1. lawwdd Geeze haters a try rattle the lovely lady!!Suck unno Mumma till she dry out Haterz n hop off the Yardie!!

  2. I’m happy for keyshia!! With are without Gucci keyshia would be ok, these hateful Jamaicans fail to understand keyshia is a go getter! Look how much years Gucci was in jail and when him come out him money tun up! Apple,Kerry,VEN and the rest of careless Jamaicans can never be compared to keyshia! If jay icon go prison right now and leave apple with one million dollars in less than a month it done,Apple would a live in a shelter because she wouldn’t have the sense to FLIP THE MONEY! Jamaican people need fi leave the girl and make she prosper! Big up yourself keyshia Ke’ior Davis who god bless no man curse!

  3. I feel like they pick on her because she’s Jamaican for real. Everybody talking about these so called children and nobody has ever seen them, nobody can provide evidence. Nobody cared when he was fat and crawny.

  4. :hoax2 CHO MI VEXX!! She shudda neva give relevance where there is none! Nicki Minaj is the “bestest” you not getting more than one check off my name….your assumption nah go no further!! NO REPLY FI DEM!


  5. Mimi the post is about Keisha, why u bringing up apple and the rest of them, no sah. Dam…leave the people dem alone now man, how dem come in a Dis. And why mi feel u a one a di careless Jamaican u talking about.

    1. Dirty bitch Apple Kerry are man tea bag ven! Mi call anybody name I feel like on any post met put up! Uno same one did say met bias because she never did a done KEISHA! “But if it was apple,Kerry VEN are Nichole met would a dun them!!! Bitch only time mi mix with Jamaican a when mi come on pink wall!

  6. After a nuh Jamaican a attack Keisha a Di dutty American dem weh nuh man nah wife up a try look fi dirt pon di girl… One thing wid Jamaican we know how fi hold man

  7. Well her kids must be here with her, bc she neva say she dont have kids. But she say she dont have a sister. Her bi is her own. Jamaican or American, tht just how ppl are when your doing you.

  8. I knew she didn’t have kids in Jamaica but she never denied having kids like how she stated that she doesn’t have a sister

  9. She has a son in Jamaica people read what she said she don’t ha e 3 kids in Jamaica it’s only one and it’s a boy. No he wasn’t at the wedding he’s still in Ja, she is just like most yard gyal love hide them kids too much bitch u have money spend some in ur child

    1. If you go on Keyshia’s page you will see that she shares her wealth with all the family members that she chooses to post. There is no way that she doesn’t take care of her children. Unfortunately, this is just the start because im certain that TMZ is investigating her past right now.

    2. Where is the proof of a child in Jamaica? What’s his name? Where does he live? Who is his father? Let me guess you heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend. You’re ready to slander somebody like it’s true.

  10. I saw the article on this site years ago……saying she left her kids in Jamaica. Stop making this about a yankee said it……..naw a hater said it. And I saw it here first! A Jamaican ran site. Americans love Keyshia

  11. @Florida you took the words out my mouth… Every time I see something in any comments section about this woman it is written in our dialect. The word and the dash out plus tone always sound like is one of our very own started this about her “tree yep tree unwanted kids” dat shi run wey leff. I am not sure if it started here first because I saw it online under certain posts before it surfaced or was confirmed here. If we are the ones giving it momentum it was only a matter of time whomever from all over that do not like her for whatever reason was surely going to pick it up and run with it too. Before that I always heard people admiring her for standing by her man while incarcerated, as well as being a go getter… I’m old school see me and none ah my sista dem ah cuss nuh get involve we wi tun pan yuh, but mi naw run nuh private news tuh di world bout family. It grieve mi soul when every baddie jump pan ah yaady mi vex, especially when dem not breaking the law. Cho!

  12. Hello Hello dis need di whole a jamaica crowd….. Keysha Wey di picney dem dehhhhh?????????? she look fairly young suh a couldnt grown grown picney dem deh…..see chu mi fasss like 10 battymen mi just go look pan har page :nerd and not one picney all har niece she post :rolleyes: suh where are the picney’s Dis need a interview cause ano now mi a hear bout dem pickney here…… an nobody cyaaaah see dem :nerd No Man!!! sumbaddie muss did deh a di wedding an see di picney dem…. cause a wedding dat yuh picney dem muss be deh dere. Rass!! all beyonce and har daughter deh pan di page.

      1. Pitcheary! mi energy sense yuh. Yuh couldn’t wait fi run up :ngakak :ngakak mi touch a nerve good gyal 🙂 a Suh di duppy dem teach mi fi hit nail pan head yuh luddy.
        Come again goodie cause all when mi sense it mi tink a sumting spicy mi excited fi come :rolleyes: den mi see seh a dis. Kmt wey di picney dem deh?????

        1. Lol a your nerves touch madd gyal. You eva wah si ppl pickney ole pedo. The blood of Jesus gainst yuh and yuh pedo friends.

  13. Mimi u just jealous of the girls dem, cause this post have nothing to do with them. And don’t call me a bitch, bitch. Stop act like u bad, I will woop your f**king ass, u ass. Don’t get hurt over this internet bullshit, OK? OK.

    1. Lol if I laugh I dead!! Jealous of who????!!! Any day you bunch of dancehall careless gal show me a deed to a house then we can have a conversation! As for now go sit your ass somewhere! Sorry the word is whoop not “woop” f**king dancehall dunce bat!! Apple your kids them going to suffer because you don’t want jay give him daughter anything you f**king selfish bitch! Nah too dis Kerry always like her…. As fi man tea bag ven go whoop your boy toy ass!

  14. But what would be the problem if she had 3 children in Jamaica. They could be well cared for children living in Jamaica because she just didn’t want them in the crazy life of hip hop/stardum America. Not everyone push their children in the limelight of things.

    1. Cause she self made against all odds here in amerikka.

      Unu leave the gyal and har kids alone! All if a Jamaica dem de dem nah beg you joncrows nothing!

  15. Kmt there is no problem that she has kids. I think the big question people is asking why she don’t say nothing in regards to them… just as she does her mother and her niece and new found friends. She is from Jamaica right or wrong.. so that’s why the speculation of the kids been left in Jamaica. If you want to be in the public eye then expect anything, nothing to do with hate or badmind.
    I personally wouldn’t say she is a celebrity, she was with a man who did what most rapppers do drink drug sex etc.. let’s no forget she was a stripper, so I guess it goes hand in hand… both past not the greatest. But it’s funny how these same Jamaicans cuss everyone about how dem dutty tru dem pass, but certain people get a pass cause dem have money….. again let’s not forget she flipped his mill whilst he was locked up, which is a plus on her part as it shows she is still a hustler… but I’m sure if most women was given a million to flip they would do the same. You all acting like what there doing/did ain’t been done before, I never seen anything at the wedding that ain’t been done before. Follow a few of the wedding accounts on instagram

  16. Look how much celebrity have kids and you neva know until they die. What if she wants to keep their lives private? What if she is protecting them from all the horrible things that you same people that demonizing her will say about them? It could also be kids she used to take care of or “adopted” like many Jamaicans do. People talk with so much conviction, unoo must be one of the said pickney dem she nah acknowledge.

  17. It’s her life and she can share any portion of it she pleases. Some a unu gwaan like the lady owe unu anything…..please!!!While you’re busy trying to figure her out she’s making money moves…yall (the speculating ones) should try doing that. You’d be filthy rich! smh

  18. There are a lot of us from Miami who know the truth, we know the children and there fathers and we choose not to post or engage in these conversations because we know and respect Keyshia and her journey and struggles. We should understand that her keeping her kids from the spotlight is more to protect them, there is a lot of back of forth but two of her kids ( daughter and son were in her wedding). I am very happy for them both and this too will pass.

    1. I am still trying to figure out why the girl kids a bother some bitta betty.

      Something telling me is the father (s) senda trying to highlight and a use sykes. It can’t be Keyshia life story because her mives didn’t fail her or the kids. Senda did a share hood wid Dior and it still bitta.

      1. A same thing mi di a did think to mi myself, worst it’s was a wedding that was televised the father of the child or children could easy well seh him nuh want him pickney pon nuh TV. Furthermore it can be some bitter ex or friend a try dim the girl light. Where were you all when she neva a live the good life? Bad mind mi nuh know how dem dweet.

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