Met tonight (monday) was the premier of Atlanta exes. Starring tori hart (Kevin ex), Tamika (usher ex), Monyetta Shaw (neyo ex), Christina Johnson (ceelo ex), and some other chick.. I know that Kevin and neeki suppose to live them lives and isn’t expected to live accordingScreenshot_2014-08-18-21-30-08-Optimized to spear tori’s feelings but did they really have to get engaged the same night of the premier. Metters doh badda cuss mi but dem coulda wait. I understand it was neeki birthday and he maybe wanted to do it then but bowy mi feel it fi har. What a way to give it to Ur ex Lol
Anyway.. Congrats are in order, a she get d ring!

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  1. mi did sorry fi tori last night when mi see her a cry she held him down when he had nothing… such is life its unfair…. congrats i heard the soon to be mrs hart is Jamaican

  2. Morning MEt , I hope in life me r my daughter when she gets big encounter men like these…Very good comedian but an n ungrateful asshole, never watch his EX show but all this seem planned to deflect n to hurt his EX, but a 1 ting me kno is KARMA IS A WHORE n it must ketchup pon KEVIN HART – I use to cheer for the girl n say a true she a Jamaican dem no like her but when me read n do me searchin n find out how she did mashup d ppl dem life OMG!!!! it sad bad cause my friend did the same to me MET n all now me a recover dem hurt de tek years n I vow that the same hurt whe a girl put me through I WILL NEVER DO IT TO ANOTHER trust me

    1. Good morning, if she is dating someone now it is disrespectful for her to be crying etc. It is a lesson in life to everyone…do not do anything for anyone that u cant afford to lose…dont give yourself if u cant afford to lose it..dont give ur all to is a lesson

        1. She is already on to the next so the tears now is because of her ego…as much as she thought she held him down he must have been responsible for a greater portion of his own success, she has to stop the bitterness.

          1. He is giving her good money, happiness is found within , if she wants recognition and respect for her relationship with his she was living vicariously through him..She needs to find herself she is lost..We cant make anyone respect or recognize us..We can love ourselves and respect ourselves

  3. This lady need to let go seerusly if it’s anything I hate its weakness if it wasn’t this chick it would b another it’s hard but let go cause him done gone all time smh

  4. It’s cute he proposed on her birthday which happened to be on the day the show premiers.. He could’ve announced/posted it couple hrs later.. I think he’s corny and lame for that. Neeki how u get them is how u lose them but then again it’s Kevin he probably can’t get another chick like u is y he so love struck. As for miss tori it’s time to get over it but I understand when someone else is benefiting the fruits frm Ur labor! It gots to hurt. Especially that much fruit. That nigga is a millionaire! Smh she Betta flip that and make her name in hollywood

    1. We can’t assume that he was thinking about the premier of her show when he proposed. He moved on and should not have to worry abut her feelings when proposing to his new love. I missed some parts of the show last night but i’m assuming his new girl was a friend of his ex wife. If she was I hope he do her the same way. But again there is nothing wrong with him proposing to the new girl on her birthday. Hs focus should be on his new woman not his ex. I don’t think he should do things to hurt her on purpose but a birthday proposal is a good idea.

  5. When I watched Atlanta Ex’s last nite, naan lie…I felt bad for her when she had the confessional with Celo’s ex-wife…but what I don’t like is that she seems to be the type that loves to muscle people around and throw orders and demands around as if…she may have held Kevin down when he had nothing, but she seems to want to take all the credit for the hard work this man had to put in to make him the superstar that he is today..she is also a lil bully (i.e like when she and Tracey Steele rolled up in Tameka’s charity auction in honor of her deceased son)…Tracey, for you to be one of the top radio personalities in Atlanta, you showed out last night *and please don’t take that as compliment* …you and Kevin’s ex-wife do have a lot in common…two ah unu love war ova man and y’all both have a thing for/against Jamaicans *Tracey Steele’s baby daddy is also Jamaican..Chris Brown’s d.j-Baby Drew*

      1. Chuetty, and you can’t tell her that she ain’t uptown neither. Drew don’t want her and has made it VERY clear to her*both on and off camera* and whenever she si the man ah move on with him life ana date, she wa runeen pa people like ah she name bull buck…came to the lady’s charity event *UNINVITED* and showed the fuhck out!!..she need to learn to pick and choose her battles *wisely*

    1. @Yep I agree with you 100%. I feel like Tori is more hurt over the fact that Kevin is till with Eniko. She hates the fact that he is parading her all over town and enjoying the fruits of what she says is a part of her labor. Tori makes it seems as if Kevin didn’t have to kick down doors also. Yes she was there from the very beginning and held him down, but she should try and move on. They’ve been divorced for a year and a half and broken up for about 6 years now. Like Chuety sey if it wasn’t Eniko it would have been another chick. Maybe Eniko gives him what he wants. Maybe she takes better care of him more than Tori did. Maybe she’s more compassionate than Tori. Tori is telling her side for us to take her side. But we don’t know the full 100%. I felt bad for her last night, but she seems bitter and very bitter at that.

  6. DJ baby drew.. Chris Brown’s ex DJ is america.. He is not Jamaican.. Tracey is Jamaican, although she was born here she was brought up in an all full blown Jamaican household. She’s the first generation to born so she is very much Jamaican..

    1. Well, he lied to the producers of LHHA because he did state that he was Jamaican and tracey neva mentioned that she was Jamaican

  7. Seriously though Kevin and his ex have been divorced for so long. Kevin and Eniko or whatever she name have been dating for quite some time. If him feel seh is time fi pop di question so let it be. It’s time for all parties to move on with their lives.
    Now for the ex wife, Kevin isn’t coming back, he never did and never will. It’s been 7 years or more. I do believe that you’re hurt and it has happened to so many of us women but it’s time to move forward. Close this chapter and look ahead. There is somebody out there for you, somebody who will love and cherish you like you deserve.
    Congrats to Kevin and Eniko.

  8. Good morning Met & Metter!
    I feel… if any of us were His ex-wife… We’d all feel differently. Yes she should move on but the fact that this girl he cheated with is still with him and even worse… Around her children has to be eating her up inside. I think if he left Eniko and was with someone else… Her reaction would’ve been different.
    To each his own… If I became rich… I’d want my old flame with me! You just never know if Eniko is with him just for his money. I somehow don’t think she would look his way if he was a typical Joe Shmo.
    It’s like some women who mine their man knowing the man would not b there if they weren’t “kept men.” I want someone to love me for me…not what I can give / do for them…J/S!!!!

  9. what is wrong with people it was neeki bday the man nor neeki doe c torrei she keeps taking shot n him answer her a long time! the show is pre recorded n she have a new man frm wen weh she a diss d man n a bawl fah ? all him fi lef her! so kevin n neeki fi put dem happiness n excitement on hold fi plz her? sender u soun ver tupid (stupid) im sure kevin prolly didnt knw n if he knew him fi celebrate neeki ,torrei days dun him doe owe har nuttin n wah him owe har ,him paying her …she gets no pity…as met said if it wasnt neeki it wud b sum1 else!she need fi find har self n stop take for granted wat her current man doing ….stop ride d man coat tails hims ay gluck to u already n him say sorry fi d hurt ,n him say yuh neva get bun wid neeki was smadi else,n him admit n ya get money wah more yuh wah gal? leave dem alone cho

  10. n anoda ting torrei plz to leggo yuh name ,atleast tina turner had a reason to keep hers …leggo d name man kmt cho a neeki own soon to be !sas crise ..yuh beating a dead horse …him nah cum bk n if him lef neeki him still nah cum bk ..yrs later yuh still a pay attention to weh d man a do !it bun is a shame

  11. me say met,it burn me enuh !bcuz the women doing the uproar is speaking from a hurt place with chip on dem shoulders…now d oman tht him lay wit him fi diss fi smadi weh him leggo?lets say him do dat,dem wuda laugh at neeki n say him still love torrie is like dem cyah b plz!let go n let god …the only ppl coming b4 neeki are his kids END OF STORY !

  12. yes met she is very pretty …she cn do so much other stuff y tlk abt him n her y nt decline ?she wants to be seen thats y and thats y i cnt feel sorry for her cuz she seem gold diggin too…one good cry n tlk was all she cudve said n done or nt mention it at all!she seem messy bout she feel now she cn b frens with “that woman” like wah d hell?

  13. I can only speak for myself, I was speaking in general regarding the situation NOT the actual engagement or timing of!!!! The idea of being with someone that is already taken!
    Not everyone is speaking from a place of hurt caz my family is still together and if I am being cheated on… I’m not AWARE of it.
    Some people can never understand a situation unless they r in it while others can. Thank God… It’s freedom of speech cah some peeple ah tek it personal. Just my opinion… Like ASSHOLES… Everyone has one!!!

  14. I think it has zero to do with the money or time invested but more to do with the fact that she genuinely loved and cared for this man and then the minute things changed in his life he became more inclined to leave her behind. Now that’s a hard pill to swallow and a hard thing to move pass, seven years or not, especially with children involved. Any woman would feel slighted! And what’s worse is his new boo wouldn’t have given him a second look if he wasn’t who he is today! Not saying she don’t love him now but its still all very convenient.

    1. It is but 6 years later is enough. It has more to do with ego now on her end, yes u love the person but the person does not love u anymore…time to turn a new page and start doing her

      1. Easier said than done especially if she doesn’t know her worth outside of him. And she’s never going to celebrate his success until she come to peace with everything and find success in her own life. I guess I sympathize with her because I know that sometimes when you give love you believe with everything in you that its being returned. You expect him to treat you the way you treat him and its a big blow when you find out that’s not the case. But you’re right maybe its an ego thing too cause worse matey winning, him winning, she stuck and there seem to be no retribution in sight. Me feel it fi har, me nah lie. She need Jesus fi tru!

        1. Well das y mi say she may have been secretly jealous of him and no its not easy but it is doable . She is sitting back waiting for karma to visit but karma doesn’t thread on bitterness . I can empathize with her because I have been there but no man is going to make me bitter for the rest of my life when there is a bigger force than him out there. She found the spotlight quick to vent her anger after how many years, this is what she has always wanted but not giving thought to her kids seeing this. I have no pity for her truly. When Brittany Spears did tek over di girl man and the girl did pregnant she kept smiling and never said a bad word..Who won in the end? and who got the last laugh???

    2. The way the exwife bitter it leaves one to question the love she had because a cudden love at all. Each time he makes a hit , each time he climbs higher her ego is hurt more because she is thinking that she should be enjoying it and to date I dont think she went through anything worse than that basket baller’s wife who took him in when he was down,her mom took him in and then he made it seem as if they didnt have a true relaltionship. Kevin’s ex need Jesus

    3. Den wha hurt mi is how she talk bout she did waa beat di girl..These women will stay with these men when dem a cheat and he sure was but it is ok as long as him come home. When dem cheat and find someone whey dem love more then there is a big issue . She herself may have been jealous of his success because till not she cant find a place in her heart to celebrate it and her raw emotions couldnt have won him back then,worse now.

      1. Met oo, u nuh hear seh love nice but it hurt dah she mussi a feel suh she love till it tun innah bittah hate…fine love between love and hate chile very fine loine

        1. Tinan if she so bitter how does she mother her children? because dem feva kevin..Di girl him engaged to very brave because i couldnt have stayed with that kind of energy on me at all

          1. Mi nuh know,mi nuh know mi know u nuh Met, but wah mi know is dah sometimes dah bittaness spew ovah pan di pickney dem ovahtime, sprecially wen dem favor di source a di bittaness, a hope to God is not so, caz di poor innocent ting dem nevah ask fi dem be dem a sad situation all di way around and di one dem weh always a suffah a di pickney dem. Di new Ms Hart to be, mi tink she know how fi angle harself caz she deh deh goodwhile now,if it nuh bruk har it wi mek har,but mi wouldn’t want to be innah dah drama deh no sah if mi want misery mi can do it all by myself don’t need anyone’s help. Hope dem grow up both of dem and put dem differences aside if only fi dem children.

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