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Killa n his Missus out at Frenchmen’s New1526997_620919727967805_1918347499_n-OptimizedYears Day……age showing pon the two of you now. Plz hurry and get married ncuz onoo s n more spring chicken, do wat middle aged people do……sekkle down


    1. tIme spent in a relationship has to be settled in cash, especially if you are involved with an entertainer. ladies lets’ keep it real, if i was in a long-term relationship with “bounty” i would expect that the next move would be marriage! They are no longer in their youth, and she is lookin older, (time invested). Therefore marriage, for her, would be a good thing. Throwing expensive gifts around is ok, but I need stability. If I’m in a non-committed relationship, I have to get mine, sorry……house, car, investments…etc, if I’m not gonna get the ring!!!!
      Is “bounty” ready for marriage, that’s up for debate, but we really doe kno wat goes on behind :cool closed doors, do we!!!? :kimpoi

  1. Dis nigga is dat worst entertainer of all time …. I was in Ja the other day at a party an ask dis donkey face if I could take a pic with him , u should see the look an attitude u gave I was like no way dis bum who didn’t even make it to sting actin like dis I would never as long as I live buy or listen to his music ! Ppl who support an but ur music this is how u act no way smfh !

    1. that’s unfortunate but 5 years ago when i went back to ja i was at a party in standpipe with my family any way i just went over and ask “may i have a picture with u?” he some what smirked and said to his friend beside him “she brave eeehhh” i was taken aback as to y is that brave, did i not get the memo! but he took the pic and smile too, i said thanks and walk away. i love bounty !!

    2. So true…always seem to have a attitude…dats why u haffi walk right past some a dese Jamaican celebrity when u see dem…put dem inna dem damn place.

    1. they grew on each other, thats y dem fava. U notice how dog n dem owna always fava. Mi nuh think dem fi married. Bounty jus look like him need fi bathe, and they dont look compatible. Sometimes we females can just enjoy the sex and gifts. #JUST SAYING!!!!

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