You have to understand exactly what it was that was in the mind of God when he created a person like you. What was His idea? What was he thinking of? What sort of a plan did He have? What was the concept behind your creation?

We are created by God and we are spiritual beings. Inasmuch as we are creatures we are spirits. What makes a creature is not just its physicality but it is the fact that it was created, no matter what it is or the material. You being a spirit you have to understand that spirits are also creatures because they are created by God. Knowing this information gives you an advantage over the enemy and over circumstances.

You are on top of your game every time if you know who you are and what you are made of.

If you look at the abilities that God has given to you already you have an advantage over circumstances. You are wired and designed by God to attain victory every time you fight. You being a spirit is not a disadvantage but an advantage because simply by being a spirit it means you can see further than you can see physically.

Being a spirit means you cover more space and you have greater intelligence than you were operating in the physical. If you get to that level where you know who you are and you realise that you are not physical but spiritual, the way you function automatically changes.

You were created by God and at the same time there is a purpose why God created you. Before you were created by God your purpose was created first. First and foremost there was a purpose, you were not created without a purpose and then later on try to find your purpose. You are designed for a specific assignment which means before God created you, your purpose was already created.

This is why you hear God in the Book of Genesis saying “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. (Genesis 1:26) That was the reason why God created you.

If you look into the entire book of Genesis; us going to heaven was never any of the reasons why God created us. It is a point that was over emphasised by former preachers and they made it to appear as if it is an achievement that every person has to go after; getting to heaven. It sounds so spiritual that we were created by God to go to heaven but it is not spiritual at all. Sometimes spirituality makes you want to stay here because there was a purpose why God created you and the purpose had a place. God designed you and created you not so that he could take you to heaven.

Even what we used to think that He created us so that we can worship Him it is not part of the plan originally but it came later on. His original plan was not so that you can worship Him but so that you can have dominion over all the earth. Earth is the planet and the gift that God gave to you to have dominion over.

Earth was given to us to dominate and rule. As long as we really want to pursue that purpose we would want to stay here longer and execute that assignment.

Dominion on the earth might not be what you see happening now but that is what was in God’s mind. God wanted us to have dominion on the earth. He created us in His image and likeness so that dominion can be achieved.

How then are we supposed to dominate because most of the people that you see now even after they are born again they still seem to be dominated every time? Being dominated does not mean that God designed you to be dominated. What you see happening in your life cannot interpret God’s original intention about your life.

Dominion has to become your pursuit, go after dominating. You try it today and it is not working but tomorrow is another day and you have to try it again until you gain mastery over every circumstance in your life.

What you dominate then becomes inferior to you. In other words, God designed you so that you may be worshipped. That was His plan and that is why He created you just like Him.

He then placed you on a separate planet where He is not in charge and every creation there was handed over to you for you to dominate and rule over as a king over God’s creation. Which means there is an element of worship given and dedicated to you as a god to rule, give names and control every activity on planet earth.

If God was not creating another god He should have chosen another design different from His own. God had several other images, why design a person in your own image and likeness if you do not want him to be called by your name.

If we are not gods why the same image and likeness that God has. What God was simply doing was duplicating Himself, He needed to see Himself not on a mirror but on something that looks exactly like Him in appearance and in dominion.

You were not created in the Book of Genesis but Genesis simply carries a record of how you were transferred from heaven. That is why Genesis does not contain information on how God created Heaven but the heavens.

Genesis Chapter 1 onwards deals with the creation of the heavens; the skies and the earth. It does not include the account of the creation of the Heaven where He stays, it is not recorded. If that stage is skipped by the Bible that is also how your creation as a spirit was skipped.

You were created as part of the heavenly beings as a spirit, created by God to stay in Heaven .We were there for a very long time until God had a plan to create another planet which is not called heaven but earth. Heaven was already in existence for years before the earth.

He created the earth and finished it, in the same way that He sent Jesus to earth God then looked for people that could volunteer to come on this planet carrying His mandate.


  1. I love this!! great must read…. it open my mind to thinking and it also answered some of the many questions I have.

  2. This is beautiful. I’m having a rough week and this has made me feel so special about myself.
    It spoke directly to me. I bought a book by Eckhart Tolle “awakening your life’s purpose” after watching an old Oprah speacial, where she was discussing with him that everyone has a purpose. I never got a chance to read the book. However, since lent began I kid you not I’ve been thinker by about soul searching and figuring out what have I been put here to do.

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