0 thoughts on “KETCH HAR MOUT TUH NUH

  1. You do care nd you are bothered cause yuh run guh mek ah next video, suh ooo ah watch ooo??…why yuh nuh come address the commentator on ya weh rinse yuh fuhcking dutty file ah talk seh yuh abandon yuh pickney, since ya hot raasclaat gal??…why yuh mumma deh yawd ah suffa like daaaaawg, ms. hot gal?…gitcha self all tha way RIGHT , wheel ah come again before yuh come try style anyone ah wi onya…

  2. Use di straw guh labba juice yuh mumma, bout yuh belly full :ngakak..fullup ah pumpum discharge, gweh!! :bola :bola :bola :bola

  3. Look like she use har foot put on lipstick and what kinda old gal style that sunglasses on top of wig…my mother might still do that but you so call Hot gal fava fart!

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