Evening Met, The photo with all four girls Ms Dimples, Christina, Shay aka squidwerd, and Miss Jersey Truckstop ***y JOJO… they were such a loving group, till jojo start sen on har stinking cratches pon dimples man…dimples put out jojo out di apartment we did ina har (dimples) name and gone back a Patterson ah mommy n daddy house ….now everynite jojo a cotch pon sumbody else floor..yuh mean fi tell mi seh shi cah cotch pon squidwerd floor even doe dem rub cratches once a while???..no sah….jojo hype nuh bloodclaat and ah repeat har cloths dem regularly. ..nutten nuh wrong if ah fi yuh but lawd yuh nuh fi suh hype pon top ah it…. christina(spongebob) weh jus have baby, not even mek har womb relax but shi deh road every weekend…jersey ah get from bad to worst…..unuh mus duh betta





  1. TINA N JOJO unnu look SEXY/HOT yah f**k bitches just hating n I though that it was the other f**king way around!!! Though bitches was catching at unnu yard!!! True BANKY HYPE done f**k dimples n meck har suck him dick n him park har like an old car har feelings ah hurt har bad but unnu life we’ll sort out n unnu ah live comfortable suh muck suck cocky dimples gwan run off har stink mout

  2. all a dem bitch ya nasty nuh rass every dj and promoter dun f**k thru the whole a dem…a dem same one a write up shit bout each other…. instead dem go find proper job and gwan a school dem a move from one man to de next…

  3. Anybody wah put up dis bloodclaat hurt dem must want di gal pussy fi f**k mek dem a watch r so smh I dont c the relevance of this keep the ppl name out of ununu mouth n mind urs smfh yall stupid as f&&k cant read n write or spell smh I cant even laugh cuz dis no funny they not bothering a soul n yet unu vant mek dem live what a way dem life style a hurt unu head fi it reach pink wall smh

  4. Dem fe low de likkle gyal alone through she get money man n happy n independent it mad stinking dutty hole Jojo who sister baby father kick ere out n pussy nuh stop stink n leak like water 2014 unno fe do better

  5. @setgood , so banky hype money wasn’t enuff to match wid primetime own yuh think seh ppl grudge har…. oh plz tell har watch har head back cz is he cyar cook oman outta dih star restaurant food she be getting … Rayyyy nj tunup wid mess a bare crotches rubbing and threesome ah lick bout dih place

  6. dutty suck hood gal banky cocky still deh pan u breath primetime nuh wah u so gwan hype…u good mus see u a road

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