0 thoughts on “KIZZY HOW DIS HAPPEN?

  1. All a Nung me can’t believe the big lip ugly hairdresser give him papers after all this…. Now him ago married Kizzy lmao

  2. U right Met all him need is one a dem night cap wid di triangle pan top..Den one man really mek somebody convince him fi put on dis yah nightgown yah, much less tek pic wid a next man innah it? Dah man yah must high to rahtid, or him braids dem too tight it a squeeze him brain or him balls fi dah mattah.

  3. And gal in har wrong mind ah sleep wid dem bwoy yah
    Need rassclot Obama care.
    Trust mi dem gay meter buck Gary sherlock yuh face favor
    Gully rat yuh skin look crawny.
    An De bwoy weh ah wear De frock mi can see seh ah you ah De receiver
    yuh ah yuh man bitch.
    next time yuh feel like ah lady shave yuh legs
    Batty bwoy lmaoooooooooo.
    Yuh will look more sexyyyyyyy

  4. DWL @ Wee Willy Winkle! Met, you made my day! (Seriously, that was one of my favourite nursery rhymes… Really nostalgic for me) :peluk

  5. Omggggggg. Mi feel shame for kizzy oh god mi feel it .batty boy omg.its not fare that he still sleeping with kizzy knowing he gay its not fare to here and the kids.long time mi here say him a have phone sex with Gary

  6. Big fish that .with him leaky batty a drip all over Jamaica. Nasty boy who going to sigh you? All this time you claim you doing music and even the mad man have way more talent shame on you .return kizzy night gown freaky boy. You will never buss my son can’t listen to you, what is this world coming to?

  7. unnu not fair enuh. leave di girl outta dis man. nuh tek jj fat and fry har and har kids dem. it nuh right. kizzy is a nice girl weh work hard fi har money an nuh bad no baddy damnnnnn.

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