1. How is it possible fi so much selectors at the one party? Dem each get 20 mins a piece and how much is dem fee,mi curious

  2. I’d like tuh know if she’s paid her husband, mi fren Devon, any conjugal visits…Keisha, how is Devon holding up behind prison??

  3. Mi sey da one ya shock mi, cannot believe wat I’m seeing blood come out a jail and a walk a beg $1.00. Mi kinda feel a little pity fi him but the seed u sew a it u reap. Blood u need fi tek care a u pickney dem if u were doing dat u pickney mada wouldn’t put u a jail fi support Met a gwan dig up so more info pon blood cause wen dem inna party a dash champagne like dem rich a cannot pay child support every nite a clean different floors with dem Wuklis self.

  4. Anytime me see this miss peggy face gal me memba Danavon in a Jail. Old Tuff foot idiot Gal Not Platinum Keisha, Why you no gwan go find something good to do with your life?

  5. No mi nuh waan laff but har husband supposedly a cum home straight to work for her :nerd
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

    1. Flatty, to my understanding Keisha and Devon always wore a wedding ring/band and always announced that they were married but then it is rumored that they had a ceremony in Jamaica, which is not recognized as a legitimate marriage in the states..Devon’s 2 daughters are so beautiful…pity still seh when some man date certain ooman, dem start tuh neglect them children dem once use yuh love and cherish…some gal ah real obeah/crosses once dem enter people lives…dat’s all mi ago seh…

  6. keisha and devon were legally married until them get buss fi the drugs case.. keisha platinum send devon divorce papers while in prison where to my understand he signed it. Every man keisha f**k dem end up a jail at some point.

  7. Well kiesha not worthless regardless of how she deal with relationships. She got a good job and houses and take full care of her kids. So more while to how man wicked woman fi wicked to Somtimes. And for the record the divorce thing is a big lie so come correctly stop add stories to stories. Talk the truth good or bad and move on.

    1. Suh how grammy kid did engage tuh har she accepted it den months later announced she is mrs.kid? !?!! Via insta
      (Simplicity soon sign in)

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