Met koshens engage enuh… To a chick you did run on here already weh name Latoya. She did deh wid the virtue guy and was then the side piece fi bebe or pepe or one a dem baller guy deh weh married, think him married to a girl name suki. Anyway Koshens give her a nice ring couple days ago. She live a Florida now.


  1. Gitten morgen Metsy n metters
    This one I don’t believe smh nopes miss ting up top just try meck we know say she a wash di koki wit har mouth tooo so ok we got the message ma’am

      1. Met u need fi check out har facebook pics them, the man all a hold up har breast inna public. Them look like proper couple, he’s always at her moms house in FL so me tink if it no go so it near so.

        1. _______________________________________________________________ mi nuh deh pan har fb a unno fi provide those details oo

  2. So what happened to his baby mother? I realise that these so called celebrities always chose a brown, mixed race or white women.

  3. Mi nuh believe either him and a gyal weh name Chanel from his team a f**k so stay there and gwaan wid yuh one f**k Latoya.

  4. If Latoya have ar paper works set I can only assume is a business ting and she want everybody fi know the current situation.Even then u mean fi tell mi seh him couldn’t find sumady weh neva showcase pon Met wall before

  5. Him dick no partial nobody all 90s mattress him slap after him video shoot a Jamaica last year one a Ele groupie. Dem man deh no have nutten to dem. Mi sure ele left overs him regret dem seh the mattress ole big a Wutliss

      1. Velly small Met??? Well is muss him $$$$ den cuz dem pass round gyal dey get, velly small, small, medium, large, XL, XL………n so on

  6. a weh dah chead yah a read sey,since wen encouragement start spell dat way de up top nung?!?!?

  7. yes they are very much together, recently they have become very inserparable, photos of them were seen at carnival on the truck, and people was making comments saying cute couple.they were also at a party hugging on each other and posing in kingston.just last week they were at jungle nightclub in negril where konshens was performing live in concert.

  8. Good day miss met
    Good day fellow metters
    So konchens engaged to a pass round donkey?
    Didn’t expect better, as whores, they got to stick togedda. :thumbup

    1. the outlined her dating 3 men and your calling her a “pass round donkey”. I’m certain most of the commenters have had more partners

  9. And here i thought Konshens was fruity!!! him is a bit too sweet sah, suspeck to me…

  10. welllll yall need to stop hating on my cuzz she get da ring hya yall is haters… latoya ya did good gurl love u

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