1. First off congratulations to Keyshia cuz you’re my new screensaver pon all my devices. Yes we keep hearing that reading is fundamental but even more important must be comprehension!! What’s the point in read a read a go whey suh n yuh fish understand one fart u reading!!?? Anyone with minimal comprehension skills MUST see that the sister is being gracious and magnanimous!!

    Sender how u get that the sister vex.. The bitter part of the bittersweet reference is solely based on her sadness for the strained relationship n not being invited to the wedding…not a vexation vibes,certainly not in her post.Sometimes unno stir up unnecessary vibes n tension sender n unno must stop it.

  2. her kids wasn’t either only one though, the beautiful lil girl dior, wonder why the other pickney dem couldn’t fly up, gucci kids weren’t there as well. well now you will finally become a US citizen and can now send for all ya peoples dem. nothing surprised me with dat floridian.

  3. So you already knew she was getting married and that you were watching it on tv but you wanna make out like you’re shocked she wasn’t inviting you??!? Anything for some fame huh… husha TANYA u to bad mind.

  4. Den a wah mek she couldn’t deh deh…. she look nice still naaaaaa hate pan mi ppl dem nontall worst if she cop a yankee smaddy fi all tek dem money yes goodie dweet. But a wah mek ur wedding affi air pan bet dem neva have nothing else schedule?? a di fuss mi see dem dweet still das why mi a ask still..chu it puzzle mi a wah suh special good gyal? Mi neva watch it still cause time limited…. Go chu still.

  5. From what i have heard and see Keisha hasn’t invited most off her family to her stardom wedding. Beautiful but it were too dry plain and dry for me all the hype for nothing !

  6. She aint your real sister why dont u tell dem the truth? U threatened to kill her, you stole n stuff sis foh be honest

    1. Oh sh*t you maybe unto something. I was wondering why back in the day Keyshia’s brother would refer to Tanya as his wife and flirt with her. Keyshia always post her mom and Tanya does not. Maybe just ex bffs then.

  7. This has been going on for months now and it show me say Keyshia is a cold ass b*tch. Tanya said it was over a stupid argument but she hasn’t said about what. When Gucci was locked up, they were inseparable. Her celebrity friends were invited but not her sister?
    That wedding naw fool me. There is something that don’t sit right about Gucci, Keyshia and the tacky TV wedding.

  8. Met, it’s more than that. Before Gucci came out the girl was there for Keyshia…as soon as Gucci come out blammm she drop her. However the sister shouldn’t feel anyway about the wedding because this wedding is for the likes not the love. It was beautiful but it seemed to lacked the “genuine family vibes.” Didn’t like how she walked by herself, she couldn’t find at least one uncle or something to give her away. Then again what do I know, I can’t even afford her jewelry headpiece much less the dress or cake or to have even been invited. :ngakak :ngakak

  9. Apparently they married a while back now, this wedding was just for TV they have a reality show about to start…so she could afford to go OTTTTTTT, cause it was more n less paid for by BET. Keyshia is ghetto fabulous ppl role model, she have the best of the best when it comes to materialism..She looked just as I thought she would look, all 3 dresses were very nice, she looked stunning…

    With regards to the “sister”, she is looking attention…ppl saying leave her alone, then Y she keep posting, if she nuh want ppl give their opinion.

    If it is her biological sister there must be family members she could reach out too, who could mediate between the two.

  10. If you and your so call sister don’t talk why take it to social media? Those people don’t care anything about you or your family issues. The only thing it does is cause humiliation. It’s not going to make anybody talk back to you. Nobody knew it from her that she didn’t talk to you anymore. Tanya and her loose mouth put it out there.

  11. Her kids was there her son and daughter the light skin son and his big sister uron children she had with him they was there even on snap and Dior was dancing with Gucci !! Now she and Tanya thing does not add up only that some theft identity was being used etc but we will never know as it’s 3 sides too the story ! Keyshia kids has always been well taken care of she just don’t want them in the limelight and they are very close to them father and family . I hope Tanya and keyshia work out cause they where very close not keyshia is very selfish and only wants to be the one to win or look good she has done bad ways from the thieving Days !

  12. Yes Marie! I agree but will reserve comments because I’ll be branded a hater. And dry fi true @ Anon 2:26 pm.

  13. I don’t see why the outburst. Most sources say dem been married already and this one is just for the business side, so was she at the real wedding, the one that mattered? No matter what me and my sister have not an outsider could ever know, not even other relatives. This remind me of Oprah and her junkie sister, soon as Oprah made it all the fambly business come out fi meck a money fi guh buy drugs. If you love your sister as you claims then why you have to put out anything public out there about her. Some a unno style of expressing love is too strange.

  14. Gucci and Keyisha got married from last year in a simple wedding, this was just for the public. And ntn nuh wrong, a suh star ting guh. A nuff family memba me nah invite a my wedding if it should happen soon so im not gonna judge.

  15. This was a made for T.V event. I wish they aired the drama leading up to the event vs the wedding and then the drama. The wedding lack chemistry and she seem upset. The kiss was lame. I loved their look but the event was boring.
    The kids must be her storyline for her upcoming reality show. Who did the interview discussing her kids? Why is her sister posting her kids all of sudden? Where was his kids and family? I don’t recall seeing any of her family as well. I will definitely watch again, maybe I missed something.

  16. No envy heard it’s not easy dealing with that husband Gucci head no good . Remember people Gucci is known as a mad man hope he stays on his meads . I guess she already knows what comes with the glitters Trina them all knew that yankee boy straight crazy behind the glitter my husbandddddddddd !

  17. In fact I think the whole drama ting mek up for the show, thsts how to generate interest..the Sister drama is a storyline for season 1..and so will the kids be. They need the show not to flop like chyna n Rob.

  18. When they said their vows,
    The pastor referred to her as “keyshia kaior” that suggests to me that it was not a real wedding. Is there no some sort of law that means they have use real names when become legally binding? I don’t know about USA laws on marriage so I’m just asking…

    1. A wedding is just a ceremony. You can say anything you want it doesn’t affect the marriage. What makes you marriage is when you go down to a courthouse and register yourself as a married couple.

    1. I know all too well but more importantly I know when Met is commenting in the body of the story and when it’s the sender.Met uses Cap locks,hence we know it was the sender saying Keyshia’sister vex with her. I have a fair idea when a caption is all of Met’s doing or when she uses what sender says.

      Here’s a good example, I send in stuff captioned “in defense of Apple”..Met uses the caption but u can bet the farm that Met is NOT defending Princess Apple in that regards n context of whatever I wrote. We all kool still so bless up.

  19. She may have changed her name to Keyshia Kaior. I noticed that as well but that’s what I think. Afterall that’s her business name so she may as well have changed hers to that.

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