good day pinky hmid i order a hair from this page @laces_and_wigs from April 12 an she tell me say ┬áthe hair available, and i don’t afto preorder, now on june 4th she send me a receipt for the post office said that she send off the hair when me collect it nothing is inside the bag empty, so people please beware of the page it’s fake an she’s scamming people an i have all my prove then when me send her my account to refund she send me fake things bout my account number is wrong and it’s the same account me get me pay through every week–

7 thoughts on “LACES AND WIGS SCAM

  1. Then look how long them peopl here a scam is good you must hear Jamaican love test out things fi themself too much

  2. Lady a years she and her man a scam a empty package she post , stop shop on ig stores . They are fame .

    1. Unfortunately this so true. Its just sad. If there is NO contact number and live person , sorry I’m not ordering . Not Today!

  3. mr. Tuffton, why is it that the other regions pay off there employees their retro when they are being appointed in there work post. EXCEPT for SOUTHERN REGIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITY. that claim retro cut out. so how is it that worker work for 10, 15 years that were under paid. what SHRA do with the money. we need our money. Mr Tuffton you need to cut out the regional offices and let ministry of health pay us back. mortgage, insurance policies, loans and car payments everything a lapse. this is high way robbery.

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