Top of the day, my love! Suh Crystal FINALLY ketch di belly, mi luuuuuv! And, she FIGHTING FURIOUSLY fi di ring! Ah PURE TINGZ ah guh gwaahn! Mama, it deh yah plenty!

23 thoughts on “KRYSTAL KETCH DI BELLY

    1. Indeed, because I don’t know if she’s pregnant or not, but if what Dangel says is true, that she & Beenie are still married, then what was Krystal doing wearing an engagement ring? I don’t even care he lied to her, she should’ve known to ask for that divorce deed. Dunce/fool you take your pick. kmt

      1. Anything for the hype and the spotlight. Highly intelligent but as with so many intelligent women, they make the worst choices when it comes to men. They also believe their superior intelligence gives them an edge over other women. They quickly find out that this is not the case.

  1. Is she pushing Beenie to finalise his divorce? Is she the one that is going to pay D’Angel alimony and settlement?

  2. Say it ain’t so!! Not when goodie have so much good going for her. Even though I don’t see any belly, that girl just shape bad overall

    1. #Factchecker says He didn’t breed Carleen!!!!Oh neither Mya n u can count on one hand who he actually did breed

  3. How can Krystal be motivating young people and she live wid married man and a play house. Perfect example of a fraud. Krystal yuh nuh fit di profile. Bye!!!

    1. Most of those “motivational speakers” are all frauds. They are narcissists who like hearing themselves speak. Krystal present herself as classy yet still she living one of the muckiest life in dancehall.

  4. I never get why single women in the prime of their lives would make a child with a man who already has multiple children from various other women. So many young women put no value on their fertility and give their children a dishonourable heritage.

    1. I have to agree with this comment one million timessssssssssss over.. But then again that’s their choice and one they will have to live with for many years..

  5. As I said before, I don’t know if she’s breeding, but you can’t use how her body looks on tv to judge because she has always have a big gut for someone who claims to be a fitness enthusiast who is very purposeful about her diet. She has a weird body type.

    If you look back at videos of her a year ago you’ll see it.

  6. Lawd god…some a unuh big ole, gray back gyal weh a comment born outta wedlock and breed fe three different men weh never married unuh or hold unuh hand during the childbirth experience.

    Lowe the girl and her man mek dem prosper!

    1. Agreed!!! Lots of them have kids for married men and will be are single mothers for LIFE. They just hate this woman because of who she is dating. She is a much more a accomplished woman than all whop are make these demeaning comments. Why women like to put down other women?

      1. Yendi, Kamilla, so much more. All educated, all SINGLE MOTHERS. Accomplished my ass. All these degrees and still can’t keep a man. I guess them never go obeah man like YOU KNOW WHO. Krystal breed for a married man she cursed her baby from before it even born.

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