10 thoughts on “KWESI TWIN?

  1. Everybody pon here know mi nuh bias..thus u can take it to the bank when I tell you that the similarities are striking … check out the nose n chub up mouth!!Not even up for debate…dem twinning!

  2. Nah… This case is weak. You need Dolly/Ven/the baby to strengthen the case. Kwesi look like him using Ven bleaching cream. Dolly just have baby and doing a lot of partying to get Kwesi jealous. Kwesi had a girl dancing on him in the club on IG. Nice try Kwesi, get a girl that look better than your baby madda.

  3. Kwesi is biggest gyal clown on IG you don’t see how ven do him up saying him broke she confirmed it to everybody say him real broke Kwesi beg like dog ven sa dwl

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