1. upon furda inspection it looks like a goblin foot. kizzy u sure seh u is a human? mi always seh mi grace and eat mi breakfast b4 mi come pan jmg cum look pan dem sumn ya cah mi cyah manij….
    haftanoon met

  2. @ Kemp & Met – I wouldn’t use the word hate, as it’s too strong for such a trivial matter as how a website has changed.
    However, I DO HAVE TO AGREE with Kemp that the changes are in no way an improvement and the whole set up and user friendliness is completely affected and just provides an non-enjoyable xperience.
    I have witnessed and got used to numerous changes on the site before and once used to them for awhile, can usually see why Met made the changes.
    Unfortunately, not this time at all.
    I have found that since the changes I visit the site less and definitely spend considerably less time on it.

    1. The changes here are made to have the site load quicker, and prevent the server from crashing as much as it has been doing. As I said to someone the other day, u people see others talking and chime in and it’s not cool, my theme has changed two or three times but this is the first time the set up has changed in terms of the posts not being loaded fully so what changes are you talking about? Color changes?? The posts loading fully made the front page load slow if a post has many pictures, the site had coding issues which if u were frequent here u would notice. The fact that the site does not look the same on a mobile is not a big issue,many people could not stay on the site via their cell phones because of the load of the site. I thank u for logging on but do know any changes made are for the benefit of u the users so please allow yourself to get used to the site’s new navigation

  3. Kizzy I think you should stop bleaching your feet now, they do not look good.
    Mettyyyyy good afternoon :supermaho

  4. I acknowledged something someone said as I agreed with it – if that is classed as ‘chiming in’, then so be it.
    Re: changes, you’ll see that I clearly said that one can get used to them.
    However, you asked for an example of a change – one that springs to mind has been altered slightly in the past, such as; the like/dislike option – it’s small yes, but I never mentioned anything about substantial changes.
    Although you have not suggested that I was, I would like to highlight the fact that I was not rude or disrespectful, just stating an opinion in response to a post made on a public forum!

    1. No you were not and neither was I. The like button was not a change it was an addition for starters and it could not continue because the person who made it did not make it compatible for the system upgrades that wordpress has so it is not available . When you go out on a limb to state how there were changes here that you have been here through it makes it seem as if there were real changes when in essence you yourself cant mention any. The only change that was made was the website moved to here with the translucent overlay the format is still the same for those logging on their computers and the only people who really have a navigation system to learn ar the ones on mobile. It is a public forum but when you join in and mention something that is insignificant as a format that doesn’t really affect you for one and two as much as every one has supported me why would I make changes to the site if they were not important and not necessary..there must have been a reason. People who use mobiles and are registered members have to go all the way down to the end of the screen to log in. For you, all you the only issue you should have is reading the posts that are no longer posted fully and I explained to you that it was to make loading thr front page easier so while this is a public forum,and you stated your opinion which made reference to me, I also had the right to respond and I did. It doesn’t matter if you made details about the changes or not, the fact that you mentioned changes when there was nothing done before that you had to get used to was my point to u

  5. The changes are necessary for growth but not if your idea of growth doesn’t benefit your audience. I would much prefer a slow uploading which I enjoyed as oppose to having to click on several other links to view pics as we’ll as story. Which btw my love is even slower than before. Just saying. No intentions to offend. And yes I have an iPad, laptop, and iPhone

    1. Please learn the site’s navigation, you do not have any link to click for pictures, there is only ONE read,more link. Have a good day

  6. Kmt you are going on like there is really something to be defensive about, but I’ll leave it there because this my dear is what is insignificant, too much so to go back & forth over.
    Thought I would check your response to last comment, but I will not do so again.
    The issue is too trivial to me, as it is not my site, nor is it somewhere that I am forced to visit.
    So, instead of comment, or agree on anything, I’ll do what your ‘disclaimer’ says and close the screen.
    It’s interesting how different your response is now, than when I have commented in agreement with you!

      1. Mi bombo from 5:20 rawsseeee AM enuh unnu bed wet up mainnnnneeeee it trivial but u beating it like a dead horse tho smh

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