0 thoughts on “LADIES RIDE OR RUN?

  1. Ain’t no ooman gwine tuh ride dem two riders dere :hoax2 and di only place mi woulda run is tuh di stores before di nastiness dem buy out all di ooman drawers fi demself.

  2. This is why when I go to Victoria Secrets in d store or online, den ALWAYSREADING short of certain pantys and lingerie and bras dem. Men need to STOP wear up we tings.
    I tired tired of this shit now man. Dem wah more video light than d dancehall queens dem.
    What is wrong with these mama-man dem? It overbearing now man. I am pissed.
    All d bright and nice pretty and soft fabric in d store sell out cuz of dem,
    I hate how these bastards wah compete with woman and wear up d tings !!!!
    Take yuh cocky up d ass wit d lights off in private and LEAVE woman business alone!!!!!

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