1. me live a Florida and it boring yuh f*ck and don’t mention slow so maybe by she moving to FL it’s not working for her and maybe business nah coming like that

  2. Life down south is rough! Especially without a profession that makes you marketable…
    I’m not bored here! When I’m not at work, I’m spending quality time with my family!
    Whatever the reason is for her to move back, that’s her business! She will not be the first person to go back to NY! I personally know I’m not moving back…

  3. Is just tru JAY X come back met I saw him on Friday looking like the faggot he is … Kizzy stop follow back ah batty man smh

  4. Kizzy I’m only pulled by you enrolled the Pitney dem inna di miggle of the school year to turn round and bring them home to chase back of man?

  5. And unnu know seh it probably has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with anything mentioned above. Only YOU know what’s #BEST for YOU and YOUR SITUATION! Trust mi, sometimes things doesn’t always turn up roses and at other times some ppl like myself DON’T DO WELL with certain drastic changes. Ah one year now MI fi move guh Atlanta and…… One likkle man weh like mi weh mi gi a pill seh mi ah move nuh stop talk bout “YARDIE BOYZ ARE KEEPING YOU HERE!”….And NOT AH THING NUH GUH SUH!!! And btw, A very large percentage of New Yorkers who move to places severely different from their norm, almost ALWAYS find their way back to the madness at some point or another.

    I don’t know Kizzy, but come back ah yuh yard yaw girl! You know weh you know!

    1. Unintelligent people don’t know how to cope with changes, and normally when a PIG live in a Pig sty, when you wash them off what they do? Go back to the same dirt. Down south life don’t fit people who comes out of the Garrison of Jamaica, It takes people who comes from a good home to appreciate a life that is simple, stable and not a lot of noise. Please, I am one of those New Yorkers who fall in the low percentile of leaving that Nasty dirty, High cost of living concrete jungle of a Ghetto mess place and would not go back even if I am getting paid. Some of you live for the hype that is all, so you prefer to live in a people basement, rat infested, roach invested dirty living. Some of us Jamaicans do prefer clean living. I don’t know this lady, but seen her on met website, She in a the rae rae life So I guest a clam life would not be appealing to her.

  6. @anonymous12:55 soo agree with you, kizzy stop tell people lie and pay your bill b$tch,small world, my mother knows the woman, yes the woman credit that you fu$ked over!!!
    You have a right fi run!!!!!
    Hellooo Met, how you doing?

  7. @Anonymous 12:25, have you read/listened/heard the BULLF**KINGSHIT spewing out of your mouth!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I guess you are a pig who accumulated MUCH SHIT while in your sty, so much so that it doesn’t only exit your ass, but everywhere!

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