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Duty Nasty suck hood Shawna fi Gweh move her nasty stinking big hole Rass every one no who yah f**k tink La na know Move yah duty bloodclaut get tested duty duty gal

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  1. Shawna the people in LA know who you fu*k, you think they don’t know…………Mooooooove.

    How’s that for translation??

    Buenos Dias Metty Y Metters Y Cucarachas subirse por las paredes.

  2. These twins have a lot on their names but dem men dem still chase after dem even after all the scandals so these mn are no better they like the f**kery nd the natiness so to easy they own u will never get a real good man to rrespect u because they chasing from what they heard of you! To each its own same way though…

  3. DWL.tru tlk mI nuh fuk gyal but 2 much ah unnu big women jealous and dat worst dan di gyal weh pussy run dwn, unnuh a tlk bout.live and luv ur life.

  4. She a f**k Riley same way and she a f**k Ruff….but Ruff have hem oowan and not left her so she f**k Riley and his oowan don’t matter cuz she use 2 the matey thing. Riley still a f**k Tanisha so it’s all one big dutty nasty family

  5. Wondering y everyone hating??? I don’t know the twins personally, but uno a flex like y’all don’t suck dick aswell or sucking buddy is a crime, me Nuh deh pon nobody side but wth “when y’all pointing finger make sure your hands are clean”. Live yuh life yah twin. All a who a talk don’t y’all see the woman life well sort out? Y’all LA ppl are mix the fuk up. #UG

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