1. Morning good and gentle people, Killa ignite the good sprit in me this morning, Bounty u could be a preacher too, t sprit of God is in this man weather we choose to believe it, yes or no, this why him help so much of them to fame, Listen to even him try to tell the women to understand them self, certain things are really destructive every body un big freak, cause the devil’s advocate say a freaky gal him love. Killa try see what you can do to motivate back the ppl them sprit from getting Kart up ina el- Karthel

  2. Met, if everybody nuh run in on this, this morning, I personally want you to re- run this thread on Monday, because this a teaching to the dance hall nation, God rule even down in hell, demons did truly let go ina dance, woman and man a dance in some unrealistic ways, breaking them neck and dead right ina the dance, music was being influenced by demons promoting incubus and succubus, hallelujah, Adonia is Lord.

  3. Big up mi DJ killa mi dj fi ife……………Killa mi a tell u God work miracle but Kartel coulda appeal ..him time ova him get use already and that’s it for him

  4. B4 dem seek god dem seek di devil das y dem life so miserable but di killa seh seek god an not di devil an den dis world wud be comfortable…..BIG BIG TUNE

  5. Real talk Killa big up u self, kartel did a lead the people to distruction, alkalin be careful and shape up cause if not u ago be in the cell next to kartel

  6. When a “foundation” solid it can Neva fall.. Kartel was a word smith but him foundation Neva build good… It bill affa badness,manipulation and deceit …He is a classic narcicist, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that this happened what surprises me is that there are some out there who do not believe he is capable. Can you imagine what we don’t know about

    1. yea..Nuff narcicist deh bout yah!!!worst kinda artiste,caws dem nuh ave no conscience or moral behavior,fi dem soul empty

  7. Yuh si di dutty attitude weh dancehall artiste dem have a Bounty Killa set da trend deh.Nuh matter how much good chune Assassin put a road di people dem only want to hear slackness.

  8. Me who no like nuff people gi Bounty credit because honesty (little or a lot) is a BADGE OF HONOR! Bounty de appeal me nah agree wid yu pon…lolol

  9. True words only how much ah di people dem a really a go listen. Mi sorry mi cant support murder at all. Killa say a di people make turn so ah true him a talk. NEVER BE A SHEEP ALWAYS BE THE SHEPHERD. NOBODY CAH TELL ME FI WORSHIP SATAN! THE ALMIGHTY ALL THE WAY FOR ME. :angel

  10. Killa a mi general, the man have morals and we all have sin an cum short of the glory of god but we can change our ways.. its not about been perfect is about progess.. I hope dancehall change and be nice again.. back inna the early 90s and even 2000 the party scene was just nice and fun. now u go dance a bare freakyness inna u ears.. no morals ntn. we all knw dancehall is about skin out dash out but dem batty wash, nudity jus wrong.. bless up Killa i just wish all the other foundation artist dem woulda do the same an defend dancehall cause a unno build caan mek some unwanted elements com destroy and infest we culture wid nastiness.. where is beenie an the rest a dem..

  11. Amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Amennnnnn Fada Killa. Omg mi feel this one to mi core. A tru Killa some a dem fan deh a boost di ting. Booooooooooommmmm.

  12. ST Luke Chapter 10 vs 1 -3
    Now after this the Lord appointed seventy others, and sent them in pairs ahead of Him to every city and place where He Himself was going to come. 2And He was saying to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. 3″Go; behold, I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves.
    From I was a child there have been good and bad elements in the DJ music business. Wolves and leopards amongst the sheep. As a child I can recall General Echo, Wilton Irie, Yellow Man and of course Brigadier Jerry, Charlie Chaplin and Sizzla.
    It seems, it is perennial..that the wicked seems to flourish in their wickedness and the righteous perish in their righteousness. Of course,. This is not always the case..but we do seem to have more bad influences than good. Vanity of vanities,. All is vanity. And the innocent perish. They look for something to believe in and they are provided with disbelief.
    On the Vibez kartel case.. I am still baffled why the defense didn’t call Needfa ( taxi driver) as well as the woman who was standing at the door way when Wee visit the Swallowfield Avenue house on Aug 16. Needfa could tell who he took to the house since shawn storm’s statement and wee witness say he needfa took them to at least the gate of the house. Recall, needfa is their regular taxi driver.

  13. Love you my DJ bounty to the world. A ungrateful kartel ungrateful that is why him a go thru this right never bit the hand that feed you. A the boy movado next.

  14. The words of Bounty sound wise……..I can only hope the dance hall community mek a change fi di better. Bounty seems a little hypocritical because his message is also that of violence and war.
    This also could have been Bounty had the young lady died of her “Hammer” wounds.
    Like he said… sin is greater than none.

  15. A Me DJ fi life..All when him miserable/cross @times, he is impartial in his message and he is right about many of US as women who contributed to kartel’s behavior. I just hope some kinda change in dancehall fraternity will occur for the better. Shirley got what he deserved and “MEK GOD DEAL WID HIM IS RITE”.

  16. Not the biggest fan of Bounty, but I always respect how honest he is and how he sticks to his beliefs no matter what.

    I commend him on the message he was trying to get across, though I believe his words will be lost on many of those people he spoke to – some of them hearing but not listening… Nobody else never hear the cry out “yuh a my God” like some fool fool illiterate fanatic, while the man is trying to promote goodness, non sheep-like behaviour, and ultimately respect for God.

    Some of them wont change until they want to and that won’t happen until they understand the bigger picture, so I can see how (Bounty and others) words could have positive effect on a few & few is better than none.
    However, as this woman’s inappropriate and blasphemous outburst shows, some a dem people deh cyaaaw change!

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