1. Me understand ppl vex but y should konshenz mine him brother him no big man too. Konshenz have him own responsibilities

  2. Mine him brother? So mi know sum a unuh have a dutty heart. Yuh nuh treat family suh I could care less who you are. Him know why him get the tat. The person commenting seems to be someone who know wah gwaan. My two cents.

  3. I agree the person commenting seem to know a lot about his personal life. It’s a shame that his brother had to kill himself to get respect from his own flesh and blood. I feel like how he treated his brother in life is haunting him why u went and got the Tat that and for attention cause I do think Konshens is an attention whore.

  4. Have a bredda like that .I buss the yute and from him mek it ,it’s just him woman and new friends. Him don’t even remember him father who grow him .

  5. The tattoo is beautiful. Family Cass Cass I don’t take sides in. Only Konshens & God knows his heart.

  6. that person sound hurt and jealous over his success.. Delus was a grow man that should stand on his own feet..my dad use to say every tub sit on their on ass..so sender need to rest and let the man live..u judging making u worse than him..because the Bible said not to judge.. If konshen did something wrong he will answer to God not u..

  7. I am sorry to say but if I have brother that commit suicide I won’t be putting him on my body …….if I was into getting tAttoos …it goes to show he is walking with a load on his back

  8. Word have it say dat Konshens get big/well-known from him bredda’s style of deejaying, and possibly him lyrics too. Maybe de Tattoo is Konshens’ way of paying tribute to his bredda, or maybe dealing wid his own conscience (if him never did deal wid him bredda good) after his passing.

  9. Sometimes it is best to leave ppl alone. If someone took their life that is their choice and their responsibility alone to bear.

    1. On one side dat is very true. What ever them going thro dem juss cyaa bear it nuh more. But what abt the pain dem leave behind?

  10. People are saying he should Stan on his own two feet… ok ! however we’re humans shiit happens so why if ….his flesh is in need why not be there ?? How many times people need help and have to turn to family??? This person knows what he went through..#my opinion

  11. People saying he was his own big man.. so what, people fall short at times. If he’s your brother and only brother, at least buss him and give him a start at something, help him out man. Have this one bag a fren a tour with him always and couldn’t help him brother?? come on people! The man was a Gemini, which means if the man call him and beg him, it take everything out a him (Delus) to do that. Geminis full a pride. A full time black family stand together and stop ‘help’ each other only when them dead. And the only reason why some of them do it when them family dead is to take shame off them name #Don’t Scatter Roses After the Man Gone.
    I used to bun out ppl who commit suicide, but in reality, nothing can stop destiny, just like how a man dead in a car crash a fi him destiny that, so when a man commit suicide a just fi him destiny that. So me see it now.

    1. I so agree with you, I’m a Gemini and I won’t beg unless I’m on my face and literally need help getting back on my feet, he did the tatoo out of guilt.

  12. Why is it that so many jamaicans feel that if a family member mek some money then he is obligated to mine dem, go be your own man make your own money and learn to stand on your own two feet.

  13. Some Jamaicans believe that but in this case yuh bredda who yuh love Suh much that you run guh put tattoo of him on yuh back call you and ask for help and yuh hang up the phone on him when you have it? Please shut the hell up its not an obligation to take care of you family members especially a grown man but if you loved him so much as you pretend to then helping him shoulda never be a problem. Konshens gwaan like him a di richest artiste in the dancehall world when honestly him don’t really have no hit song to dat. Don’t gwaan like now yuh bredda gone you was always there for him. Dem fi light him up yes.

  14. All unuh who on here speculating and watching from afar and just basing unuh judgement and opinions on what people assume unuh need to shut the f**k up cuz nobody know what Konshens do for his family, BREDDAA and father and mother included. A him mine Delus daughter from she born and him never ask konz fi money yet an nuh get it if him nuh get it is cu him nuh ask. And why yuh a guh mine big man if him nuh Inna a jam an yuh a help him out a situation dat different but why u must a mine u whole family when u have yuh own worries and responsibilities fi tek care of. If yuh help dem start a business or something for making money yes dat good but fi get up everyday an a mine big raaaaclaaat man an woman when yuh a Hialeah pin road day and night and dem can work too dat naw guh work. Him an him BREDDAA had issues yes just like any sibling. Unuh need to low di man if unuh nuh know wah really happen. Konz give Delus opportunity to Mek money an because o di big bredda ego Delus nuh tek it. Wah unuh wah di man fi do. Delus have ego and Nuff time him nuh ask fi money an other times him will ask . If him nuh ask he won’t get. Unuh too bloodclaat wicked . Look how much pple have family death an dem put tattoo on dem body right now mi have mi father tattoo on me and is not because mi guilty or mi conscience a ride me . Human being just always try tear down humans unuh need to fu**g chill wid di f**ry

  15. Oh and by the way that person who had so much to say and comment on konz pic on Insta we everybody know seh a dutty pussyhole Darrio guh create fake page and a chastise di man. Dutty bumboclaaaaaaaay Darieio lef di man I’d yuh suh big an bad why u Neva comment wid yuh real page. When konz did a mine yuh Pickney and Sen Her guh school u never say noting. When the man dos a pay yuh rent and why u nuh tell di people Sam when Konshens buy yuh car cash for u. Unuh wicked bumbo whole if di man was such a pussy how come u did a live a him yard when u never have no where to live how come u did a nyam di man food every week grocery shopping Mek tings a buy fi u too. Unuh ungrateful bumbo hole. What bout when di man out up cash fi help wid yuh career. Unuh wicked no pussyclaat

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