea…one minute she complain bout ar weight, ailing health condition as per doctor’s diagnosis, she deh ah gym ah try lose weight, she deh pan diet…and den di next minute she tun roun ah nyaam fry foods, ah drink bare heavy liquor ana complain bout ar basically she resorting back tuh her unhealthy eating habits which is what put ar inna di dicta predicament she inna..inna di first place…I have personally had many close calls miself wid very poor eating habits til I had tuh make ah complete 360 change inna mi diet suh mi know what time it is…mi hard head BAAAAADDDDDD!!!…mi wi git up ah nyaam junk food fe breakfast, lunch ah dinner til mi reach ah docta office ah di docta give mi ultimatum…str88en up yuh eating habits or dead!!…all dem ah try reason wid mi, mi still nuh wa listen til mi family dem fall mi gaha docta one day ah mi si di tears inna dem eyes ah beg mi fi start eat betta, and that is when I realized that I was not only living for myself, but for others who love me and need me…Dovey have ah handsome and sweet likkle son fe live fa, if not fe arself…HE LOVES HER DEARLY AND NEEDS HER AROUND SO SHE NEEDA STOP ACTING LIKE AH SELFISH PRICK AND CHANGE HER VERY POOR EATING HABITS…Dovey, yuh need fe stop live to eat and start eat to live…plain and simple!!!…

    2. mumma, me one use tuh siddung ah nyaam off ah whole box ah Krispy Kreme donuts *12 count* by miself…til it ketch up wid mi ah land mi inna docta’s office…i’m almost certain everybody onya can tell yuh bout what dem use tuh do which caused them tuh make ah positive change inna dem lifestyle…Dovey needs tuh do the same and stop complain every raws minute…hush up now lol…

  8. if she lose 13 pound in 18 days obviously she nuh eat that everyday.. Now the superfast weight loss is more of a shocker than the dumpling and butter. If she did have cornbeef, dytty gal or them thing de same shit as the butter full of salt and preservative.

  9. I removed the comment. As long as you have been here you have never seen anyone curse and get personal here. Chuet spoke, she don’t know you ask her before u make assumptions about what she does not know. Enough mixup is posted here daily so drama in between that is not tolerated in any form.

    1. She betta leave me tha hell alone and NOT come for me in any way, shape or form….Play stupid if ya’ll want, but I know what time it is and she and whomever else, need tuh bypass me with the childishness and pettiness. I don’t need their attention and won’t single out ANYONE for any particular reason unless it is ah board topic, so TAWKCHUET needs tuh do tha same and NOT single me out and call up my name…when last mi hail ar up??…LONG TIME!!!…and for ah particular reason *and she knows good n’ damn well what I’m talking about cause he called up her name with 3 other bloggers*, so whatever he said tuh her because I’ve cut him off, don’t try tuh have TAWKCHUET tuh do his dirty work for him…my birthday pass di otha day and she was on here and didn’t say ah damn thang LOL *I stop hailing her long before that*, so now all of ah sudden she ah come talk bout her honey Yeppie hail ar di otha day…*TAWKCHUET*, girl bye!!..keep it moving cause I only speak when I’m spoken tuh and you and I have nothing further tuh discuss cause ah problems ya look wid mi an mi nuh eena it wid you nor nuhbody else…you been blogging long enough tuh know that about me, so stop throwing shots cause I will load up n’ fire back, please believe that!!! :ngakak :ngakak

    2. Trust mi Metty, is not assumptions, its FACTS…but as long as dem know mi know what time it is…mi ago dun it right ya suh cause dem nuh relevant enough fimi continue on and on…attention unu did want, ya’ll got it, suh now mi done!! :beer:

    3. I’m so confused because Yep is someone I always converse with here n say my niceties to so how shade n fren drop een.
      Mi is a girl whey fi di pass 10 yrs only have 2 female friends n because mi no mix n mingle so WTF is Yep tawking bout don’t like site n shit I have so much things fi do if I don’t like anything ova here I would just excuse my fuxxing self so really whey u deh pon kmft

      1. Chuet u know mi jus go read u comment to see what Yep is talking and I saw that you said nothing a whey di rass really a gwaan

  10. Mi a ded wit laff cause anon commenti tell Anon shut the shit up then PP say to me that I’m elusive these days I’m guessing it’s where I come comment m by the time one of u all say something back to me I’m gone n don’t see comment until hours after I then took the time to say I’ve been mad busy n sorry n hail Yep cause while back I remember her saying something which I didn’t answer back ok
    Now to the BD part I don’t know Yep BD n if I where check back if I was here when it was said I would surely wish har HBD but mi not even memba my owna BD all di man whey mi deh wid BD mi no memba so again wat is Yep on about,
    I will say this mi a big woman n if u ain’t my friend already chances r u won’t so nobody caa get me fi argue with nobody wat I do know I would not go off on any regular blogger over here just by assumption mi make sure check before my brain chip so u see this whey gwaan wit is so fuxxed up n downright stupid I’m just gonna leave it so words which cannot be taken back r spoken PEACE OUT YEP!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We’ll just leave it as ah mis-understanding, but mi prefa leave it just the way it is, just for PEACE SAKE, ok?!…ok :2thumbup

      1. I NEVER came on this site thinking I’m gonna gain friends because logically speaking n thinking we r all anonymous to each other so………
        Matter of fact NO ONE woke me up I’m just settling into my house after getting up at 4:30 am to go to the gym this morning then got to work at 7:30 make my daily commute reach home prepare a quick dinner for my MAN who I have been wit for the past 8 yrs took a shower n come over here thank u very much n BYE!!!

  11. Di girl wack yuh fuc all she do a scream and tru she wack she haffi cuss bey badwud fi get a likkle fawud..unu si har a run cross di stage mi seh dis big asss ooman a hold on pon ar big chess she betta tek heed an start tek care ar self…she cyan dj so she cuss an gwan like she a gangsta…di ppl dem a di show was like get this fattt bitchhhh off di stage or unu gimi wi money back…neva again..

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