1. Time to move on sister, keep pushing it and a judge will see u slandering him and u will get a quarter of what ur getting or him getting full custody and u go homeless…..Hmmmmm does D-Wade come to mind?….

  2. Dese people tek social media fi joke. Dem fail fi realize dat once dem tings deh done it cannot be undone. It gwine com back an bit dem inna dem :kacau:

  3. Sulfer bitters much? DWLN All these years and still she bitta. How can she have a man and have this thought pattern going so strongly?

    Relationships aren’t always meant till death and I strongly feel she is BITTER because he has all that money and she isn’t in charge…plain and simple.

      1. Hey Ladies…the flour dumpling, yam and banana would a walk all up inna har. True de girl quiet she think she can pounce pon har? lolol

        1. choo she nah hype she tink se she soft…di girl has never said anything about her in public she too brite man

          1. Me ago watch the show…cause that will be the main theme..Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!…lol

          2. We a nuh boxing champ because all yankee do a jump roun and box but she betta nuh mek di gyal grab a piece a board and beat har clatt..mi nah watch nothing she too greedy and a run dung fame

          3. a di quiet 1 dem deadly mek she tan deh, she never hear d saying weh seh “silent river run deep”????

          1. Met, me we tell yu how it go cause a yu mek me even know sey show ago de bout. JMG TO DE WORLD!…lol.

            Me just want fi hear how she rally de rest dem fi sympatize wid har and see whey she and Tamankina a war fah…lol I believe it will be a show of scorned women? lolol

  4. Big up yuhself Kevin Hart…Exemplary role model of what a real father and dad is and should be..financially, physically and emotionally…LOVE what Kevin Hart said, “I ignore negativity, being bitter & angry will get u know where”…wish them all the best….

  5. Oh wow. As she said she never talked about it before. Some people deal with pain and hurt differently. She is now voicing out and I feel it for her. She was there from start and to see him with the woman you cheated with must be hard. She will eventually have to come to grips and move on though. She need strength to push forward. Hopefully she gets the help that she needs.

    1. She talk about it whenever a camera de on pon har. Often times sex wasn’t the start of the new relationship, but the other partner realizing that he/she wants to move on. YOU CANNOT stop that if that is the mindset of the other person.

      Money a fi har problem. She iterates how she was there from his $5 a hour job, and he remembers that too by making sure she isn’t without…she fi move on…quietly.

    2. AGREED!!! Until u walk a mile in her shoes… U shouldn’t judge! Don’t get how we can b so quick to write off MATEY but b so accepting of this situation. Although I may not approve of how she goes about expressing her pain… She has all right to address it.

      1. She did it for publicity , she said the relatioship was dying and blah blah..why isnt she angry at her exhusband?

  6. Eniko still a hurt up yuh head woman, she must hate jamaicans doh lol, it’s been too long let go now plus u have boyfriend, a wonda how dat man feel wit yuh still mourning ova kevin hart. Yuh betta settle fi the money ur getting before yuh too greedy and go push yuh luck den the judge reduce it

  7. Get even baby, he is not a fiddy or a D-Wade….Just be mutual like Toya Wright (Wayne ex wife) and u will get what u want, even wedding paid for with u new man.Silly bird

  8. Yow, if me a get $20,000 a month inna support payments, mi tek dat and easy miself. Nuff women did dey dey fe dem man from day one, until the table turn. M’Dear mi know it hurt, but hush. Life goes on. Kevin’s ex – wife is very pretty. She can always get anadda man. There are more fishes in the sea.

    1. Yes she is and to me even more pretty than the new girl but maybe choo she lose di weight and a look good a doe know……she need fi stop ride di girl baxide now and stick wid di new man she have

  9. Torrei? girl it hurts but hush, sometimes when you hit rock bottom you just have to bounce right up, you cant let that keep you down, obviously you have not gotten over the pain of losing him, and although you are in a relationship with someone else, and he has moved on, deep down you havent, you just need to let go. After 6 yrs, its obvious that you still harbour hateful feelings for the woman who stole your problems, but look at it this way, she has the man, but you have 2 beautiful kids for him, which I am sure at some point or another she must have wished that those kids belong to her, or that one day she will bear a child for him, sometimes although your time with the man has ended, just the memory of the Ex still makes them feel threatened. It makes no sense forcing someone to love you, its best to move on and find love elsewhere. I wish you luck in laying your feelings for kevin to rest and finding true love.

    1. She just a pretend..she has a man so she a disrespect the other man by carrying around this baggage

      1. Exactly! If she does have a man in her life as she claim, her actions will only show that the obvious is true, she is still in love with her Ex and only using him as a rebound . Y would I want to be with someone who doesnt want to be with me? Yes, she stuck with him through the sugar and water days and the rough times, and now that he has gained stardom has left her for someone else, but its his choice, she should just allow karma/faith and destiny to do their work. Life have a way of giving you back what you put in, who knows, maybe Eniko just might dish him dirt when she finds someone with a bigger net worth. But from what Im getting regardless of his cheating, I think Kevin is a decent guy, and I think he handled the situation like a true gentleman!!!!!!

  10. A stole ur man, mi waan type and a stole ur problems mi type instead, :ngakak a tell yuh, a really problem she stole fi tru, cauz mi nah tell nuh lie, sometime yuh better wid out a man, but Torrei what Im trying to say is; Sometimes d more yuh fight, a d stronger them get, if you just let dem do their time unperturbed you’ll be surprised how soon they break up, thats if….. its not meant to be, so live your life and let them live theirs… Reflect upon your present blessings – your kids, and not your past- your Ex. If for some reason you need to reminiscing on the good times you both had, then you have a memory no one can steal, but life as you knew it with Kevin is no more, so brush yourself off, click your heels, hold your head high and move on, because punching the woman in the face would be senseless, that would be like a child fighting over a toy that does not belong to them. I know it hurts when you see his new girl with your kids, but that is because you still care about him, release yourself of those feelings for your Ex and you will see that you will be more acceptable to the fact, as long as she is not doing anything to harm your kids, or not being a bad influence to them then you can let down your guard, it makes no sense with ensnaring yourself with ill feelings towards this woman when she is not even worried the least bit about you, and you do not even exist in her world…….. :hoax2

  11. OK d girl borrow Ur man but it was Kevin’s decision to stay/to be kept.. Move on it don’t look good to string this out. I know Ur on a new reality show and have to keep up a storyline but just low d argument.. I know it hurt to see another women enjoy Ur fruits of labor but u’ll be OK..

    But Kevin ain’t easy he say he’s doing more of what been ordered by the cour smh they’re Ur kids idiot

  12. Met by July over ya tun up & tun over . It’s now a secret for suzie Q but mr spanner banner left clean clean & she don’t want no body know . Him sey she flop him carrier & he’s not a taxie driver he can’t stay focus to write his new songs she too nagging woooo met wait u soon hear the new clear video alley top news right now she crying & begging wait my love is a champing stuck . Warning warning

      1. But a whey di bombooooo :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer hurry up n send the tory oooooooo no sah a dis woulda meck mi bawl n say dere is God ooooooooo lmaoooooooo

  13. I think dh emore hurt cause d girl a Jamaican!!! me go pon her insta page n see her a slander d girl say all Jamaican women good fa is fi tell lies fi money… She mad cause d girl look better dan her n she fail fi understand say Kevin move on me kno it hurts but whe she rather do mek herself look shame???

  14. I truly understand where the wife is coming from, and this is coming from someone who is not married. People clueless how cheating and a marriage breakup affects the partner on the receiving end, especially someone who was in their marriage for the til death do us part, sometimes that pain never goes away from what I have noticed. But all me know, if the wife is telling the truth, di seeds wah sow must bring harvest one day weh di planter must reap. Ain’t not a man greater dan God in dis life, all it teck is time fi prove it.

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