What are your earliest memories of Kingston?
Walking to school at Mico Practising All-Age Junior High. I had so many adventures, between my friends and me. Encountering the mad man on the road, girls from St Hugh’s and Wolmer’s and Mico Teachers’ College. It feels like yesterday.
What do you miss most about Kingston when you are away?
My home. I’m a homebody and I’ve never lived anywhere outside of Kingston.
What would you do if you were mayor of Kingston for a day?
One day wouldn’t be enough! I’d spend the day trying to keep myself in office permanently!
What would be your recommendations to a first-time visitor to Kingston?
Stay on the main. No, seriously I would tell them to go to all the party spots — there’s one every night of the week. Probably won’t find that anywhere else on Earth.
How and why did you settle on the moniker Konshens?
My friends christened me with the name and I liked it.
What’s new with you in terms of music?
I’m working on so many projects. From new singles Winning, Ol’ Digga featuring J Capri, Body of the Year featuring a bright, young sexy singer called CK, to a bunch a love songs, a few soca collabs and some hip-hop collabs. A big deal might also be announced soon. I’m also launching new artistes Delus, Javada, Tamarley and a new act called Road Life. You will love them.
You were recently announced as a LIME ambassador. How important is it to you to have that corporate tie-in to your brand while maintaining artistic freedom?
Very important! I’m an artiste by trade and nature so whatever I tie to my brand must never conflict with my creativity. It just won’t work.
Which artistes are you liking at the moment?
Truthfully, everybody. I’m loving the songs that are out now in almost every genre. The playlist in my car is almost confusion.
If you were being musically adventurous and recording an album of original non-dancehall material, what genre would you choose and why?
I’m a huge fan of the alternative genre. It’s the closest thing, I think, to the emotion and vibe of reggae and dancehall music.
Shabba Ranks or Yellow Man?
Shabba Ranks, hands down. I respect his flow, lyrics, presence and voice!
Share the title of the last book you read.
I haven’t read a book in a while; too busy, I guess. I’m limited to newspapers and online.
What cologne are you splashing?
I’m a cologne fanatic. Right now I’m into Bleu De Chanel.
What was your last major splurge?
Trying to bring the tax man, I see!
Who is your professional idol?
I don’t have one. There’s no one person who I respect or admire everything about them. I think I admire specific qualities in people.
What is your life philosophy?
Success is a journey, not a destination. It’s tattooed on my arm to remind me that no matter how far I get, the journey continues.


  1. U kno something we nah kno? He slept wit yuh man miss met? Interview seemed normal. Trouble u ah lookin dis Sunday mornin. Yuh traffic slow? Go inna yuh bed. Title dey yah is a fail.

  2. One day wouldn’t be enough! I’d spend the day trying to keep myself in office permanently!
    I guess anything goes when one want power.

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