Dear Met,Metters and Peepers,

Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year.Met you know that I witnessed something on Christmas day that proves mix up and Drama nuh tek any Days off. Big big Chrismus,holy holy Sunday mawning this man and his Niece a cuss draw dung crowd.

Uncle: She not even reach 20yo yet and a tek 2 men inna One yard!

Me: (thinking aloud),i suppose it follows it would be ok then to tek 2men if she was 20+ mmmhh.

Tekka Niecey: Gweh germs and stop watch me,yuh can’t live my life!Is one thing Granny tell me, is 2 things in life u can’t borrow and that a people false teeth and Pu**y‎!

Uncle: but Ricky* a good yute and she diss the yute and gone turn pass roun Donkey fi the whole place,hey gyal yuh can’t stay in yah with ur nastiness.

Tekka Niecey: See it Deh,a dat a burn yuh,but try know that from yuh carry Ricky* go country last month go kill the man,mi done with him.Me a 1 gyal nah tek no murderer money mind me! Mi prefer fi use wha me have yuh hear *bomBoH**le!

Same time Uncs jump up off the gambling table and 3 more men Join in chorus cussing Necey that she a informer and she fi lef the place. Then Met same time some women run out of the yard and they were busy stockpiling glass bottles and stones to Defend Niecey. Of course u know that was my cue to tek whey miself seeing I was on the side of the road with the men.

My only inquiries are is It true bout the false teeh cuz a 1st me a hear that saying,as well as do u get the feeling the Uncle a carry P***y feelings?She wrong fi loud up the Killings still.

3 thoughts on “KRISMUS MIXUP

  1. Gm met…sender whether its a true saying or not about the false teeth…truly now,would you wanna borrow someone false teeth to wear in your mouth kmt..

  2. Sender you is a nasty piece of shit bout de girl wrong fe loud up de killings. So if a did your family member ar ex an uncle go kill yuh wouldn’t want it loud up? I can’t stand de likes of you. Go borrow smaddie brain cause yours nah function properly.

  3. In the ghetto if you talk things that make someone go to jail or get killed, you will be most likely killed. People in the ghetto know this so that’s why there is an informer must dead culture. Hence she is wrong to risk her life,it makes no difference if she dead right or dead wrong.

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