1. A who really nuh av a thing fi duh,her foot is fully covered in a tattoo and it’s the lightening of the pics that makes it look even darker than it is

  2. Then Kizzy u really go inna Gucci go buy that bag n bed slippers to wear together?????????? Ah boy u do know it’s a bed slippers right smh

  3. My question is does Kizzy have her papers? and if no, how come her “hubby” don’t marry her and give her papers? and if Yes, how come she is never in Jamaica with him when he goes down to make a clown of himself?

    Mi just curious…cause gal a siddung wid man and man nah help her…dat nuh mek sense.

  4. I hate this woman after I worked so hard for my money and send it to her to make a outfit for me all fukin now. She ignores my messages and deletes my commemts if I comment under her pics about it but god nah sleep. Mi a set fi har yuh si. Unu ago hear bout it

  5. Jay x just get his green card couple months ago, so he can’t really help as yet. Kizzy is very happy taking care of her rapper , what kind of example is she setting for her big daughter. Well I guess it is the norm for these Bronx females anyway. Cus I’ve seen a few females in the Bronx who buy house and BMW truck to make sure that their babyfather is comfortable, provide pocket money for their boyfriend/babyfather to go party with. I’m like who are their parents didn’t their parents teach them better.

  6. Is she sew dat market looking bag and bed sippers, coulda neva buy she buy dem ugly sitten dem dey….noooo sah

  7. Well sender@4:26 granny kizzy carry it guh a baby shower cause this lady Kizzy just always look like a disoriented granny

  8. some a oono so fool fool is not bed slippers check the gucci web page it is call sandals fi the jackass weh nu no

    1. Why unno suh hypocritical? They are not sandals, dem a just flats and you well know dem ugly as sin. Just chu a brand name ppl nuh fi call out dem uglines, dem look like cartpetbag flats, and di bag is a carpetbag. Gucci common and very affordable suh most ppl not fazed.

  9. Kizzy 10:51
    Instead of checking Gucci website, some of us save our money and straighten out we selves and family, get education, buy homes, etc.

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