Blo**ot never see come see you the girl sign with Gucci all of the bag fake what it’s yOur concern ? You have fake hair fake breast fake marriage fake fi get green card but a worry bout a Yankee !!! Designer a go kill yuh sooner than later ! Me seh a one kick me would a kick har see how she and the ugly like sin and eye big like bulb ! Why ugly people give so much trouble god

36 thoughts on “KFAB YUH BETTA HOLD IT

  1. Kfab is NOT ugly n it’s actually a compliment to compare her to Trina who is pretty fly sexy AF!!!Kfab is a real deal fashionista ,so I’m wondering if is really that got some ppl really pressed!

  2. This is nothing , she all over the gram on ppl post a shade them, she on blog site a shade ppl, and she seems not to remember why she did run left Jamaica in the first place , she did do husband so bad , file poli e report as abuse wife thats how she got the greencard Isra mother cant get over what she did to her son and him credit , she took out so many credit card in the boy name an mess up him credit so bad , the guy got sick , is like he was gonna go inna mad house. The other day i saw him, i could believe him look so bad all now

  3. Why this b…. so pressed that the bag fake or that it came in a shoe bag????????

    KFab always dressed in band name clothes and shoes flaunting around like its an accomplishment…..

    When did wearing brand
    Partying all the damn time become the DREAM??

    Fake or real mind you rass business and invest inna some stock, house, rental property, your kids future and stay quite while you busy around town f…..g with a married man. Stay focus on your Dream “acquiring clothes and shoes” small brain gal…

  4. Kfab say this fake ‘has’ f$ck. sigh. why them so dunce dear Lord. Use some a the money weh u a spend pon brand and invest in some classes and stop embarrass yuhself pon social media.

  5. I am not a fan of this Fbal girl but she def not ugly.

    I just think she is just another one of those OLD brand name wearing, own nothing is America or Jamaica kind of woman. She too damn old with 2 teenage kids to have time to be up playing detective of wats real or fake.

    Didn’t she just start some type a school for nursing??
    Go study you book old gal..Go help your kids with their assignments bout you busy playing fashion detective. You have too much time on your hand in that basement apartment in the Bronx….

  6. Leave Kfabliquor_locker alone she rich real rich. Proud of her just come here with nothing and now can wear designer brand. Kids wearing designer, life good better than mine. 6 figure educated salary and head hot mi to buy a brand over $1000. These rich dancehall people need to tell mi how to invested like them. Whether real or fake it cost more than a simple brand.

  7. All her shits FAKEEEEEEEE if y’all know reall shit than you can tell.. fakeeeeeeee FACTSSSSS LOOK GOOD ON THE BAGS KMFT CHINA BAGS

  8. Stylemafia comment done KnotFAB proppa. Since har track record not good she shouldnt trouble a real or upcoming celeb about their stuff. Must have been seeking attention why she reach on a teenager’s page

  9. That girl is ugiy just like Apple !! Yardie clearly like manly types the gal ugly me show three man the gal ugiy just dress up but far far from pretty to ever be cussing people

  10. Kfab’s version of the American dream is trapped and locked in that basement she’s living in the Bronx; along with all those non valuable things she accumulating.

    You lie and finally got your green card…
    Travel the world
    See and appreciate other culture
    Make lifetime memories with your kids rather than taking them shopping/ scamming in Manhattan.
    Help your family out of the ghetto in Jamaica
    Invest in the 2 pickney dem college education

    Should i keep going fashion police… cant even construct a good sentence “FAKE HAS F..K” in your own words.

  11. But if all kfab stuff real why she following chines sellers that sell fake stuff @xoxolynn899 and @ruisweetie looking in her followers and most the stuff she have they have selling

  12. But why did Kfab comment anyways? Maybe it was a ploy to draw attention to herself……so ppl can see her stuff that she’s wearing. Because if you’re not following her on Instagram (Kfab) and you see that comment … the first thing you’re going to do ……is click on her page (Kfab) and start going through her pictures. Maybe that was her way of getting some attention….. because if she doesn’t have anything personal against this woman (Asiandadoll)…..why even comment. Maybe is a contract she a look from one of these top designers…..because mi notice all a dem love tag the designer IG pages unda dem pics. Sigh. The things we do for attention.

  13. @STAR, you a dam lowlife fool , u dam clown . Me goh shop yesterday a thrift shop , Burlington, and tjmax an me get nuff brand , an pay nothing much fi dem, I wouldnt want to associate my self wid fool like u wah think brand is life, scamming is life , using ole ppl credit is life. U noh have no sense , pol wah chat like u always a beg cash or homeless every 6 mths ppl .

  14. YLT unless kfab is piloting a ting then I can’t understand how someone really pressed has time to go through multiple social pages to BROADCAST real or fake. If I was that person I wouldn’t let it faze mi because although she REALLY PRESSED she ah show seh REALLY LACKING WHERE IT MATTERS. Some gyal fi go clean up dem heart, mind and soul.

  15. No ano that. A how she post shameile and Bk captioning “sleepless night gal get, happy people”.

    Kadeen thread light and stop trouble people

    You are such an evil b**ch ..look how you mash up the young white boy life??

    You have a daughter and setting NO examples for her. Crazy.

  16. But kfab but u where fake shit too that u buy from @@ruisweetie AND @xoxolynn u all follow them on ig and most the stuff them post u have so don’t try it ..

  17. Name brand ago be the death a dem gal yah that’s all dem wah do dress up in a brand every day and nobody must not say anything and as dem see smaddy else inna brand dem have a bag a things fi say it fake etc. Dem dis fi done har, asiandoll nuh trouble people but dis parasite kadeen gone fass with the girl. Smh.

  18. Kfab run go unfollow her fake clothes providres fast because she over here a read comments girl u sad bad.it don’t matter what u show on social media dancehall still not accepting you… lots of years You a try fit in and it not working…. your heart is as ugly as your face. That sham weh you a hype up u used to chat her business how she a call u late a night bout nino u remember how u used to done her when she ask you for advice with nino? Stop act like u a the girl friend because all u do a run competition with her in your head and talk shit bout her with d gay bwoy

    1. Such she really tell lie say the man abuse har??? Smh. There is a thing called KARMA and fi har nah guh nice just watch.

  19. Fake Beyonce…lol, not even close. Chick is ugly inna real life and on Insta. She can pass as a relative of Dolly. YLT you’re a troll…lol. Stop boost this Tranny Trend pls.

  20. D money suit wah she wear wah day , she look like lizard , nah bash no job, cause I was one an it provide fi many , but kfab is a HHA, she get clothes link from d 2 gal dem wah she unfollowed today, corrirudeboy. And shamille man, she noh fi trouble a soul , cause she run wey from yaad cause a d million a dollar she stole from d liquor store owner , a d white boy she scam an pay it back , she meck d boy inna problem fi get job , cause she lie sah d boy abuse her and a so she get her greencard .

  21. A so she did run in pon shaderoom
    Talking shit bout she know for a fact that Keishakaor left kids a Jamaica and they are from the same community. Bitch a St thomas u come from. Stink hole

  22. Kfab a liad , ask her fi post d picture wid she a sell her sef to d white man dem inna d city a nite time , just fi buy brand. She lie long time. Tell her fi fix up her ppl dem place out a st thomas wid d money wah she a use buy Gucci. She sah ppl grudge her , me kn sah u cah grudge ppl fi tings wah scamming money buy , cause she affi pretend sah she happy , cause she need fi ask GQDWIGHT how fast him affi run out a Bloomingdale’s.

  23. I can’t with all these low class people. Why can’t they just chill out and live decent. Even if you’re doing your thing just keep it on the down low . People don’t have to know your business. Dem eye too red. Everything is about name brand . This Kfab girl is not ugly but pink wall if she ever open her mouth uno drop on the ground! Ghetto and speak bad. Kfab word of advice, Go and do your GEDand get your liife together. Scamming doesn’t pay. You have children to live for.

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