So miss Jody did u really think we wouldn’t pick up the fact that you and kitt deh? Every weh unu deh and u put up collage with other people to try play it off. All a him friends u inna pic wid like seriously? Is like unu dont learn at all. As for ms Shev I sincerly hope kitt will change someday because mama me nah tell no lie you are a very strong girl because a no everybody equip to manage dem levels a bun at all and you do it like a pro. Edel wat a way u name king Edel pon ig now and kit change name to king kitt… so jody u haffi go change ur name from mzrockstar to king jody now lol.


  1. Why dem a stalk mi fren though unnu well up inna KITT life make me believe that is a gyal weh get f**k and duck. Every minutes so no man. KItt yuh dickie a mad a gyal.

  2. And is frens like ispy mek him think a something good him a do. Him walk n frig too much n soo ketch aids. All dem girl ere cya serious cuz it evident di baby mada inna di pic n dem just a gwan so. Him nuh av no respect fi di baby mada doa cuz if me av gyal pon side dem fi know dem place n know picta cya post. All kitt want a di gyal dem money n too how him a keep party him shudnt still live wid him madda

  3. a di same thing mi a wonda a wehh bout di boii suh. unnu nuh tyaad fi chat bout di boii and him nuh look at unnu. Unnu same one guh spend unnu money guh him party… frm who claim to deh wid him to who a speculate.Senda yuh can stop now…we get it di man f**kup yuh medz…loii him nuh n move on a one man inna di globe???? wat a way unnu a stalk di ppl dem IG fi try mek connection wid him n every gyal… unnu need a revival inna unnu soul.

  4. @lol Kelly a u dat? Stop stalk the yute! Every minute suh! It hurt that him choice is him baby mother.girl that him f#!k and duck get over it already!!

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