0 thoughts on “KIM YUH TOO LIE

  1. I was thinking the same thing Met..she could hv sent an assistant to check that. Wanted to show off the outfit, she’s so transparent.

  2. Tear up pants suit (check)
    Glasses (check)
    Coat (check)
    Attitude like I don’t care the paparazzi is there but I really do cause I often leak where I’ll be (check)
    Overpriced luggage (check)
    Baby I carried inside me for nine months (oops)

  3. She staged the whole thing. She clearly walks to the van and looks in like she is really looking for a car seat that she could have sent someone else to come out and confirm that the car seat was there. She then takes off her coat and walks back in to give everyone the a** shot.

  4. Poor Kim she makes Paris look like Einstein. Because Paris always remembers her dog, remember the episode where Kim had ‘lost’ the cat that Kanye had given her…….

  5. :ngakak Lady weh yuh ah try seh? Dat motherhood is priority inna yuh life? Doe badda post nuh more ah dem nonsense deh…cah it nuh mek yuh luk nuh smarter dan di hole dem inna yuh clothes.

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